My biggest reason for digging daily fantasy leagues, and DraftKings is by far my favorite, is I can brag right away.  As in, “HAHA Nick I owned you this week!”  While I still finished just out of the money, I had a solid team and can still brag to dear Nicholas.  If you didn’t catch it last week, Nick and I tweeted out our line-ups and my immediate response to his was “Josh Freeman?!” This just isn’t Nick’s year for football…  And with DraftKings you get immediate bragging rights unlike your yearly leagues.  Sure my 7-0 Writer’s League Team is going to do better than Nick’s 1-6 team, but hey, at least I know for sure I won DraftKings!

Nick and I are going to face off again in the same $1 challenge to see if I can go double-or-nothing against him.  We’re putting our teams together now and will tweet them out right before kickoff on Sunday as well.  Razzball Nation is of course invited to join and track our teams and see how you stack up against us in the same challenge.  And pick Josh Freeman again Nick!

Safety Not Guaranteed as we time travel to last week’s picks:

QB – Peyton Manning  29-49  386 Yds  3 TDs  1 INT (29.34 Pts)

RB – Brandon Jacobs  DNP

WR – Keenan Allen  3 Rec  67 Yds  (9.7 Pts)

FLEX – Joseph Randle  65 Rush Yds  3 Rec  28 Yds (12.3 Pts)

TOTAL: 51.34  (previous weeks’ totals: 42.48, 49.3, 73.38, 24.4, 70.24)

Definitely a pretty solid week, especially when you consider Jacobs having that late week setback and then the MNF scratch led to the the obvious replacement in Peyton Hills who put up 19.1 points.  I wanted to add his points into my total, but thought that was too much revisionist history!  Peyton [Manning – haha] was a great buy for the huge price, and SPOILER ALERT! I’m going Peyton [Manning not Hillis] again.  That and my other picks for week 8 in DraftKings action:

QB – Peyton Manning ($10,800) – Hey, it worked out well for me last week and I think Peyton has just as much upside in week 8 playing at home against one of the league’s worst Ds in the Redskins.  Peyton will want to come out guns blazing to prove his arm didn’t get tweaked on all those Colts hits, and the Redskins offense looked really good last week and I think can keep them somewhat in this game.  Worth the big price tag yet again – and no – don’t get Josh Freeman instead!  I mean, yeah, go with Freeman again!

RB – Marshawn Lynch ($7,300) – I’ll start building in my value picks later, as there’s no way you can pass on Lynch this week against the Rams.  The Seahawks have shown Lynch will carry the ball even when they’re up big late, and against the Rams with that terrible run D and without Sam Bradford, this is a game where his points will taste the Rainbow.

WR – Brandon Gibson ($3,900) – Starting to build in my value picks… and I’m starting to get really scared about Gibson.  I’ve picked him up in literally every league I’m in and starting him (6 teams on bye = lots of scrambling pickups), using him in DraftKings, and he’ll almost assuredly be a sleeper pick in LSD.  That said, despite being as all-in on a guy as I can be, I was shocked to see Gibson owned in only 2-4% of leagues with what he’s done lately.  He’s been a double-digit PPR receiver in all but week 2, and in a Dolphins offense that can run the ball consistently, he’s shown he’s a viable option as the third receiver.  In a tough matchup against the Patriots, expect the running game to be stifled yet again and Gibson to go for double-digit points yet again.

FLEX – Jordan Reed ($4,300) – Dude, my bad last week in the LSD comments in shunning the Reed love, but as wise man once said, you learn more from your mistakes than triumphs.  And I’m taking what I’ve learned and loving Reed this week against the Broncos in a game that should play out like a video game.  His cost is more than ideal for your TE, and to be honest, in one league I think I’m going Julius Thomas over him where I have to pick one, but I actually think it’s really, really close.  Easy value buy for this week in DraftKings.

Shoot your DraftKings questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin.  Good luck this week!

  1. SheriffMcRawDawg says:

    Yo what up JB. good stuff as always. so I’m in some sh*t with Bradford going down — 20-team league, w/ all starters & some backups taken (incl. Freeman when benched by TB, and now even Ponder still – it’s ridic). and I just dropped some FAAB to grab Clemens of all people (someone dropped $18 on McCown) – and now Campbell’s available. I also have EJ Manual for Wk12+.

    Question is – who’d you roll with until then: Clemens or Campbell?


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @SheriffMcRawDawg: Thanks man! I think I’d go with Campbell. Must be showing some good stuff for the Browns to switch, while Clemens was forced into the role. I like Gordon and Cameron as play makers better than Cook and whoever the Rams #1 receiver would be… I guess GIvens? Haha. So yeah, Campbell

  2. goodfold2 says:

    good stuff with the safety’s not guaranteed ref. cause “there’s no sense in nonsense, especially when the heat’s hot.”

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @goodfold2: Haha, My calibrations are flippin’ pinpoint!

      • goodfold2 says:

        @JB Gilpin: “stormtroopers don’t know shit about time travel or lazers, they’re freakin’ blue collar workers!” (which would be true). low level cops.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @goodfold2: Haha I loved that line

  3. Pacochu says:

    Good to see that I managed to beat two “experts” last week. I finished 116th in the Daily Dollar with 150.56 points. I might have to start my own site.

    I also managed to double my win total in my regular league and go to 2-5 on the season.

    Draftkings just came out with “Beginner” leagues with low buy ins and only people with less than 50 games under their belts can enter. I just wish we could get enough interest here for a nice Razzball exclusive contest. With only 13 people in the last contest, I can see why that hasn’t happened yet.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Well not to make excuses, but my tough work schedule had me missing the window to update my team and put Hillis in like I meant to over the scrtached Jacobs. I woulda had 155ish and in the 70s. So the site should be “betterthanrazzballunlessjbwasdoingfantasyashisfull-timejob.” Although I doubt that URL would drive traffic! Haha, I can only blame myself and good win man! Yeah since they lost money on us I don’t think we’re getting another. sadface. But maybe towards the end of the year they’ll roll the dice and we’ll promo the poop outta it. Thanks for DraftKinging with us man! Looking forward to actually making the money this week – I avoided all MNF guys haha.

  4. Pacochu says:

    With so many teams on a bye this week, it’s still not too hard to find some good values this week. I always feel confident about my teams, and then it falters. I am going to win the whole thing this week. I just have a feeling.

    Andre Ellington – $3,000 – A starting running back for only $3,000? Frees up money for Megatron.

    Jarret Boykin – $4,500 – Not super cheap, but fantastic ceiling.

    Saint Def – $3.800 – Good match up for them and they are better than you think.

  5. Pacochu says:

    I am so disappointed in the Razzball community for the lack of love for Draft Kings. It is the best way to play fantasy football since you can win money the same weekend and don’t have to sweat out a crappy team.

    My lineups as they stand now:

    Stafford, Lacy, Ellington, Boykin, DeSean Jackson, Jordan Reed, Megatron, Henery, Saints (playing the Razzball crew with this one)

    RG III, Lynch, Ellington, Colston, Terrence Williams, Julias Thomas, Megatron, Bailey, Saints

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Yeah man I agree! Sorry I missed your comment above. Ellington is a great value but I spent big on my TEs and tweeted out my lineup:

      Yeah I like your line-up too. A little scared I’m still going Peyton and he could get benched if blowout

  6. Pacochu says:

    I did make a couple last minute swaps to my $1 lineup:

    J. Reed
    Joey Randle

    Randle has disappointed me a bit (as has the lack of a shootout in that Dal/Det game so far.

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