Matt Breida, RB, Shoulder: Breida played through this same injury last week and was listed as a limited participant in practice on Wednesday. My take: Will play, start him — he’s good to go. Raheem Mostert? I wouldn’t worry too much about that little guy. I think that was a game dependent outlier performance. Kyle Juszczyk though? I don’t trust anyone with that many consonants in a row. Just seems like witchcraft. 

Please, blog, may I have some more?

I’ve reached the final evolution of this column I think. From now on, these wounded warriors will be listed alphabetically and for each of them I’ll be giving you my take on whether or not they’ll play and whether or not you should start him in your line-up.

Let me know what you think of this format and if there are any changes you’d like me to make. And as always, drop a comment in the comment section below and follow me on Twitter: @Kerry_Klug!

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Another slow evolution of this column — now I’m listing every player who is questionable or doubtful and I’ll be filing them under “Would Start” or “Wouldn’t Start.” Many of these “questionable” designations are just formalities, but they should be ready to go. However, some of them, like Kelvin Benjamin should be ready to go — but I don’t know if you should be starting him even if he was 3,000% healthy. They’re also all sorted alphabetically so just slowly scan through each section with your fingers crossed that your player is filed under the “Would Start” heading.

If you’ve got specific questions about any of your players feel free to drop a comment or follow me on Twitter to throw a question my way: @KerryKlug

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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to another edition of my Sleepers, Breakouts and Busts series, where today, I’ll be taking a look at the Tight End position.

Like I’ve said numerous times over the course of the off-season, the Tight End position is very top-heavy, with the big 3 of Gronk, Kelce and Ertz. However, there are still a lot of excellent value picks well into the middle and later rounds, so let’s cover all of those options.

Let’s get to it!

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The Eagles won the Super Bowl! Of course, America wins in the battle of the most patriotic mascots in the NFL. I think that the best part is that the Patriots got beat without any fluky helmet catches and by a quarterback not named Eli Manning. BDN Foles (deconstructed abbreviation NSFW) put together his second straight clutch performance for the Eagles. The RPOs, the beautiful RPOs. They’re so hot right now. It’s like if the wildcat was sustainable and effective. When it was all said and done, it was a great season finale of NFL Football. It was right on par with any Breaking Bad finale and much better than the latest season finale of Game of Thrones.

Speaking of prestige television, did you cry when you saw how Jack died? Yes, you did. You bawled harder than your wife and she had to hold you while you sobbed. Don’t pretend you didn’t stay after the game for This Is Us. Westworld and This is Us, be a guy who can enjoy both. Or don’t, there’s more to strive for in life. Reading about fantasy football in February is a great start! About a week and a half ago, I covered quarterbacks and running backs, so you should check that out. It’s time to put the 2017 season in the past once and for all with reviewing the wide receiver and tight end positions.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Sometimes you’re the dog — sometimes you’re the hydrant. Ben Roethlisberger was one of my QB sit recommendations last week and this week he is my first QB start recommendation. Last week I recommended you start 49ers WR Marquise Goodwin and this week I want nothing to do with anyone on offense for San Francisco. What a difference a week makes!

I’ve got your cure for the bye week blues right here:

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Fantasy football will always be the best distraction in my life and I love that I get to share it with you guys. I love answering your questions in the comments, I love chatting about the game. I’m like your own personal fantasy football Mr. Meseeks. But sometimes we need to focus on real life and share on that front too… So back when Mulan originally came out in 1998, McDonalds released a special Szechuan sauce to coincide with the movie. And then it was brutally and forcefully ripped from our hands by big corporations that don’t care about the little people. Fast forward 20 years, where cartoons and a lot of nagging on Twitter can change things (OK, let’s be real, nothing every gets resolved on Twitter). The cult of Rick and Morty fans, rabid after a season 3 premiere where Rick refers to the magical Mulan McNugget sauce as his “one-armed man”, intersect with the announcement of a live action Mulan movie and the snowball gets rolling. To the point where McDonald’s gives away a few large containers of the special sauce to the creators and a few lucky fans, one jug of which apparently got up to $4,000 in bidding on eBay, and we now get a special day on October 7th where certain McDonald’s location will have a limited supply of sauce. I bring this up for two reasons. One – someone help a brother stranded in Iowa cornfields out and send me some of this stuff. Two – in spite of the bigger societal issues, if we band together and focus on distractive efforts (like fantasy football or the commenter community here at Razzball), we can do anything. Hopefully with extra sauce. Let’s go streaming! As always, I focus on guys owned in less than 65% of Yahoo leagues after waivers process on Thursday. The bye weeks are here and the dives get a little deeper, but you’re in the trust tree Frank. I got ya. Bring that green hat Snoop-a-loop!

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Well the top guys of a week ago did not live up to their hype, did they?  Here are their stats from Week 2:

Javorius Allen – 5 Rec, 35 yards, 66 rush yards, 1 TD.

Kerwynn Williams – 22 rush yards.

Kenny Golladay – 1 Rec, 8 yards.

Tarik Cohen – 8 Rec, 55 yds, 13 rush yards, 1 fumble lost.

Nelson Agholor – 1 Rec, 9 yards, 1 TD.

Williams was quiet this week as the Cardinals looked bad against Indy and Chris Johnson definitely took carries. The whole Cardinals offense still doesn’t look right; let’s hope they get back on track Week 3 but Johnson & Ellington were on the field in overtime and that worries me. On the bright side: Williams is also their return man to add to his value. Don’t cut bait after one week…

Allen looked good on his TD run and is settling in as Woodhead light, which is a hoppy sardines-infused dark chocolate almond butter IPA with less calories. Flacco likes to throw so Allen should remain a flex play, although West is still the bellcow there.

Cohen could have looked better, but Howard was also terrible and the Bears simply got owned, so that Cohen salvaged some fantasy value is good to see. Cohen clearly benefits from being on the field for all the passing the Bears will do. So hold him if you added him last week because better days are coming.

Agholor salvaged some value catching a garbage time TD (though based on that score the Eagles actually had a chance to win (on a Hail Mary), so was it really in garbage time?)

Razzball Football’s partner FantasyDraft is starting a new sign-up promotion this week, all new depositing signups receive a free $4 “Everyone Wins” NFL GPP ticket for the upcoming Sunday slate along with offering all players 4% cash back on their initial deposits! 

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What?! How did I get here? Where are the OF’s, SP’s and 3B’s?! Where are the thoracic outlet surgeries and 10 day DL stints? How are these guys playing through their blisters?!

Well with baseball season winding down, I’ll be moving from my weekly baseball injury article to taking over the weekly fantasy football waiver wire article. I’ll highlight players under-owned in most leagues who could provide you a boost when your starters are injured, facing a tough defense or are playing in a blizzard.

You obviously won’t see anyone over 50% owned in ESPN leagues. Heck, you might not even see guys owned in 40% of leagues. If I’m feeling REALLY saucy you won’t find anyone owned in over 25% of leagues! SCREW IT! I’M ONLY GOING TO LIST GUYS OWNED IN 0% OF LEAGUES! NO WAIT! ONLY CFL PLAYERS!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for a RCL to join may I recommend: Kerry’s RCL League! We’re drafting Wednesday night, September 6th @ 10 PM. Unless someone falls down the stairs while carrying deer meat at 3 AM on Thursday morning — you won’t have to draft anyone who gets injured before their first game even starts! 

It is hard to make waiver recommendations when we’re all just excited to play our big name starters we spent high draft picks on, but here are some guys whose ownership is going to be going up in the first few weeks that you can jump on ahead of your league mates:

Please, blog, may I have some more?