2024 Razzball Fantasy Football Subscriptions

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There are a number of great fantasy football subscription sites – more than MLB and NBA combined. There are also mediocre and poor sites too (also more than MLB and NBA combined). So why purchase a Razzball subscription for fantasy football?

Our philosophy is different than most fantasy football sites. Rather than jack up the cost by providing tons of premium content, we focus only on the projections. We think the #1 reason you should get a premium fantasy football subscription is so someone mathier than you can crunch all the numbers, produce projections that give you an edge versus your competition, and display this data in easy-to-use fantasy football tools so you can make quick, informed decisions.

So if you want tons of member-only content, subscribe to the other guys. But you should still subscribe to us for the projections!

Here are some reasons why our tools are so good. Don’t just take our word for it though – do a 3-day free trial of our Roto or DFS package (note: requires credit card and will auto-renew into a monthly sub unless cancelled):

1) Our Data Model – It is relatively easy to create weekly NFL rankings/projections with a few formulas in Excel. We have invested significant time in building a data model that strives for excellence in each component of a great NFL projection. It starts with leveraging multiple data sources and constant review/parsing of news to determine player roles and estimate snap counts for both the offense and defense that reflect today’s NFL. Yes, there are still a few ‘bell cow’ every-down RBs but there are also RB job shares, 1st/2nd down backs, 3rd down backs, etc. There are every-down WRs as well as WR3s who play a majority of downs and WRs who come out in 4 WR sets. Our model aims to distinguish across all those types and making sure snap counts reflect a team’s offensive philosophy (e.g., some teams are heavy 3-4 WR, some are heavy 2 TE, etc.). Player rate stats (completion rate, yards per carry, etc) are based on previous game stats as well as player scouting grades. Team rush/pass splits are projected based on team and gameday variables (spread, home/away, etc) and carries and targets are distributed based on player role, skill, and team proclivity. Defensive player stats are derived from the same data as the offensive stats. We even built a model to identify a player’s likelihood to score TDs based on both past games and their height/weight. Net-net, we strive for greatness in every aspect of the process and to be ‘smart’ enough to handle breaking changes like redistributing carries when a top running back is ruled out at Sunday 12:48PM EST.

2) Boldness – There is a lot of collective wisdom and consensus in fantasy football. When you pay for weekly rankings/projections, you need to ask yourself, “Am I paying for a slight improvement/tweak of, say, FantasyPros rankings or a true second opinion on potential breakouts and busts in a given week?” Our rankings are DEFINITELY the latter. Rudy Gamble has routinely been one of the most successful risk-adjusted rankers on FantasyPros.

Our model’s accuracy and boldness is better at identifying ‘breakout’ players for a given week. The biggest value in a roto or DFS system isn’t going to be how they project Justin Jefferson – it is how they are going to project the barely-owned WR who is in line for a big day. That is where we shine!

3) Easy to Use Tools – Our fantasy football tools are driven by a powerful data table that allows you to filter multiple columns at once. Find the top WRs for this week that are owned in less than 70% of leagues in seconds. Our 18 Week Player Ranker tool shows a player’s actual or projected rank across all 18 weeks. You can quickly see ‘What if’ projections to see the impact if injured players are ruled out close to kickoff. You can always download into a CSV or Excel.  For DFS, we have all this and a top-of-the-line lineup optimizer for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo.

4) We Love Fantasy More than Technology – There are some ‘cool’ tools out there like being able to import your lineup. Whoop-de-doo. We aren’t techies. We (okay, just Rudy) are data geeks who go the extra mile on the data side to create tools that help you make more informed decisions. Instead of just projecting week-to-week or providing ‘matchup ratings’ for future weeks, we project all 18 weeks’ worth of games. This powers our 18 Week Player Ranker which shows player rankings across each of the 18 weeks so you can visualize a player’s value across multiple weeks. Our Team Pages are crammed full of tables showing everything from Season to Date and Rest of Season projections to distribution of snap counts, rushes, and targets (for all 18 weeks). Beware sites where technology is their forte – it usually comes at the expense of data quality.

5) Transparency/Accountability – We want your questions and feedback. You can comment on any of the posts or pages or reach our stat guru Rudy Gamble via e-mail ([email protected]) or Twitter (@rudygamble).

The tools are accessible from all major internet devices (PC/Mac, Android + iOS phones/tablets) and are available to purchase by the month or for the full season.

More questions? Check out our FAQ or select one of the packages below to learn more.


  1. You get one free trial. If you sign up again after that, you will be billed immediately.
  2. The Roto Deluxe has ZERO DFS projections. You need DFS Premium for DFS projections + the optimizer.

Main Group

You may select only one level from this group.

Level Price  
NFL Roto Deluxe (Season)

$24.99 now.

Membership expires on February 15, 2025.

NFL Roto Deluxe (Season) w/ Ad Free

$29.99 now.

Membership expires on February 15, 2025.

NFL DFS Premium (Season) w/ Ad Free

$139.99 now.

Membership expires on February 15, 2025.



You may select only one level from this group.

Level Price  
Ad Free Membership (365 days)

$9.99 every 365 Days.


The below grid lists all the tools available in the two packages. Please see the ‘More Info’ column for links that go into exhaustive detail on each of the tools. We also have some exciting enhancements in the works so stay tuned!

Tool What is it? Roto Deluxe DFS Premium
Pigskinonator Projections/rankings for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, IDP, and Team Defense. Y Y
18 Week Player Ranker An 18 week view of player rankings (STD and PPR) based on actual ranks for past weeks and projected ranks for future weeks. Y Y
Rest of Season Projections Based on summing up game matchups and updated multiple times a weeks. Y Y

Weekly Snap/Rush/Targets (aka Ratemaster)

Actual and projected snap/rush/target counts and rates per week for the current season. Y Y
Team Pages Contains the following information per team: Injury Report (updated hourly), depth charts, this week’s projections for QB/RB/WR/TE/K/IDP/Team Def, season stats, rest of season projections, and player rankings + snap counts + team pass/rush splits + rush distribution + target distribution for Weeks 1-18 (projected if future, actual if past). Y Y
DFSBot DFS projections and salaries for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo. N Y
DFS Lineup Optimizer (*New Optimizer for 2023!) Advanced optimizer in DFS offering team stacks, player stacks, individual exposure, bulk uploads for DraftKings, FanDuel & Yahoo. N Y

DFS Optimizer

  • A partnership of our projections and Sabersim’s DFS optimizer for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo!
  • Team Stacks, Game Stacks, Ownership Projections, Various filters, etc.


  • Projections and rankings for this week’s games for QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX, K, IDP (individual players), and Team Defense based on our proprietary data model.
  • Up on Tuesday morning. Updated at least once a day throughout week and frequently during the windows before lineup lock


  • 18 week views of all QB/RB/WR/TE snap + rush + target rates and totals.
  • Actual rates/totals from past weeks, projected rates/totals for future weeks

18 Week Player Ranker

  • Make roster decisions from a multi-week perspective. Displays actual ranks for past weeks and projected ranks for future weeks.
  • Updated daily.

Rest of Season Projections

  • We project rest of season stats for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, IDP (individual defensive players), and Team Defense based on the actual games on the schedule.
  • Takes injuries/suspensions into account.
  • Updated daily.

Team Pages

  • A smorgasbord of offensive and defensive stats and projections for each team including a detailed injury report, this week’s projections,  season to date stats, rest of season stats, team defense, and an 18 week view on each player’s positional ranking and team distributions of snap counts, rushes, and targets.
  • For 18 week views, we show actual data for past weeks and projected data for future weeks.
  • Updated daily (except for injury report which is hourly).


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