I hate you Chris Ogbonnaya!  Hate you so much.  Chris O-Bones was a hot pickup as a cheap RB for the PPR upside, but nooooooo…. Luckily with daily leagues, you can wipe the slate, officially never pick a guy again, and move on from your former tribulations.

We’re quickly approaching only a few weeks left until the WEEK 17 MILLIONAIRE FINALE, and I’m still eagerly trying to get my ticket on the cheap – so I’m rockin’ out in the $2 Fantasy Millionaire qualifier for Sunday’s games.  After feeling extremely confident last week and losing in a few other contests, I’m only sticking to the one lineup this time.  O-Bones be damned!  And if you’re jones-ing for DraftKings while watching on Turkey Day, there’s all sorts of contests just for the Thursday games to hop into.  So DraftKings it up and enjoy the Holiday!

A long Thanksgiving nap and dreaming (well, nightmare-ing) to last week’s picks:

QB – Peyton Manning  19-36  150 Yds  2 TD  1 INT (13 Pts)

RB – Zac Stacy  87 Rush Yds  1 Rec 10 Yds  1 TD (16.7 Pts)

WR – Calvin Johnson  7 Rec 115 Yds (21.5 Yds)

FLEX – Chris Ogbonnaya  26 Rush Yds  2 Rec 15 Yds  (5.1 Pts)

TOTAL:  56.3 (previous weeks’ totals: 55.82, 63.8, 75.26, 56.96, 51.34, 42.48, 49.3, 73.38, 24.4, 70.24)

Wow, adding it up to get more than last week shocked me.  Damn you Ogbonnaya!  Zac Stacy was picked by 39% of teams in last week’s qualifier, and did all that damage in less than a half.  Imagine if he had stayed healthy!  Even Benny Cunningham gashed the atrocious Bears D.  And then that darned Nor-easter of weather up there in NE ripped apart Peyton’s throws.  We’re done Peyton!  Done… Here’s who I like for week 13 in DraftKings action:

QB – Josh McCown ($6,400) – I really don’t like any of the top-tier QB options this week, you have Drew Brees at Seattle, Peyton at KC and not looking good in the wind (and we’re done!), Brady and Cam in what should be blowouts…  Nothing is really speaking to me, so I’m going to go cheap this week.  McCown has been really serviceable filling in for Jay Cutler‘s groin, and has such a bevy of weapons to get him through.  Plus it’s at Minnesota, against a bad defense, and in a dome.  All sounds great for a cheap QB option…

RB – Brandon Marshall ($9,200) – … Who I’ll pair with the most expensive DraftKings WR this week.  In the dome, good and underrated QB, bad defense as opposed to the Rams last week, I’m going big with B Marsh.

WR – Donald Brown ($3,600) –  I’m not particularly high on Brown, but I spent expensssssssive on the rest of my line-up and don’t want to share!  I know ’tis the season to be thankful and giving, but I wanna win one of these effing qualifiers!  We all know Trent Richardson is awful, and at some point Brown is gonna get a lot of work.  For the price, I love the upside.

FLEX – Jermaine Gresham ($3,300) – Again hiding my big-ticket buys, Gresham is my TE pick for a measly 3.3 K with TDs in 2 of the past 3 and some good upside against a terrible SD D.  And look at all the money I saved!  Got some big upside with the rest of my bankroll.


Shoot your DraftKings questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin.  Good luck this week!

  1. Anthony says:

    @jb gilpin: league 1 vereen or piere thomas rb3 ?
    kendall wright or bowe wr3 ?

    league 2
    alshon jeffery michael floyd emmanuel sanders dwayne bowe ?
    pick 2 out of 4 listed

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: Vereen then Bowe. Then Bowe and Jeffery. God help me, I like Bowe this week…

  2. hey JB I’m gonna crosspost cuz I’ma need b*tch – could you please answer my questions three?
    would you start Flynn over EJ Manuel this week?

    Also – please pick 3 WRs:
    Stevie Johnson

    And pick 1 RB:
    Benny Cunningham

    & have a happy Thanksgiving man – really appreciate your help w/ everything & general BS’ing

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Sheriff McRawDawg: Haha no prob! Yeah I would start Flynn. Decker Harvin Dola. Ugh, I might roll dice on DMC don’t like all 3

  3. Anthony says:

    @JB Gilpin: 1 More question

    Colston @ SEA
    Steve Smith vs TB
    Shorts @ CLE
    Stevie Johnson vs ATL

    ( Pick 2 Wrs & 1 FLEX ^^^ )

    Happy Thanksgiving

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: I’d leave out Shorts. Happy T Day!

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