Another week, another fantasy stud lost to a season-ending injury. Kenny Britt is the latest victim. Brutal. I swear these injuries get worse every year. Cheer up, compadre. At least you aren’t the owner who drafted Peyton Manning, Jamaal Charles, Miles Austin, Kenny Britt, Antonio Gates, and Nate Kaeding. Oh, you are? Hmm. Well then, you’re eff’d. Better luck next year, bud. There’s no cheering you up.

Who’s going to contribute this week and who isn’t? Let’s take a look, shall we? Indeed we shall.


Son of a biscuit eatin’ hairlip. Time to cut your losses, my friend.


We’re anxiously awaiting your return, gentlemen.

  • Peyton Manning (IND – QB)
  • Miles Austin (DAL – WR)
  • Earl Bennett (CHI – WR)
  • Lee Evans (BAL – WR)
  • Braylon Edwards (SF – WR)
  • Daniel Thomas (MIA – RB)
  • Ryan Grant (GB – RB)
  • Derrick Ward (HOU – RB)
  • Aaron Hernandez (NE – TE)


Michael Vick (hand): Probable. A full practice from Vick on Thursday gives no reason to doubt his playing status this weekend. He’s ready to go.

Tony Romo (rib): Questionable. He played on Monday night with sore ribs, so I don’t see him missing Sunday’s tilt with the Lions. Even though both Dallas and Detroit statistically defend the pass well (ranked 12th and 4th vs. pass respectively), I expect a lot of points in Big D.

Jason Campbell (foot): Probable. The Raiders host the Patriots who allow 377 passing yards a game – worst in the NFL.  He’ll have Jacoby Ford back this week, and he’s a great start if you need him.

Kerry Collins (concussion): Questionable. Curtis Painter has been named the starter against the Bucs. So start the Bucs defense.

Running Backs

Darren McFadden (groin): Probable. Nothing to worry about with Run DMC, who just destroyed the Jets to the tune of 178 yards and 2 TDs. He’s the Megatron of running backs, and a must-start against anyone.

Adrian Peterson (calf): Probable. Peterson plays the Chiefs who have allowed a league high 5 rushing touchdowns this season. Full steam ahead for All Day.

Arian Foster (hamstring): Probable. It sounds like Foster will get a full work load against the Steelers on Sunday. He’s worth starting, but keep your expectations in the “coming off a hammy injury and facing the Steelers” range.

Ryan Mathews (toe): Probable. He didn’t practice on Thursday, yet he remains probable and is fully expected to play. With the Chargers finally giving Mathews significant touches, including touches on the goal line, he should be locked in your line up.

Frank Gore (ankle): Questionable. Reports are now saying Kendall Hunter will start at RB over Gore. Hunter is a nice flex play against a soft Eagles rush defense.

Peyton Hillis (illness): Probable. He took a little of grandpa’s ol’ cough medicine and he’s good as new. He’ll be out there on Sunday.

Steven Jackson (quad): Probable. Jackson will play and he said he expects a large workload. I’m expecting RB2 numbers.

Beanie Wells (hamstring): Questionable. Wells will be a game-time decision. Head coach Ken Wisenhunt thinks he’ll play, but it’s best to have another option ready. He plays an afternoon game on Sunday, so make sure you have an afternoon game replacement.

Knowshon Moreno (hamstring): Probable. The Packers are #1 in rush defense and Willis McGahee is getting a lot of work. Moreno will play, but there have to be better options for your faux football team out there.

Felix Jones (shoulder): Probable. Full practice on Wednesday and Thursday for Jones. He’ll be out there on Sunday.

Marion Barber (calf): Probable. Barber will see his first game action this year, but he shouldn’t pose much of a threat to the Forte show in Chi-town.

Wide Receivers

Roddy White (thigh): Questionable. No practice on Thursday for White, limited practice on Friday. Some concern there, but I ain’t sweatin’. Unless his thigh gets worse in the next couple of days, I’m expecting him to play.

Calvin Johnson (ankle): Probable. Just your weekly reminder that you need to start Calvin unless he’s unconscious, and even then I’d consider it.

Andre Johnson (knee): Probable. See Calvin Johnson.

Vincent Jackson (abdomen): Questionable. Antonio Gates is expected to miss the game, so Jackson is going to have to step up despite being hurt. My hunch is he plays and destroys the 30th ranked Dolphins pass defense that has allowed a league high 8 passing touchdowns.

Mike Wallace (ribs): Probable. There’s no reason Wallace shouldn’t be out there against the Texans on Sunday.

Hakeem Nicks (knee): Probable. Nicks insists he’ll play against the Cardinals and I insist you start him because he’s really really good and the Cardinals are 25th in pass defense which is really really not good.

Dez Bryant (leg): Questionable. Bryant practiced on a limited basis all week, but he’s starting.  He’s worth a start, but keep your expectations in check.

Marques Colston (collarbone): Questionable. ESPN reports Sean Payton said Colston will play roughly 50 snaps, and CBS quotes Payton as saying that he “wouldn’t anticipate (Colston) getting 50 snaps.” Conflicting reports conflict my brain, so I’m not expecting much from Colston which means he’ll have 125 yards and 2 TDs.

Santonio Holmes (shoulder): Probable. No worries with Holmes. He practiced in full on Thursday and is ready to go against the Ravens.

Mario Manningham (concussion): Probable. He’s going to play.  He wasn’t playing well pre-concussion and now Victor Cruz clouds his value. I don’t know what to expect from Manningham, but he should still see enough targets to warrant a deep WR2/flex start.

Jacoby Ford (hamstring): Probable. Two straight full practice days for Ford. He’s back. I like him as a flex play against the leagues worst pass defense (Patriots).

Jeremy Maclin (hamstring): Questionable. Limited practice for Maclin, but he’s saying he’s going to play. Unless he tweaks that hammy before kickoff, he’ll start against the 49ers.

Malcom Floyd (groin): Questionable. Floyd didn’t practice on Thursday, but practiced in full on Friday. I’d be prepared with another option just in case, but it appears he’ll start against the Dolphins.

Steve Johnson (groin): Probable. There’s no reason to think Stevie J. won’t be out there against the Bengals. Cincy has a good pass defense (ranked 5th in passing yards allowed per game), but with the way the Bills are playing right now, you have to keep Johnson active.

Danny Amendola (elbow): Questionable. I don’t see Amendola playing with the Rams having their bye in week 5, but it’s a good sign Amendola is improving. Week 6 is looking like a more realistic time for Amendola to return.

Plaxico Burress (hamstring): Probable. Plax is practicing, so I expect to see him out there against the Ravens. I don’t like his chances much. I’d look elsewhere.

Mohamed Massaquoi (ankle): Questionable. Massaquoi is turning into a bit of a fantasy factor in Cleveland. He should be starting on Sunday, but I wouldn’t consider him too strongly for your line up this week. He plays the Titans who rank 2nd overall in pass defense.

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates (foot): Doubtful. It appears Gates will miss his second straight game with this nagging foot issue. Randy McMichael will start in his place and is a nice start against a Miami defense who allows 15 fantasy points per game (standard scoring) to opposing tight ends – worst in the league.

JerMichael Finley (ankle): Probable. Finley will start. He plays against cares who he plays against. Start him.

Brandon Pettigrew (shoulder): Probable. Pettigrew will look to follow up his surprising 11 catch, 112 yard performance last week with another solid performance against the Cowboys this week.

These are the significant injuries in my estimation, but if you’d like a more extensive injury report, check the ESPN injury report or the CBS Sports injury report.

This post will be updated as needed right up to Sunday kickoff.

  1. Matt says:

    There have been a ton of major injuries so far this year…my team cannot take any more.

  2. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc and/or anyone else:10 team ppr keeper….

    who do you think will be more valuable by end of the yr,Kendall Hunter or Roy Helu?

    also,same league….if you had to drop either Burleson or Meachem right now, which one?

  3. Andrew says:

    Gore is one of my starters. Should I put in Hunter or Tolbert instead?

  4. Robert says:

    Flex question – PPR league with 1 pt/10 yards Rushing/Receiving, 5 pts per TD.

    Tolbert or SJax. Was leaning Sjax but with Mathews toe, rethinking that. What say you?

  5. Plainview says:

    What about VJax? – he appears to be injured as well. I have Tolbert – does VJax being injured make Tolbert a good Flex play this week? I also have Mathews who I am definitely starting.

  6. Timmy riggins says:

    Re: rotoworld – Coach Sean Payton believes Colston will be activated and “in the plan” for Sunday, but “I WOULDN’T anticipate him getting 50 snaps”.

  7. I wouldn’t get too anxious waiting for Peyton Manning to return :-)

  8. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:I see that you dont have Cribbs ranked at all this wk,but it says that he will at least be returning kicks,so….

    16 team ppr that counts rtn yds,who would you start at a third flex spot….Cribbs,E. Sanders,Scheffler or Dion Lewis?

  9. Lo says:

    @Oilcan I’d keep Hunter and drop Burleson

  10. anonymous says:

    Romo’s injury is fishy. The fact that he had a pneumo last week is a little worrisome, because you really wouldn’t expect to see that in run-of-the-mill cases of traumatic rib fracture. Still, it shouldn’t happen again, and he will likely get some local anaesthesia before each game until the ribs heal some. I wouldn’t worry unless he gets a second pneumo or takes another shot to the ribcage, but his injury is a little bit more suspicious than, say, a concussion would be. Keep a close eye on his status

  11. poop says:

    Santana Moss v STL or Best v DAL as a flex play this weekend

  12. Giacomo says:

    What about Beanie Wells? He sat out last week; are we sure that he is going to play this week?

  13. Mungfisher says:

    I’d throw Daniel Thomas on the list as well, but I don’t know how “concerned” translates to the status categories. Probable? Questionable? Doubtful? Who the hell knows? I suppose we’ll know more this p.m.

  14. Clint

    Clint says:

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: I like Helu over Hunter and I wouldn’t want to drop either WR. If I HAD to drop one, it would be Meachem.

    @Andrew: I think Hunter would be the safest bet.

    @Plainview: Tolbert is worth a flex play, but keep expectations in check. Mathews is separating himself as the lead back in San Diego.

    @Timmy riggins: I may have misread the report. I’ll take another look at it. Thanks for the heads up.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: I’m not Doc, but for what it’s worth I like Cribbs.

    @poop: Best.

    @Giacomo: Wells is practicing, so he should play. I didn’t see him on Thursday’s initial injury report, but I’ll keep an eye on him and update his status as the week goes on.

  15. Jhern says:

    I have Steven Jackson, Sproles, Addai, Eearnest Graham and i have David Nelson as my flex. Do i sit jackson and start sproles and addai/ graham?

  16. Blain Train says:

    I’m new, but love the in-depth info on the site! I could really use some trade advice:

    I give: Grossman, Foster, & Antonio Brown
    I get: Bradford, Nicks, & Greene

    My Team:
    QB: Grossman & Freeman
    RB: Foster, Blount, Felix, Tolbert, DeAngelo, LT
    WR: Roddy, D. Nelson, A. Brown
    TE: Gates, Pettigrew

    Thanks for the Help!

  17. Iceman says:

    Lance or Denarius: who do you like Moore this week?

  18. KeeblerMN says:

    WTF, is every singly WR1 on the injury report or what?

  19. Dezzed says:

    Should I stick with Mike Williams (TB) hopefully cutting through Indy’s D or take a shot w/ Jordy Nelson and hoping he gets a few targets? I have Decker too, but I think GB might limit him…

  20. FoReal says:


  21. papafrog says:

    @Clint: 12 team PPR: Matt Ryan or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Also, please pick 2 of the following for WR3: Mike Thomas (Jac), Sydney Rice, Denarius Moore. Thanks in advance!

  22. Charlie says:

    Could really use some trade help. 14 team standard scoring 2RB 2WR and flex:

    I would give:
    Reggie Wayne
    LeSean McCoy

    And receive:
    Brandon Marshall
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Johnny Knox

    Currently starting a mix of Ryan Grant, Jerome Simpson and Pierre Garçon at flex, so Know would be an upgrade there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  23. Zach says:

    Jamaal Charles rd 1, Antonio Gates rd 4, Cedric Benson rd 5, Peyton Manning rd 6. I’m not doing too well right now.

  24. CL says:

    pick 3 please, 1 PPR, return yards:

    Roddy White, Wayne, Pettigrew, Decker, Meacham

  25. SAM says:

    DO you like jacoby ford more than denarius moore?

  26. Clint

    Clint says:

    @Matt: Injuries have been killer this year. I feel your pain.

    @Robert: I like Jackson there. He’s the safest bet for solid production.

    @Brandon: You’re right. Manning has basically been ruled out this season. Still waiting for his official IR status.

    @anonymous: Right. What you said.

    @Mungfisher: Thomas missed Friday’s practice. Game-time decision. Be ready with another option.

    @Jhern: I’d stick with Jackson and Sproles.

    @Blain Train: Grossman, Foster, and Brown have more upside long term. I’d stay put.

    @Iceman: Denarius.

    @KeeblerMN: Sure seems that way. Ugh.

    @Dezzed: I’d stick with Williams. He’s due.

    @FoReal: Questionable, but looks like a go.

    @papafrog: Fitzpatrick, Rice and Moore.

    @Charlie: Pretty even trade. I’d hate to let LeSean go, but your team would be more balanced after the trade. I’d do it.

    @Zach: Ouch! I feel for you, my man. Hopefully the waivers are good to you.

    @CL: White, Wayne, Decker.

    @SAM: No, Moore the more leget #1 for the Raiders.

  27. Blain Train says:

    Clint, thanks for the advice on the trade above. I was leaning the same direction. Do you think it would be good for me if I counter-offered:

    Give: Grossman, Felix, A. Brown
    Get: Bradford, Nicks, Greene

    On the same note, are there long term concerns about Nicks knee?

  28. Clint

    Clint says:

    @Blain Train: Yes, I like that trade better for you if you can pull it off. I’m not too worried about Nicks’ knee. He’s only 23 years old and still has a lot of good years of football in him.

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