B_Don and Donkey Teeth are joined by the co-founder of Rotowire, Jeff Erickson, on the newest podcast. We start by discussing the Dalvin Cook holdout and how people should be valuing Dalvin and his backfield partner (that may sound different than I thought), Alexander Mattison, along with the chance of multiple other backs potentially holding out.

Jeff and B_Don then compare notes from the 2019 RazzBowl to see which owner assembled a more lackluster squad. Jeff gives us his thoughts on the format and how he may adjust his approach from last year. We also discuss how COVID restrictions may affect the season and where there might be opportunity to find value.

Speaking of no way to go, but up, we finish our conversation with Jeff asking about his favorite team, the Bengals. We look the RB situation and discuss a potential Joe Mixon holdout, and ask Jeff where Mixon comes in his rankings. We wrap up with some talk about the passing game starting with Joe Burrow and moving on to the talented WR group that the Bengals have put together.

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You know, I always look forward to watching the Bengals in primetime, if only to see which team shows up. The “regular season” version which has a dynamic offense that moves the ball both on the ground and vertically mixed with a potent and aggressive defense… or the “playoffs” version which is everything that the regular season version is, but the opposite and a heaping side of derp. Yes, true, we do find the “playoff” version lurking around at times during the regular season, but since they are at home and against the Dolphins, I’m probably not holding my breath. And while you could point out that the Dolphins are coming off a huge emotional win in Week 3, I would simply remind you that it was against the Browns…

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The heat check. Familiar with it? When you’re comin’ in so hot to a matchup that you feel like you’re as on fire as the Mike D cheat code from NBA Jam TE, you just start trying anything. Shooting from 30′ in basketball, swinging at anything thrown to a catcher in baseball, or attempting to break free in football by running more horizontally than vertically. None of those things I just mentioned are sound decisions, but you’re in the delirium of the heat check. Mr. T and his entire A-Team couldn’t stop you from doing what you need when you’re on fire. But it’s in these moments where you forget what made you so hot…and you get stoopid.

That hot streak you rode in on just blew a tire to send you tumble-weeding face first into the embarrassment of soured achievements. Now before you get all defensive and read this as a prodding of your glorious and gluttonous track record in fantasy football, because I’m sure you’re the king of the world of the water cooler of your work, but deep breath…these fun little analogies are incredibly befitting of none other than me.

A new week, a new storyline. It’s the beauty of fantasy football. Week 10 brought with it some exciting highlights in my fantasy football season: my teams went 7-0, I came out strong in the DFS games, and I began my writing foray here at Razzball covering the weekly game we offer. How’d I finish in my inaugural attempt? 2nd. And with it a little bit of instant clout. I was feeling good about my entry until time failed to stop at Week 10, moved on with the calendar seven days, and brought with it Week 11. Ever had one of those moments in sports where your heat check cooled into something a frigid as Elsa’s fingertips way too fast (yes, I just referenced Disney. You’re welcome.)? Yeah, for Week 11, ‘hot’ was the last thing I was comin’ in as. Week 12? Still didn’t learn my lesson, even though we didn’t offer the Razzball FanDuel Contest. What’s that you ask?

Each week we offer a 22-man Razzball-only FanDuel Contest that pays out the top-5 finishers. Think you’re good enough to operate beyond just luck and work your way to the prize? Then put your money where your fingertips are and enter the $5 Contest for Week 13!

Time to remember what got us here and take advantage of the final week of the fantasy regular season. Here’s how to navigate Week 13 in a 22-man contest…

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Just in time for tonight’s prime time festivities, there are reports surfacing like leaky submarines (stay with me here) that “tension” exists between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. If by tension you mean “sh*tty quarterback play”, then yes, I can see that.

Two sources told ESPN that former rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted as Brady’s successor and the move could happen “sooner than later.” No source suggested that “sooner” would mean a change during the 2014 season.

So the question here is, what the heck does “soon” mean then? Soon to me is, like, soon. Not 365 days from now. Let’s figure out what these words actually mean before using them, yes?

Cincinnati, who could arguably be one of the best teams so far, brings in a well-balanced offensive attack, despite all the gingerness, not to mention a physical defense that has helped generated the only undefeated team in the AFC. Then again, the Bengals have a propensity to lay down in meaningful games, but lucky for them, this isn’t the playoffs.

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