As Nick and I discussed on this week’s Podcast, we’re jones-ing for a ticket into the huge Million Dollar Week 17 Finale DraftKings is hosting, where hopefully one of us can be crowned a millionaire.  You’d think entry into a contest where you can win a million bucks would be expensive.  You’d think you’d have to wear an expensive suede bathrobe and eat caviar whilst setting up your DraftKings lineup.  But no!  There’s all sorts of satellites you can enter, like the one Nick and I will be playing this Sunday that’s only $2 measly bucks!  The winner of the $2 Qualifier gets an automatic entry into the Millionaire Grand Finale, a whopping $1,500 value!  So I am pumped for this week at DraftKings and hoping to hippity-skippity like Charlie Bucket and get that Golden Ticket.

Using Ben Afleck’s time machine from Paycheck to look at last week’s picks:

QB – Cam Newton – 23-37  249 Yds  1 TD  2 INTs  (20.16 Pts)

RB – Matt Forte –  125 Rush Yds  TD  5 Rec  54 Yds  (31.9 Pts)

WR – Terrance Williams – 2 Rec  33 Yds  (5.3 Pts)  

FLEX – Le’Veon Bell –  74 Rush Yds  4 Rec  65 Yds  (17.9 Pts)

TOTAL: 75.26  (previous weeks’ totals: 56.96, 51.34, 42.48, 49.3, 73.38, 24.4, 70.24)

Woooo!  Actually my best round of article picks yet.  I finished around the top third of last week’s contest, but still not enough to bring home any bacon.  Thanks a lot Terrance!  He still got a lot of targets, just didn’t come together.  If only I had gone Nick Foles instead of Cam last week!  Put up 48!  Let’s hope some of my picks do something like that this week and I can get into the Millionaire Finale… Here’s who I like for week 10 in DraftKings action:

QB – Peyton Manning ($11,000) – I’m a broken record with Peyton Manning picks.  He’s the surest thing in DraftKings football by a long shot, so I’ll spend the premium and lock down 30 points with 40-45 point upside any week.  A terrible Chargers defense is all that stands in Peyton’s way, if they even needed extra incentive look for the Broncos to play hungry for John Fox who is a players’ coach, and the extra bye will help Peyton heal up from some bumps and bruises.  Going to be a big game.

RB – Steven Jackson ($5,200) – This one might surprise you a little bit.  But the Seahawks D has been atrocious against the run in two straight weeks to terrible offenses and mediocre-at-best RBs.  OK, so Zac Stacy might be pretty good, but the rest of the Rams are awful, then to Mike James and the terrible Bucs.  The Falcons have a better QB, might have Roddy White back (helps overall offense and upfield blocking), and I think Jackson looked pretty good last week against a tough Panthers run D.  He’s a guy almost no one will pick which could be huge if he scores a couple TDs and comes at a slight discount.

WR – T.Y. Hilton ($6,500) – Totally buying him stepping into the #1 role, and on an offense that can’t run with any consistency, he’ll get a lot of work.  He certainly has a lot of home run potential and won’t cost you all that much.

FLEX – Jason Witten ($6,000) – All signs indicate this should be a shootout with the Cowboys heading into Nawleans.  He hasn’t lost too much of his game to father time, and should get a ton of work in a game where the Cowboys are theoretically down and chucking it.  Good price for a really solid TE option.

Shoot your DraftKings questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin.  Good luck this week!

  1. frankgrimes says:

    Glad to see $2 could get you into the big show . That damn Sunday night game last week hurt me so bad. I had big leads in all three contests. I got caught in all three finishing 2nd losing the $109 for the next millions step. Also cost me $160 finishing 2 out of 551 instead of first Damn you Andre you had to go finally go off this week!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @frankgrimes: Haha yea that was an unreal game. Terrance Williams was my big killer. I keep picking guys that have good games, but never really get the home run games so I’m not winning… Hopefully this is my week!

  2. Anthony says:

    @JB Gilpin:

    WR Question
    Should I play Steve SMith and Stevie Johnson or Press my luck with Colsten in place of one of them ?

    Also Daniel Thomas or Sproles @ Flex ?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: I’d go Smith I think. And I would press the luck with Sproles who looks like he’ll be back

  3. Anthony says:

    @JB Gilpin: so steve smith and colsten wr1 and wr2 ? and Sproles for Thomas @ flex ? yA?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: Oh my bad, naw I’d go Smith and Stevie. Then Sproles in the flex.

  4. Pacochu says:

    I had a terrible week last weekend. I finished with a miserable 129.24 points. I got 20+ points out of Rivers, Lynch, Lacy and Keenan Allen, but that was it. Terrance Williams, Boykin, Jordan Reed and the Saints defense were all major letdowns.

    You really need to find that big scorers for the week to have success. It’s just hard to make up the gap when a single player puts up 40+ points.

    For this week, I like:

    Matt Stafford – $8,300 – Nice value for the big points upside here.
    Garrett Graham – $4,000 – I think the AZ defense will force Keenum to throw sooner and the TE might be his target.
    Sebastian Janikowski – $3,000 – The Polish Cannon for the cheapest price possible. Kickers are hit and miss, so I like to go cheap here.

    No overwhelmingly expensive guys this week. I couldn’t find any really cheap guys to offset the $10,000 price tag of Megatron. This is subject to change though as Calvin can easily be worth two players.

  5. Pacochu says:

    Ok, here is the team I’m most likely rolling with this week:

    Bush, Mike James
    Marshall, Kendall Wright

    I had to save a few bucks and go with Fleener instead of Graham. I had Megatron at one point, but it really limited my other position players.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Nice! Re above, I have Graham too in one lineup and for a team. I’ve got two, but here’s mine for the ticket:

      Lance Moore

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @JB Gilpin: Quick edit – Mike Brown for Royal. Brown is a sweet $3K buy

        • Pacochu says:

          @JB Gilpin:

          I swapped in Lacy for Moreno at the last minute. Hope that works out.

  6. Pacochu says:

    I’m at only 111 points with Mike James and the Dolphins left. No money for me this week.

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