Hopefully you are still playing at this point in the season. If you are, best of luck! Let’s go get those ‘ship! Whether your trophy is more of a dingy or a yacht, go get that boat!

This will be the last TE rankings post of the season, so, if you don’t listen to the podcast, I wish you a Happy Holiday season. 

There’s not much left to do in the way of 2020 ROS rankings, so, let’s ask Doc Brown to fire the DeLorean up to 88 and look ahead to 2021 TE rankings. As it is an early list, wanted to note that I tended to lean on the cautious side for free agents and didn’t rank them too highly. Tight ends are more situationally dependent than maybe any other position in our game, so, where they end up can vastly alter their value. 


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It’s playoff time! Win or go home and a good week from your TE can be a big bonus for your squad. As I’ve done the last few weeks, I created a larger stat sheet for everyone to review that you can see here. I got a couple requests to edit the file last week, and while I won’t be granting edit access to the spreadsheet, you can go to ‘File’ and ‘Make a Copy’ for yourself. 

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Hope that you had a good Thanksgiving whether you spent it with family, friends, or relaxing at home. I’m back again this week to bring you another updated ROS TE rankings. Don’t forget to check out the master spreadsheet *here* for more information including ROS schedule strengths. Of course, after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Playstation 5

Kelce is the top TE and the PS5 (or the XBox Series X) are the top options this holiday season. Kelce has 65.8 more points on the season than the next TE, Darren Waller. Over the last 5 weeks, he has 36.1 more points than the next TE (Eric Ebron) despite having a bye week in that period. Kelce has a couple less than ideal match ups versus the Broncos and Dolphins the next 2 weeks, but then gets an average one vs. the Saints before a great one with the Falcons in your ‘ship week. BTW, yeah, I got a PS5 during one of the releases, YEAH BOY! 

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Alright everyone, it’s a hectic week with the holidays, so I could only find time to get you the rankings with no write ups this week. Apologies, and the write ups will be back next week. In lieu of write ups, here’s another big stat sheet including upcoming schedules and the points allowed vs TE.


Rank Players Season Last 5 Last 3  
Prev Rank Rank Name Team G PPR Rec Yds TD PPR/GM PPR PPR ROS Rank vs TE
1 1 Travis Kelce KC 10 195.8 66.0 896.0 7 19.6 83.8 52.8 11

Stuffing is awesome. It’s elite and you only get it once or twice a year. 

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I always have to choose what information that makes the article because only so many columns will fit on the page. Well, it’s an important time of year, so, if you want to see the full sheet, including more last 3 and 5 week stats and more schedule information, click here. New column this week, DEF vs TE/game ROS, basically, what is the average standing of the defenses vs TE on a fantasy points allowed basis. Not a perfect stat by any means, but it’s a start. 


Ranks Players Targets Last 3 Wks Last 5 Wks Season Stats Snaps Sched
Prev Rk Rk Name Total Tgts Avg Tgts Pts/G Pts/G Pts Pts/G Team Snap % DEF vs TE /game ROS
1 1 Travis Kelce 80 8.9 25.40 19.60 168.9 18.77 86 18.2
  • Travis Kelce is a man among boys at TE. He can build a house, fix your car, hunt down dinner, and throw that ball over them mountains. Among non-QBs, he has the 9th most points per game (1 of those 9 is CMC who only has 3 games). KC has bottom 5 match ups left and they finish with strong TE games against the Saints (26th worst vs TE) and Falcons (worst vs TE).
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Prev Rank Rank Name Pts Pts/G Rec Yds TD wk 8 tgts Total Tgts Avg Tgts Wk 8 Pts Wk 8 Snaps Team Snap %
1 1 Travis Kelce 143 17.88 48 610 6 12 68 8.5 24.9 76% 85%

With the loss of George Kittle for the rest of our fantasy football season, there is only one elite. Went over some Travis Kelce dynasty/2021 value in the most recent podcast with Donkey Teeth. Referenced one of my pre-season articles in regards to TE production and age. 


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Week 7 was such a bizarro week for tight ends. Harrison Bryant lead the way with Gronk in 2nd. Kittle was down at 13th and Kelce down at 26th. Albert Okwuegbunam finished above both of them. Well, let’s see what we can figure out with the rankings. 

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Back this week after a brief hiatus last week while I was traveling. Plus, the weird Tuesday Night Football schedule threw off the whole week. It’s like somebody pissed on the rug, but while still leaving a stain, the piss smelled like roses. Because it was awesome having TuNF and a doubleheader this week on MNF. Anyway, you don’t care, and have probably stopped or never read the intro, so, on to the tight end rankings.

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The Elites

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Avg Snap % Total Tgts Avg Tgts Non-PPR PPR Non-PPR/G PPR/G Rec Yds TD
1 1 Travis Kelce KC 0.88 33 8.3 41.7 65.7 10.43 16.43 24 297 2
2 2 George Kittle SF 0.98 20 10 30.4 49.4 15.2 24.7 19 227 1

What do you want here? They’re really good. They play every down. They get a bunch of targets. 

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