We’re heading into the second half of the season, but that means there’s still 8 more weeks to keep your DraftKings acumen razor sharp, or play your way through satellites, or just start crunching week 17 numbers for the HUGE WEEK 17 MILLIONAIRE GRAND FINALE DraftKings is throwing to end the regular season. I’m trying my hardest to win my way up, but guys keep getting hurt on my squad!  Good thing my DraftKings triage heals every week, and why playing in daily leagues erases the injury pessimism into brand new healthy optimism.  Start anew every week!

I’ll be playing in another $1-$2 contest and hopefully winning a big hunk of change to enter into some Millionaire satellites.  I still haven’t won anything big, except all my pride after beating Nick every week!  I think Nick is done…

Getting all confused like Primer to last week’s picks:

QB – Peyton Manning  30-44  354 Yds  4 TDs  3 INT (28.86 Pts)

RB – Marshawn Lynch  23 Rush Yds  1 Rec  4 Yds  (3.7 Pts)

WR – Brandon Gibson  1 Rec  4 Yds  1 TD  (7.4 Pts)

FLEX – Jordan Reed  8 Rec  90 Yds (17 Pts)

TOTAL: 56.96  (previous weeks’ totals: 51.34, 42.48, 49.3, 73.38, 24.4, 70.24)

Well, it wasn’t a terrible week, but still not a good week.  First off, I haven’t been more bummed out by an injury in a while after seeing Gibson go down.  He scored Sunday’s first touchdown, looked primed for another big game and making me look like a genius being my big breakout pick, then gets hurt later in the first quarter and lost for the season.  This was going to be his career year.  Man NFL is getting tough to swallow at times with all these injuries.  Speaking of injuries, the Seahawks have lost both starting tackles and their line looked atrocious on MNF.  Lynch was brutal, but at least spending big on Peyton saved me the week.  Optimism JB!  Here’s who I like for week 9 in DraftKings action:

QB – Cam Newton ($9,200) – Man, this was a tough decision.  But I’m going with Cam on Sunday at QB in what should be a pretty close divisional game.  While on paper the Falcons have been terrible and my Panthers are playing great, we usually play down to our opposition, which I think keeps Cam scoring.  We also have been playing better at home, so I think that helps overall efficiency.  Cam isn’t getting the rushing TDs we’re used to seeing, but he’s still producing and will be against a banged up D.

RB – Matt Forte ($8,000) – Another tough decision with how to allocate my money at RB, but I’ve typically gone a “stars and scrubs” type approach with the big name guys I feel confident in flanked by deeper value plays.  Forte is having a great season, and with Jay Cutler hurt he’s going to get a lot of work both rushing and passing in a tough game at Green Bay.

WR – Terrance Williams ($5,300) – Why I like to spend big up top.  Value picks can be found week-to-week, and T Will has been phenomenal lately and I think keeps it up again this week.  He’s probably a top 20 WR now, and all for a great value to get into your line-up.

FLEX – Le’Veon Bell ($6,000) – Losing Wilfork and Mayo on that NE defense has really hurt their run D, and Bell is set for a big workload on Sunday.  Looking back the past three weeks, the Pats gave up 120 rushing yards to the Saints with 53 and a touch for Khiry “no one knows who you are” Robinson, the ridiculous 52 rushes for 177 yards to the Jets and their inept offense giving Chris Ivory his only useful game, then Lamar Miller has one of his best rushing days and Daniel Thomas catches a TD out of the backfield against the Pats last week.  That was my long-winded way of showing how inconsistent scrubs are getting it done against the Pats on the ground, and Bell is both better and an actual lead back compared to the games listed above.  I know the Steelers offensive line is horrifically injured, but I’ll take the risk given the assured workload and matchup.

Shoot your DraftKings questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin.  Good luck this week!

  1. Pacochu says:

    I had a pretty good result last week. I had $32.95 in my DK kitty (thanks for the Razzball Contest two weeks prior) going into Sunday morning. I finish Monday night with $73.95. I would have finished higher, but I made a couple last minute changes by replacing Ellington, Lacy and DeSean Jackson with Sproles, Joey Randle and Knowshon.

    I finished:

    6th of 50 in a $10 Triple Up for $30
    32nd of 300 in an $11 Playmaker for $28.00
    217th of 2,243 in a $5 Flea Flicker for $11.00
    147th of 1,725 in the $1 Daily Dollar for $3.00. JB said something about being in this one, but I couldn’t find him in the results. I think he was scared of me.

    Megatron scored 54.9 points. Yes, 54.9 points. That was a third of my point total.

    People….you really need to get in on this Draft Kings thing. My full season team is a measly $20 and I’m 2-6 on the season. I am not going to win that. But, I was able to win more than that in just one week. That is playing the low buck games too.

    You can tailor your lineup from week to week. You aren’t stuck playing Julian Edelman like I am every week. You can pick a roster and as long as it meets the generous salary cap, you are good to go. They even have basketball leagues where you can win daily. I don’t play in them since I thing it’s a soft sport, but I’m sure someone out there watches it.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Haha I was in there, I finished like 1000. I really had a shot at the money with Lynch and Hauschka going on MNF and neither did anything. Shoulda done Megatron too…. I might have to do one of the triple ups this week. I’m in the $2 Play Action I think it is right now so far. Feeling pretty good this week.

  2. Timmy Riggins says:

    whats up, 12 team .5ppr 2rb/3wr/flex (w/r/t). 15 weeks NO PLAYOFFS. 5-1 record

    QB: PManning, RWilson (saving him for manning bye)
    WR: Dez, DThomas, MWallace, A.Jeffrey, RRandle,
    RB: DMartin TRich, SRidley, Bolden , Vereen, donald brown
    TE: Gronk, Bennett

    I MUST win week 10 (and of course as many as possible)

    1) would you trade Peyton Manning for Eddie Lacy and roll with Russell Wilson?
    2) also, what do you think about trading DThomas for LBell and KAllen

    Which do you prefer and if you can’t make that preferred choice would you still accept the other option? Ie if you prefer 2 and it gets rejected would you still accept #1?

    Thanks for your time and insight

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Timmy Riggins: 1) Nah I wouldn’t do that. Love Lacy, but Peyton is your best shot to win league. 2) I’d do this one. I know the Steelers O Line is banged up, but I like Allen too and you need a RB. Still would hold off on 1 even if 2 fails.

  3. Zandy says:

    I have Sproles, Stacy, Lamar, Ellington, McGahee, shonn green….. My wrs are Calvin, Keenan Allen, Hilton, ssmith And sjohnson…

    Guy with AP is actively looking for an rb and some wr help. Would you make an offer for AP? If so what would it be?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Zandy: I think I might. Steve Smith and Ellington? Might sound a little low ball, but Smith I think will be inconsistent with the Panthers sporting a good run D and ELlington off the huge game has value higher than ever before. Can’t hurt to offer!

      • Zandy says:

        @JB Gilpin: I think that may be too low…. What’s the most you’d pay I guess is a good wy to put it? Ellington Sproles and Steve smith? Sproles Keenan and Steve smith?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Zandy: I think the Sproles trades are too much. Think he has some big games coming. Replace with either Stacy or Lamar? Can’t hurt to start low and add a note saying willing to tinker

  4. anthony says:

    @jb gillin: which defense Carolina vs Atl or Cowboys vs Min ?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @anthony: Cowboys bc of matchup. Panthers ROS though

  5. Anthony says:

    @JB Gilpin Cowboys or packers? still cowboys ???

    Also who do I pick at WR? Pick 2
    Colsten – Colsten has been garbage sooo not sure
    Steve Smith
    Steve Johnson

    Pierre Thomas or Daniel Thomas or one of the WRS listed above??

    Whats your thoughts on sproles I have him but he hasn’t been getting used seems like Thomas is the go to guy for rbs…


    WRS ( pick 2 )

    Emmanuel Sanders
    Vincent Brown

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: I’d still go Dallas. Go with the Steves and PIerre. Agree Thomas is the go-to but think Sproles will bounce back. Like Jeffery and Sanders at WR

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