Not long ago I threw a bunch of pieces of scrap paper with random letters scribbled on them into my fedora. I then randomly drew fifty letters from the titfer. Next I conducted several ritual sacrifices to the fantasy gods, assembled those fifty illegible letters into twenty-five pairs and selected the first football player who came to mind with matching initials to compile my Top 25 Dynasty Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Football. And that’s the story of how Kerryon Johnson landed at #18 overall, as the readers pointed and mocked.  Of course, I’m kidding about this process. I don’t own a fedora, it used a baseball cap.

A week later I repeated the same exercise to compose my Top 50 Dynasty Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Football which landed Juju Smith-Schuster at #50 overall. And outrage ensued. The angry mob called for Donkey blood. So I quickly handed over my Top 75 and Top 100 Dynasty Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Football. But those only fueled the riots. “Put the rankings into one easy to view list,” they said. “We don’t need your stupid explanations and jokes,” they said. “You’re the ugliest Donkey we’ve ever seen,” they said.

So I withdrew into solitude for a couple weeks, rosterbating and meditating and then rosterbating more until finally I had another 100 arbitrary player names collated into one easy to read list for the bloodthirsty mob’s viewing pleasures. Anyway, here’s my updated top 200 dynasty rankings for 2020 PPR fantasy football leagues:

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Now that I’ve given you my Top 25, Top 50 and Top 75 Dynasty Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Football, I’ll elaborate a little more on my general dynasty football philosophy. If you gathered some of the stale bread crumbs I left in the first three segments, you may have understood my philosophy to be one part L. Ron Hubbard, one part Antonio Brown and two parts Gordon Gekko. As the great Gekko once said, “I hate hockey and I don’t like kids.” Hmmm I think that’s the wrong quote from the Book of Gordon Quotes I got for Kwanzaa. That one may have been Gordon Bombay.

But getting back to the Gekko philosophy, I tend to look at my dynasty teams like investment portfolios. I tie my capital up in stable assets with upside—both at the draft and in season. This means I tend to fade the running back position. By nature, running backs aren’t stable due to the physical toll their work takes on the body and their greater dependence on offensive schemes, as well as the supporting cast around them.

Of course you won’t be winning your fantasy championship without at least a couple good RBs, so I focus the back end of my portfolio on a handful of growth or even penny stock backs with a chance to skyrocket into Phillip Lindsay or Raheem Mostert types. All of that said, there isn’t one ‘right way’ to invest. So acquire the players you believe in, build around them, and stay flexible in your views. Anyway, here’s my top 100 for 2020 dynasty football PPR leagues:

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Donkey Teeth finally returns from overseas just in time for B_Don to trash his Top 75 Dynasty Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Football. But first, many congratulations to all the winners of the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast Leagues, the Razzball Commenter Leagues and the first ever RazzBowl winner, Mike Beers! 

Once the guys dig into the early 2020 dynasty rankings, B_Don questions the low rankings of Terry McLaurin, Kareem Hunt, Chris Carson and Joe Mixon, as well as the high rankings of Sony Michel, Baker Mayfield and T.J. Hockenson. Donkey is also forced to justify the omissions of Devin Singletary, Derrius Guice, N’Keal Harry, Micheal Gallup and Devante Parker. Tune in for a dynasty debate on all these players, dynasty philosophy and much more!

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So you’ve made it to the penultimate checkpoint before glory. Set up camp, rest your joints and have a good night’s sleep. Things only get more difficult from here. The rations are all used up, we’re all running on pocket lint and snow, and no one feels bad for your FLEX options. It’s the playoffs, kill or be killed, there is no tomorrow, survive and advance and all that.

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It would be fun to play in a 60,000 person DFS tournament against 59,999 DFS equivalents of the Dallas Cowboys. The amount of chances that they’ve had to run away with the abysmal NFC Least and put the Eagles’ hopes away is ridiculous. It would be like if you drafted Kirk Cousins this week (don’t) with a huge expectation of his performance against Detroit, and though he didn’t perform up to par, the other 59,999 teams chose either Devlin Hodges, or Gardner Minshew, or Eli Manning (don’t take them, either) and just begged you to stay in the running.

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With the start of the fantasy playoffs already underway, we’ve got a bunch of players in prime spots to help us get to next Sunday. Now is not the time to get cute with our lineup decisions, we’ve got to make accurate and educated moves to help us advance.

We’ve got to dance with who brought us here, so let’s bust some moves.

Let’s get into this week’s Starts and Sits.

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Clap once if your owner is sick of your sh*t. Clap twice if you got washed at home by Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving. Clap ferociously if the Miami Dolphins kept you in the division race!! Jason Garrett needs to send 100 Christmas gift baskets to DeVante Parker’s home. All of the lotions, candy canes, Starbucks special blends, hot chocolate, maybe even a Visa gift card or two. 

DeVante Parker’s career was looking dead in the water after 4 disappointing seasons as a first round draft pick from the great University of Louisville that lost me money this weekend against Kentucky. DeVante Parker has completely turned it around in 2019. In fact, he is now an every week fantasy football starter and it’s not close going into the playoffs. Parker is easily on pace for his first 1,000 yard season and his previous career high was 744. Parker is just 4 receptions short of his previous career high and already has 2 more touchdowns than his previous highest mark. 

There’s definitely a possibility that Adam Gase is the match that lit the dumpster fire that were his first 4 seasons. In fact, it’s most likely a large factor. Playing with Ryan Fitzpatrick has also most likely been a game changer for Parker. Also, Brian Flores just seems like a delight to play for. He cares, you can tell. I picked up on this during their Monday Night Football game against the Steelers. It’s a totally different culture in Miami. And sometimes, a different culture is what a player needs, even if a change to a different squad doesn’t happen. Here is what else I saw in the early slate on Sunday. 

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With trade deadlines in the rearview, we now turn the focus of this article to some juicy matchups, or not so juicy matchups to be aware of in hopes of garnering the playoff clinching win you need.

Whether it be a wide receiver going against a terrible secondary to love, or a running back to avoid in a
bad game script, we will try to find a few of these showdowns. Of course, you are not going to sit a player like Davante Adams against the 49ers even though the San Francisco pass defense is number one in the league. We are instead going to take a look at some options you might be hesitant about. A player on the cusp of the starting lineup as it were. So, with this said, let’s do this. 

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If you were to ask 15 fantasy football “experts” who you should start between Brian Hill and Bo Scarbrough, all 15 of those analysts wouldn’t have hesitated in saying Hill. Every single one of them. That’s just how it shakes out in the wonderful world of football fantasies.

Bo Scarborough was signed yesterday by the Lions from the practice squad only to lead the backfield with 14 carries 55 yards and a rushing touchdown. 3.9 YPC isn’t impressive at all, but how the hell were we supposed to know Bo Scarbrough would be a lead back. I’m actually surprised that he wasn’t on a roster after a pretty nice college career at Alabama. 

Brian Hill, on the other hand, was in a smash spot against the Carolina Panthers who have struggled exponentially against the run. Brian Hill ran the ball 15 times for 30 yards and had a touchdown called back because of a holding call. The hardest pill to swallow was that it was such a positive game script for the Falcons. They led the entire game. I guess sometimes the chalkiest calls end up being too chalky. Here is what else I saw in the early slate. 

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