Don’t be sad that the fantasy football season is over; be glad it happened in the first place. However, if you are among the many football enthusiasts who play dynasty-format fantasy football, you know the season never truly ends. So while we might be staring down the barrel of the NFL offseason, there’s plenty to […]

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Last week my top free agent running back piece was headlined by Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs and Tony Pollard. This week with wide receivers? Well, let’s just say the list isn’t as pretty. After Saquon, Jacobs and Pollard at RB, we even had strong alternatives like Miles Sanders, Kareem Hunt, David Montgomery, Jamaal Williams and […]

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My friends: the time is nigh. Pumpkin spice has returned to your local Starbucks, German restaurants are advertising pre-Octoberfest parties, and your fantasy football team is about ready to enter the fray. Whether you’re looking to win some money or just not suffer the embarrassment of losing to Tony from Accounting, we’re here to help you win your leagues.

Put it in your calendar: this year I’ll be re-capping the Sunday games with a Monday byline. Of course, that leaves me with a quizzical task for this final pre-season article: do I write the 7,000th “draft this guy in round 20” article that you’ve read this year — and you’ve probably drafted 18 teams by now — or do I bring my award-winning analytical eye to tell you how to not fudge up your Week 1 fantasy football lineup? Our time is probably best spent doing the latter. ACKSHUALLY, our time is best spent taking a nap or staring at the ocean or contemplating a shirtless Austin Ekeler. But for now, I’m going to set you on the right track with some strategies to help you claim a week 1 victory.

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The goal of this article is to find WRs to fade and buy based on how many fantasy points their opponent allows in the slot vs. out wide. In today’s article we will review the key out wide matchups for week 9. To keep up with the latest defensive trends we updated the analysis to only include the last 5 weeks.

The below chart breaks down where each team allows their fantasy points to WRs and is listed from the most to the least amount of fantasy points allowed out wide over the past 5 weeks.

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Air Yards are the Gordon Ramsey of fantasy receiving stats. They tell us exactly what was right and clearly what was wrong with how a receiver performed in a given week. Often, it’s not easy to hear. But you as a fantasy manager need to pay attention to the under-the-hood numbers from your receivers instead of just blindly trusting the box score results, you donkey. 

Each week, this column will dissect air yards for actionable info in the weeks to come. For Week 4, we will do a quick analysis of the list of the 76 wide receivers who finished the week with at least 30 air yards.

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October is upon us and thus the gates of all things spooky have opened. Although no living room werewolf transformation or demon spawned baby can match the terrors on the field this past week. No, I am not talking of the awkward non-hug between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the end of Sunday night’s dark and stormy game. I am speaking of the gruesome injuries, quarterback play which may require an old priest and a new priest to fix, and once thought done players seemingly rising from the dead. Things are getting downright strange in the fantasy football neighborhood, so who we gonna call? Waiver Wire!

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It’s happening: all the food is filled with “pumpkin spice,” which is actually just cloves and nutmeg and whatever tree bark the hard workers of Spice Majesty International, LLC could grind into a cinnamon-like dust. Yet you — yes you! — are navigating the sales and the spiels and the pumpkin-dusted frittatas to know the truth: it’s short pumpkin spice season, but it’s a looooong fantasy football season. That can be good! Whoever’s in first place in your league right now — they don’t really matter. Do you ever look at your frozen burrito in the gas station microwave after 30 seconds and say, “Ope! One-quarter of the cooking time is done, I’m taking my burrito!” Nah, you know that burrito deserves better. Maybe some cinnamon whip on top…wait, I got carried away. ENYWHEY. We’re here to help! Let’s jump into the spice fray and see what we can dig up for you. 

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Your WR top 80 6.0 is here! Now we not only have to deal with injuries, we have to account for COVID inactives and postponements. Some shuffling in the top 12 but until the injured elites return, tier 1 remains a two man show.

This list is not league or format specific, but it is based on 2020 rest-of-season projection only. When thinking through tiers and rankings I asked myself simply – “all things considered who would I rather have on my roster?”

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The Shadow Coverage Report – Week 2

Team: Chicago Bears

Opponent: New York Giants

WR1: Allen Robinson

Shadow Coverage Match-up: James Bradberry

Historical Production vs. Shadow Coverage

Allen Robinson vs. Shadow Coverage
Opponent Games Rec Yards TDs PPG
All other opponents 22 5.5 72.4 0.4 12.4
Vs. Shadow Coverage 7 4.6 44.1 0.3 8.4
Vs. James Bradberry N/A


When reviewing Allen Robinson’s career stats vs. shadow coverage he had 2 big games and 5 duds. His big weeks came vs. notable corners Marshon Lattimore and Darius Slay where he turned 12 targets into 80 yards plus yards and a score in both. The interesting thing about the Saints game is Lattimore shut down Robinson when he covered him on 67% of his snaps, but Robinson was able to dominate in the slot which helped him finish with a strong day. The remaining 5 games Robinson struggled, failing to get to 50 yards or score in any of them.

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