This week’s bye has a lot of great to good running backs sitting around doing nothing.  Such names as Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Knowshon Moreno, and Ryan Torain.  There aren’t a ton of running backs floating around the free agency pool, but I’ve thrown a few at you toward the bottom in my Sleeper section.

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Josh Freeman: He continues to give you steady points and the Falcons are near the bottom of all the pass defense categories. In their last 2 games they have given up over 300 yards and 3 TDs to quarterbacks.

Eli Manning: The Seachickens just gave up 310 yards and 2 TDs to Jason Campbell and Eli just threw all over the Cowboys.  Little Brother is still inconsistent, but he has been mostly consistent this season.


Ryan Fitzpatrick: The Bears pass defense has been strong this season and Fitzpatrick regressed last week.  The Bills don’t have enough of a running game to open the field for Fitzy.

Chad Henne: After getting torched by Ryan Fitzpatric at home the Ravens should come off their bye rested and mad.  They aren’t their old selves, or make that, their young selves, but they’ll be more focused.

Running Backs


Matt Forte: The Buffalo Bills are giving up 188 yards per game to running backs which is more than a lot.  Forte has lost the goal line carries, but he wasn’t really getting in from the goal line anyway.

LaDainian Tomlinson: The Lions continue to give up big chunks of yardage and that won’t be any different against the Jets.  LT should have plenty of room to run.


Jahvid Best: The highest fantasy point total for any running back against the Jets was 10 and that was Mr. Adrian Peterson.  No other back has topped 10 points and they haven’t given up a rushing touchdown.

Cedric Benson: You pretty much can’t start anyone against the Steelers unless you are desperate and even then it’s not recommended.  The longest run against the Steelers this season was 14 yards.

Wide Receiver


Greg Jennings: The Cowboys pass defense has hit rock bottom after getting scorched by David Garrard and now they go up to Lambeau where Jennings has been stepping up his game and Donald Driver is out.

Mike Williams TB: The rookie just continues to produce and I see no reason he’ll stop this week against the Falcons.


Steve Smith CAR: The Saints are giving up 84 yards per game to wide receivers this season.  That doesn’t sound that great until you realize that those yards are for every wide receiver on the opposing team!  So if they stick to their average against Gettis, LaFell, Smith, etc… there won’t be many points to go around.

Desean Jackson: It will be hard to sit him and i wouldn’t unless you have some good options, but the Colts have the best DVOA against #1 receivers and DJax is coming off a huge hit that may leave him a little rattled.  I think Maclin will be the guy to have going this week.

Tight Ends


Owen Daniels: The Chargers pass defense is very good this season, but they still are weak against tight ends.  Keep an eye on his health, but get him in there if he’s good to go.

Aaron Hernandez: The Browns have given up an average of 14 fantasy points to tight ends in their last 3 games.


Brandon Pettigrew: The Jets kill tight ends by giving up 32 yards per game to them.  Well, they survive I suppose.

Brent Celek: The Colts also kill tight ends and Vick kills Celek.  Stay far away.

Deep Sleepers

Mark Sanchez: If his receivers can hold onto the ball he should have a decent game against Detroit.

Chester Taylor: He is supposed to get a little more work including goal line and he gets the worst rush defense in the league.  Forte is still the main man, but Taylor is worth a look see in deep league.

Tashard Choice: Felix Jones didn’t practice on Wednesday and doesn’t play well when dinged up.  Marion Barber has looked slow at best.  Choice has a good chance to have a decent second half.

Darren Sproles: With most of the receiving starters down and out in the San Diego hills Sproles should see some action in the passing game.

LaRod Stephens-Howling: The Vikings give up 7 receptions a game to running backs and LSH has been getting more work as of late.  He’s in no way a

Seyi Ajitotutu: There is now a chance that Antonio Gates doesn’t go in this one which would make Crayton and Ajitotutu great starters against the bad Texans pass defense.

James Jones: It’s hard to go ahead and drink his Kool Aid, but he has a great matchup and Driver is out.  Jordy Nelson could be worthwhile as a deep sleeper, but I’d rather have Jones.

Greg Olsen: Any tight ends going against the Bills, who seem to love giving them TDs, is worth a shot.

Ben Watson: The Patriots give up an average of 9 fantasy points a game to tight ends.  I haven’t given up on him quite yet.

  1. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I own both of the tight ends in the “start” section. Who do you like more? I am leaning Daniels….

  2. Jay says:

    In a PPR league, I have Welker, Steve Johnson, Lance Moore, Anthony Gonzalez at WR (with Vincent Jackson and Sidney Rice laying in wait) and Green-Ellis at RB as pieces I’m willing to trade (TO, AP, MJD, and Hillis are off limits).

    I’m looking to acquire a top WR — or Gates — for the stretch run and/or playoffs in exchange for a combination coming out of those 6 WRs and 1 RB. What would I have to give up for a guy like Gates, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, etc?

  3. Lou says:

    Jahvid Best in a 12 team PPR cant be that bad of a play? I know its the Jets but hes at home (turf) and practicing fully for the first time in weeks. I have the D Brown/M Hart duo but i’m not tryin to go there. Am I just being bias because I named my team after him?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Yeah, I’d go with Daniels.

    @Lou: Of course it depends on who you have to choose from and PPR helps Best. I’d stick with him there.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jay: Really the only way I think you could get one of those guys is if a team had a real need for 2 WRs and 1 RB. I’d look for teams that are starting real scrubs in those positions and offer Ellis/Welker/Johnson for a top tier receiver. You could possibly go less for Jennings.

    Gates has a torn plantar fascia and I would stay away from him.

  6. mike says:

    Do you start Shonn Greene or Brandon Jackson as a flex this week?

  7. Sparts says:

    Would you go Maclin or Mike Williams (TB) This week?

  8. p0rk burn says:

    @mike: BJax. Never turn down a BJ.
    @Sparts: Maclin.

  9. Christopher says:

    Who would you rather have, Keller or Tamme?

  10. Gambler says:

    Do you trade Ahmad Bradshaw and a minor player to get Calvin Johnson? My rb/wr right now are:

    J. Stew
    F. Jones

    Andre Johnson
    H. Nicks
    M. Williams (TB)
    Vincent Jackson

    I think as long as Andre Johnson is healthy my WR are in better shape then my RB (if I accepted the trade I would probably have to start Blount every week), but C. Johnson probably has more value than Bradshaw..

  11. swingkungfu says:

    i’ve put out a claim in buc williams(yeah, that’ll give me both mike williams), and if i do end up getting him, would you suggest starting him over zach miller, given miller’s unproductive last game and the ol’ crutch walk he pulled out on monday?

  12. Jacob says:

    If you have really good WR depth — Austin, Fitz, Ward, Welker — would you trade Flacco and Austin for Rivers?

  13. dc says:

    Maclin or Fitzgerald as WR2?

    Flex: Blount or Beanie or other one of those guys^^^ (Mac/Fitz) ??

  14. Gambler says:

    Oh, and it’s a 2RB, 2WR, 1RB/WR league..

  15. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    Mark Sanchez, Kitna or Stafford this week?

  16. elwood blues says:

    Help me out here: Start Eli or Schaub (I have a feeling Schaub will come back with a good game after the MNF Disaster)

    RB(in a .5 PPR league) I need to start 2 with MJD out – Felix Jones, S.Greene, J-Stew (yeah I know the options aren’t great)

  17. CL says:

    better pick up this week:

    shiancoe to pick up the slack with moss gone or kellen winslow in TB? PPR league…

  18. perdew says:

    think i should start freeman over schaub? im thinking about trading schaub and just rolling with freeman

  19. D Gross says:

    Which three RB to start:

    and which the three WR to start:
    Steve Smith (Car)

  20. MrHappyTime says:


    Which San Diego player do I start in my flex? Matthews or Crayton?

  21. p0rk burn says:

    @Christopher: Tamme
    @Gambler: What kind of league is this? Two team with 10 rb and 5 wr for each team? The Bradshaw deal isn’t all bad based on your depth, but try to see if you can trade one of the other backs. Blount should be solid the rest of the way if you need to roll with him though.
    @swingkungfu: Yes, but I think Z-Mills is more valuable than the Hawks MW.
    @Jacob: I think you are giving up too much.
    @dc: Maclin and Blount.
    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Stafford.
    @elwood blues: Greene and Stew. Eli.
    @CL: Visanthe.
    @perdew: Schaub.
    @D Gross: Rice, McCoy, Forte. Austin, Crayton, Garcon.
    @MrHappyTime: Mathews
    @Chicago Mike: DJax

  22. MrR8DER says:

    Non ppr Should I make this trade

    R Moss
    V Jax

    Andre J
    R Rice

  23. Dan Z says:

    @ Doc
    @ Everyone else

    Looking for some help here, any would be appreciated.

    Im in a 12 team 3 player keeper league, can keep players for three seasons. I was just offered Ryan Matthews/Tolbert and a 4th round pick for McFadden, anyone have any thoughts? Id be getting the Matthews side.

  24. Wilsonian says:

    Thinking about offering up Big Ben, Best, Marshall for Gore…is this too much or not enough?

    The reason I was thinking it could possibly be accepted is because the guy I would be offering it to lost Romo and is rolling with one QB, he’s also got Gore on bye this week, and two of his starting WRs are injured in Driver and Collie.

    What do you think?

    Assuming it went through, I would then pick up one of Freeman or Stafford as my backup.

  25. timmy riggins says:

    (I asked in wrong post)

    Schaub or Freeman? Big Ben or Flacco?

    Who’d you choose as RB2 and flex (.5ppr): Thomas/Felix Jones, BJGE, Woodhead, Hart (if healthy), and Ivory


  26. I'ma play when I wanna play says:

    Fitzpatrick, Cutler, or Cassell….
    Charles or Forte…. PPR league

  27. p0rk burn says:

    @MrR8DER: Yes
    @Wilsonian: Too much. Even if you look at as Ben, Best, Marsh for Gore and Stafford/Freeman, its too much. Marshall is a premiere WR and while Gore is a premiere back, he isn’t so valuable you should ship off three starting caliber players.

  28. Wilsonian says:

    @p0rk burn: does it make a difference if I said I had Rivers at starting QB, White, Wayne, Boldin, Colston at WR, and could pick up someone like VJax out of the FA pool?

  29. MrR8DER says:

    Okay I was offered Rice, AJ and Brady for Vick, Best and VJax

    I would be getting the rice end.

    My line up would be
    R Wayne
    Flex R Rice or R Moss
    V davis as TE

    Do I make this trade – I just think Vick is going to kill it from here on out. Please advise – Anyone can chime in w/ ur thoughts. Thanks in advance

  30. Gambler says:

    @p0rk burn:

    It’s actually a 10 team league.. I just like to stockpile good RB’s.. I picked up Hillis and traded him for F. Jones and R. Matthews and that trade is working out terribly.. And for some reason everyone in the league was down on Turner.. but he hasn’t been a top 12 RB so far lol..

  31. MrHappyTime says:

    McFadden or Ray Rice for the rest of the season?

  32. AdamH says:

    Doc, pick one (0.5 PPR):

    Sproles @ Hou
    M Bush v KC
    Jacobs @ Sea


  33. p0rk burn says:

    @timmy riggins: Schaub. Ben. Forte – he’s getting out his PPR thong this weekend.
    @Wilsonian: I could see you doing it under that situation if you need the RB help, which I’m guessing you do since you have a lot of other studs. You are still giving up a lot for him, but if its a lot of quality guys that are only back-ups you might as well. They don’t score points on the bench.
    @MrR8DER: I like it even more now.
    @Dan Z: Tough. I still have hope for Mathews. How long have you had McFadden? He is legit now. Think I like McFadesauce.
    @Gambler: That’s what she said . . . or something. This year has definitely had some RBs come out of nowhere and make a lot of us look stupid – effin’ Torain – but it looks like you’ll be ok without Hills Mills.

  34. Rookie Season says:

    All the negative press about my WR2 Santonio Holmes has gotten me discouraged. Should I drop him for any of these? 0.5PPR, 16-team, 1pt per return yd.

    Derrick Mason, Bernard Berrian, Patrick Crayton, James Jones, Mario Manningham, Seyi Ajirotutu, Brandon LaFell, Roscoe Parrish, Jacoby Jones, etc.

    I only have 2 WRs on my roster. Do I need to get any of these guys for this weekend and going forward, or stay the course with Holmes?

  35. G.O.B. says:

    Doc, what do you expect for the rest of the year from Pierre Thomas? He was dropped in my league, but I don’t know if I want to lose a Crabtree or a Beanie Wells or a Zach Miller to pick him up.

  36. herschel says:

    @Doc: would you start ricky williams or choice over benson this week in a ppr league?


  37. nick m. says:

    if you could get desean jackson and michael crabtree for jeremy maclin and dwayne bowe in a 14-team ppr, would you do it?

  38. p0rk burn says:

    @Rookie Season: Manningham has the most upside/potential for this season. Mason is consistent(ly boring). Holmes is dead to me.

    @G.O.B.: I wouldn’t lost a non-rb for PT, but he might be worth the upgrade over Beanie. PT will be the primary handler once he comes back, but the Saints pass a little too much. Beanie’s QB(s) suck. Meh of one, meh of the other. Upside or boredom, you choose.

    @herschel: Ouch. Do you guys create the most difficult matchups possible for these questions? Pitt’s D, Baltimore’s D, or the guy that has done nothing all year. Let me think . . . I would go Ricky just because he has the time-share which should help soften up Baltimore’s D-line. Benson is going to have to fight the Steel Curtain by himself. I’m a Cowboys fan and they are dead to me.

    @nick m.: No.

  39. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Need a bye week filler for WR. Non-ppr

    Names on the wire: Mason, Shipley, Parrish, LaFell, Hester, Hartline, Gettis, Morgan, DevHenderson, Burleson, Cotchery, ArrBenn, Spurlock, Ajirotutu

  40. Dirt says:

    Fitzpatrick, Cutler, or Cassell….
    Charles or Forte…. PPR league

  41. Blount or Michael Bush?

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mike: BJax

    @Sparts: Maclin

    @Christopher: I’d lean Tamme, but it’s close.

    @Gambler: Depends on how minor.

    @swingkungfu: Yeah. I’d like to see Miller back at full health.

    @Jacob: No

    @dc: Maclin/Blount

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): That’s tough. I like Sanchez’s matchup, Stafford will probably need to pass more. I’d lean Stafford for upside.

    @elwood blues: I like Eli’s matchup and Felix is hurting.

    @CL: Skank ho

    @perdew: I’d stick with Schaub

    @D Gross: Forte, McCoy, Rice, Crayton, Austin, Garcon

    @MrHappyTime: Crayton in PPR, Mathews in Non

    @Chicago Mike: DJax

    @MrR8DER: Yes

    @Dan Z: I’d lean toward McFadden becoming elite

    @Wilsonian: I don’t love it for you. I’d rather have Ben than those backups.

    @timmy riggins: Schaub, Ben, BJ

    @I’ma play when I wanna play: Cutler/Forte

    @MrHappyTime: Rice

    @AdamH: jacobs

    @Rookie Season: I’d stick with Holmes.

    @G.O.B.: I’d lose Miller if you have another starter you like, but otherwise I’d hold.

    @herschel: If Felix doesn’t go I say Choice. If he does, Ricky.

    @nick m.: Very close. Like Maclin more in PPR.

  43. DDT says:

    Doc–Knox @ BUF or Bowe @ OAK as my WR3 FLEX?
    I have Megatron and M. Williams (South) starting in my WR1 & WR2 positions.

  44. p0rk burn says:

    @Doc: You think you can just come up in here and steal all my answers? Get off my block, fool. p0rk calls shots now!

  45. Harley says:

    @ Doc: .5 ppr league, Blount, Best or Donald Brown this week?

  46. Beau says:

    My Hakeen Nicks for his Steven Jackson, what do you think?

    My current roster includes:
    WR: Wayne, Smith (CAR), VJax, roy williams, and Nicks
    RB: Moreno, Ronnie Brown, Lynch, fred jackson

    10 team. I know, not pretty.

  47. p0rk burn says:

    @Beau: I think you need Nicks more than you need SJax.

  48. p0rk burn says:

    @Harley: Blount.

  49. Gambler says:

    I guess Bradshaw and probably F. Jones for Calvin Johnson.. Would that make sense for my roster?

  50. p0rk burn says:

    So that leaves you with Blount, Mathews, AJ, C Johnson, and Nicks instead of Bradshaw, Mathews, AJ, Nicks, (M Williams/Blount).

    I think you can roll with that. Blount needed a big run to have the impressive stats last week, but he shouldn’t be so much of a drop off it washes away the added stats from Calvin.

  51. nostrathomas says:

    I’ve got real problems now at WR with Moss being waived and Floyd likely still out. I’ve got R. White and D. Bowe, but nobody else available.

    Who to start out of these Schmohawks?

    D. Heyward-Bey, D. Hester, M. Massaquoi, J. Jones (HOU), J. Cotchery, R. Parrish, J. Cribbs, J. Jones (GB), J. Nelson, S. Ajirotutu

    Its bad.

  52. Beau says:

    His Steven Jackson for my Hakeen Nicks?

    My roster includes:
    RB: Moreno, Ronnie Brown, Lynch, Fred Jackson
    WR: Wayne, Smith (CAR), Roy Williams, VJAX, and Nicks.

  53. Beau says:

    Sorry for the double post, didn’t see it post the first time.

  54. SDPete says:

    Hey Doc, I’m in big trouble at QB this week. My started Orton is of course on a bye, and my backup is (icky) Carson Palmer. Palmer faces PIT this week, too (double icky). Unfortunately my league nemesis stole Stafford from me off waivers, and the best FA available are Henne and Campbell. Yes, triple icky. Do I roll with Carson and just not watch the scoreboard this weekend? Fortunately the rest of my squad is solid. Thanks.

  55. The Vaporizers says:


    How you feel about me offering AJ for Nicks? Who makes out better?

    OR, I can try AJ/Bradshaw for Nicks/Megatron. Yahoo projections as AJ/Bradshaw getting the better end of the deal, which is who I already got. BUT, those are yahoo projections….

  56. Dominic says:

    @Doc: @I have 2 diff leagues, one with Eli and Big Ben @Cin Monday night and the other with Eli and Schaub vs SD. You think I should roll with Eli in both?

  57. nate marcum says:

    Rumors are flying that Brees has a torn meniscus and possibly a fracture to the knee that he had a “situation” on earlier in the season. If you are a Brees owner, pay close attention to the next game. i wouldn’t suggest trading too low now, but if you can get a quality QB and an upgrade at another position, I would play it safe and let somebody else watch him go down and be out for the duration of the season.

  58. Wilsonian says:

    1) Just traded Marshall and Moreno for McCoy…0.5 PPR…good deal or no good deal?

    Roster now looks like this: Rivers, Ben, White, Boldin, Wayne, Colston, CJ, McCoy, Hillis, DMC, Best, Blount, Keller

    We play 1 QB, 3WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 W/R Flex

    2) Also, who to pick up for Marshall’s replacement:

    VJax, MSW, Crabtree, TB Williams?

  59. Eddie says:

    Daniels is hurt again this time his hammy didn’t practice Thursday which tells me he won’t be 100% against the chargers. Also I am trying to pick defense between the Bears and Ravens. You have both opposing QBs under “sit.” With Henne under “sit” and Hasselbeck OUT this Sunday I wonder about anyone on their teams. so my questions are…

    Tamme, Hernandez, Daniels, or Ben Watson?
    Bears D/ST or Ravens D/ST (or how about the Patriots D/ST)?
    Are Bess and M. Williams (SEA) “sit” material?
    Last one, I’m starting Blount/Tolbert over Benson/Lynch. Agree?

    What are the Doctor’s orders?

  60. The Vaporizers says:

    Wilsonian, As long as you had 3 other good WR’s, I really like the trade. And pick up TB Williams AND VJax asap. Stash Vjax on your bench and start Williams now

  61. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DDT: With Asomugha out I’m leaning Bowe.

    @p0rk burn: Everyone listen to P0rk Burn. And if he tells you to punch yourself in the face (which he will), don’t listen to that.

  62. stumanji says:

    Trying to move Gore or S-Jax for some help at WR. Trade partner has nothing (Felix, Stewart, Forsett, R. Bush) at RB but Nicks, Wayne, T.O., Colston, and Harvin at WR. He said he’d give up 1 WR for S-Jax or 2 WR for Gore. Which 2 should I realistically target? I was thinking Nicks and Colston.

    My other RBs are Greene, Beanie, Barber, Choice. My WRs are Santonio, Crabtree, Breaston, A. Gonzalez (hurt), and Britt (hurt).

  63. Wilsonian says:

    @The Vaporizers: I can’t pick up both of them. Since it was a 2 for 1, I’m left with one open spot and those are the best available. And I’m assuming by having White, Wayne, Boldin and Colston I had enough WRs to take the hit of losing Marshall?

    Who should I pick up: VJax or TB Williams?

  64. Wilsonian says:

    @stumanji: I would see about swapping SJax for Nicks or Wayne. While it would be nice to get Nicks and Colston, or whatever combo, to boost your WRs, your RBs would be pretty weak without Gore in there. I like SJax, but he can’t find the damn end zone.

    Unless your league was point oriented towards WRs, I’d do the one for one with SJax. My $0.02 for ya.

  65. The Vaporizers says:

    @wilsonian, what is your bench like? Can you make room for both? They are both rosterable in 12 team leagues with a bench of at least 4 players

  66. Wilsonian says:

    @The Vaporizers: if I was to squeeze them both in, I’d have to drop Blount. He’s the only droppable guy I have. The rest are absolutely not droppable, and it’s questionable whether Blount is evn droppable now.

  67. timSTi says:

    @Doc: In a .5PPR, who do i start at flex?

    M.Williams(SEA), D.Brown, Burleson, or T.Choice?

  68. The Vaporizers says:

    Oh, and for my above question,

    “How you feel about me offering AJ for Nicks? Who makes out better?

    OR, I can try AJ/Bradshaw for Nicks/Megatron. Yahoo projections as AJ/Bradshaw getting the better end of the deal, which is who I already got. BUT, those are yahoo projections….”


  69. doodee says:

    Bess or Breaston, 0.25 PPR?

  70. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr…1ppr for catches 40+ yards…bonuses for long TDs..0.1pts. per rushing attempt

    Start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs and a FLEX (can be QB, RB or WR)

    My QBs: Brady and Vick
    My WRs: Austin Miles, Wes Welker, Mike Williams (TB), Pierre Garcon and Sidney Rice.
    My RBs: LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, Michael Bush and Mike Hart

    Trade 1:
    A TB homer has offered me DeSean Jackson FOR Mike Williams straight up.

    Trade 2:
    Trade Michael Bush & Mike Williams FOR Jaamal Charles

    Which trade?

  71. brad says:

    Matt Ryan or Matt Stafford?

    Rice vs. Mia or Bradshaw @Sea

    Pick two: Colston, Bowe, Witten, Mike Williams (TB)

  72. Black Beard says:

    Hey Doc, I’m in a need to win right now situation. Who do you like the rest of the year in a 2TE, nonppr: Pettigrew or Heath Miller?


  73. Don Tom says:

    My Flex, .5ppr, Pick 1

    Blount @Atl
    Beanie @Minn

    Also Pick 1, same league
    Bess @Bal
    Steve Breaston @Minn

    Would you drop Pettigrew vs NYJ for any of these guys. Olsen, Shockey, Ben Watson?


  74. Dan says:

    Doc, the Randy Moss owner in my league is freaking out mildly. We start 3 WR and get 0.5 PPR.

    I’ve got Dwayne Bowe, Jeremy Maclin, Calvin Johnson, and Buc Williams.

    I know another guy offered MSW for Moss as a joke, and the Moss owner is about to take it. I’ve been offered Maclin for Moss straight up, but … what do you see from Randy for the rest of the year is more or less my question.


  75. Spliff says:

    Would you trade Welker straight up for Collie? Looks like collie may return this week.

    I own R. White, B.Lloyd, M. Wallace

  76. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Harley: I would lean Blount.

    @Beau: I’d go with the SJax side.

    @Gambler: I think it’s fair. And would work with your roster.

    @nostrathomas: S. Ajirotutu

    @SDPete: I’d roll with Palmer. Not the best, but they should throw a lot.

    @The Vaporizers: I like AJ over Nicks. I’d see if you can do that. His ankle is a problem, but he’s been doing ok on it and is the focus of the passing game.

    @Dominic: I’m leaning Eli

    @nate marcum: He did jumping jacks in front his locker to disprove the rumors!

    @Wilsonian: It works. I would grab Williams.

    @Eddie: I’d roll with Tamme. I like the Ravens. Williams is a sit. Bess can be useful still in PPR. I agree with Blount/Tolbert.

    @stumanji: I wouldn’t want to give up Gore unless it was Nicks/Wayne. Would give up SJax for less, but would still like 2 receivers.

    @timSTi: Brown and Choice depend on their counterpart’s health. I would lean one of those if they are the main back.

    @doodee: Breaston

    @Commish Cauda: I like both, but would lean getting JC

    @brad: Ryan, Rice, Bowe, Williams

    @Black Beard: Tough. I do not like Pettigrew this week, but he has a little more upside. I’d probably lean Miller.

    @Don Tom: Blount, Breaston, and Olsen

  77. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: with CJ, DMC, Hillis, McCoy, Best and Blount, would you drop Blount to stash VJax for playoff time, as well?

  78. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Spliff: I think it’s worth it.

    @Dan: I’m not too down on him, but i don’t think he is elite anymore. I see him right there in Maclin range. That would be a pretty even trade. Moss might have a little more upside if he’s playing for a contract, but maclin is a little safer.

  79. Nick says:

    @Doc: Someone dropped N. Washington in my 10-team league. Is he valuable now that Britt is out and Moss will spread the field? My team (starters) is as follows, who would you drop if anyone?

    QB- Vick
    WR- Wayne, White, Ward
    RB- Blount & McCoy
    TE- Tamme
    Flex – T. O.
    Bench: Big Ben, McNabb, Torain, Greene, D. Brown, R. Brown


  80. Nick says:

    & other WR’s available include Gaffney, M Thomas, Branch, Heyward-Bey, J Jones just to give you idea of how my league is going…

  81. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Got an interesting one for ya, Derek Anderson or Charlie Whitehurst? (2QB league, that is why these two are even being mentioned)

  82. Damion says:

    Minnesota D or Kansas City D??

  83. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Minnesota

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: DA

    @Nick: I’d stick with who you have. Washington could be helped, but they have a lot of young receivers there that could get work.

  84. LMack says:

    Bottom of the barrel week 10 QB question, might be too far in advance but wondering if you could shed some light.

    I have Rodgers and Alex Smith, Rodgers bye week is next. The 49ers have a solid matchup against StL, but I’m not sure Smith will be playing. Only other starting QBs available are Colt McCoy (vs NYJ), Jon Kitna (@NYG) or Derek Anderson (vs Sea). I know its an ugly list, but this is it, except I excluded Charlie Whitehurst.

    Whats my best move?

  85. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Need a bye week filler for WR. Non-ppr

    Names on the wire: Mason, Shipley, Parrish, LaFell, Hester, Hartline, Gettis, Morgan, DevHenderson, Burleson, Cotchery, ArrBenn, Spurlock, Ajirotutu.

  86. DDT says:

    Thanks Doc!

  87. DSimms says:

    My options this weak are so bad I’m sorry to even ask this but who should I put at flex:
    Lynch (with Hass out) or Spiller or if all colts RB’s are limited Javarris James? and yes those are my only options this week

  88. Damion says:

    @Doc….Should I start Vick or Ryan? Vick is coming off injury and Ryan is said to start in all formats

  89. friar says:

    I announced to my league that I’m looking to trade some of my strength at WR (AJ, Austin, Smith (CAR), Bowe, Britt) for an RB upgrade (I have McCoy, DeAngelo, Torain, and BGE). I received an offer of Rice and Randy Moss for Andre Johnson. 10-team 0.5 PPR league that starts 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. Should I go for it?

  90. friar says:

    @friar: I’ve also been offered either LT or Bradshaw for Miles Austin. Should I do this instead of the above deal?

  91. Damion says:

    austin, m.williams, or bowe?
    and at flex, the remaining wr, lynch, blount?

  92. Angelo Brown says:

    Would you L.T. and Anquan Boldin for Steven Jackson and Pierre Garcon?

  93. geek19 says:

    I was just offered Brandon Jackson and Danny Woodhead for Ahmad Bradshaw. I have Jacobs and Chris Johnson in that league as well, so I was wondering what your thoughts are for the rest of the year with those guys? Thanks!

  94. Angelo Brown says:


  95. Chris says:

    Need 2 RB’s and a flex. Non-ppr
    Ronnie Brown
    Ricky Williams
    Marshawn Lynch

  96. genghis chone says:

    I might have to set my lineup now, so I can’t wait for an injury update on Zach Miller. Who would you start this week of Olsen, Miller, Celek, Watson? PPR

  97. Max says:

    +1 PPR…Knox or Tamme at flex?

    Intentionally putting 2 TEs in a lineup cannot often be recommended, but I do have Witten slotted at TE and most of my flex options are on BYE…

    I’m leaning Tamme, but wondering if I’m crazy.

  98. stupiddude says:

    What kind of trade value do you think Zack Miller has? I have Tamme now too, so I’m trying to avoid having two TEs so I can use the roster space for speculative pick ups.
    I told a friend I wanted to offer another league-mate Miller, Jacobs and Maclin or Floyd for the guy’s Ahmad Bradshaw and my friend told me I’d be offering this guy a pile of junk. I don’t want to just give him away for nothing, but I’m not sure how much I can get for a top 5 TE. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    [For further info, this guy’s best TE is M. Lewis, his WRs–Jennings, Welker, Colston, Britt–have been disappointing or hurt, and his other RBs are LT, Green-Ellis, and Michael Bush]

  99. friar says:

    @Doc: Thanks. I agree that I shouldn’t make both trades, but which of the two possible trades do you think is better for me? Giving up AJ for Rice and Moss, or giving up Austin for Bradshaw or LT?

  100. Nate says:

    non ppr DeSean Jackson or Steve Smith (car)

  101. weird fishes says:

    total hot mess here. have to go for the gold. 2rb 2wr 1flex, non ppr

    peyton hillis
    beanie wells
    felix jones
    danny woodhead (rb/wr)
    fred jackson
    donald brown
    austin collie
    dez bryant


  102. SDPete says:

    Ok, I was all set to suck it up and roll with Carson Palmer, and someone in my league went and dropped Jay Cutler last night. Now I’m (sadly) considering dropping Palmer for Cutler for this week. Orton on a bye. I HATE Cutler, but his matchup @ BUF might be nicer than Palmer vs. PIT. Any input?

  103. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stupiddude: Since Miller is hurting right now his value isn’t great. But Maclin’s value is light years ahead of Floyds. He makes that an evenish trade.

    @friar: Getting Rice

    @Nate: DJax

  104. trick dad says:

    which two RB’s should I start this week in a PPR league: Foster, JC or Mcfadden?

  105. Doc

    Doc says:

    @weird fishes: Hillis and AJ for sure. Then it’s tricky. It looks like Brown will be the main back so I’m leaning his way and Bryant.

  106. Doc

    Doc says:

    @SDPete: I’d give Cutler a shot.

    @trick dad: JC, Foster

  107. ilikestuff says:

    Two questions:
    1. Pick two WRs: Crayton (@Hou), Knox (@Buffalo), and D Bryant (@GB)

    2. Think Gradkowski takes over the starting QB as the raiders in week 11? I need to figure out my QB2 situation (we start 2 QBs in my league, I lost Romo so I’m rather desperate) and I’m looking at Moore, Campbell, or Gradkowski.

  108. DeepThreat says:


    Out of these four which 3 would you keep going forward (playoffs) in Non PPR?

    Beanie / S. Greene / J. Addai / R. Mathews

  109. heller says:

    Doc…need your mojo.
    Non ppr

    Qb-Vick or Eli
    Wr3-M. Floyd or S. Holmes
    Te-Witten or T. Gonz
    Rb-Pick 2-Foster, Rice, Blount

  110. swingkungfu says:

    i keep getting proposed a trade for arian foster. lt, miles austin and austin collie for foster. i feel fairly confident in all ive got.

    vick and orton
    charles, foster and rice
    aj, boldin, buc williams, miller
    with green-ellis, torain, dez on my bench with vincent jackson sitting there waiting for november 28th.

    i definitely think its a bum trade, but ive been beat to death with it that its fucking with my mind. hes got thomas jones, cj, mcfadden, lt, djax, to, and brandon lloyd filling out the rest of his team. giving him another elite rb seems insanely reckless. should i just ignore this trade altogether or try and talk him into sending some of those other players over instead?

  111. MR says:

    Doc –

    Weekly question at WR. Need to pick three of the following:

    Smith (Car), Williams (TB), Harvin, Evans, Walter (Hou), or Woodhead. Could probably pick up Murphy (Oak) off the wire.



  112. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MR: Smith/Williams/Woodhead

    @swingkungfu: It’s a fair enough trade, but you don’t need to do it. Your starters wouldn’t be helped.

    @heller: Eli, SHolmes, Witten, Foster, Rice

    @DeepThreat: I like everyone but Addai

    @ilikestuff: Knox, Crayton, Gradkowski

  113. Vini Vidi Vici says:

    I have 5 teams, 2 on Yahoo, and 3 on CBS, I’m scuffling every week to pick out the right people on the CBS teams as they are 10 team leagues, Yahoo is 1 ten team and the other is my family league with just 5 players. Anway,

    Should I play Best this week, something tells me something might go wrong with the Jets and he breaks out.

    My line up is: schaub, rivers, wayne, RW, crayton, foster, blount, witten tamme, bowe bench mike wallace, harvin, best, collie.

  114. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Vini Vidi Vici: I think he always has that potential. Would suck to miss a big game.

  115. HUSK says:

    this is a ppr league i need help at rb te and wr i have
    garcon, crayton, roddy white, welker, bray. edwards
    i need 2

    te’s are witten and keller need 1

    rb’s that are not on bye’s
    t jones, jacobs, forte
    i need 2

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