Just like that, the offseason is upon us.  Another football season has been wasted with the Patriots winning another super bowl.  I’m just kidding, I’m not going to be that guy who hates a team for winning too many championships.  I don’t need that karma in my life, after all I am a Cubs fan and I am hoping to celebrate the next five world series championships.

I am devastated by the results from a gambling point of view.  After a fantastic 7-3 record against the spread throughout the postseason, I pushed all of my chips towards the Atlanta Falcons money line and it would have been very profitable. The result ended up being my most heartbreaking gambling loss of my so far, young life.

Now it’s time to put that in the past.  The future is now.  Zach and I are the future.  My cohort and myself are going to grind week in and week out to bring you the most useful fantasy relevant draft coverage that we can.  Non-fantasy relevant information will also be shared because we are going to do our best to cover every team.  So, without further ado, let’s continue with a little preview. We are going to review the 2016 seasons of the 16 bottom finishers in the NFL last season.  I will tell you of any GM or coaching changes that I am aware of and I will do my best to cover draft rumors and positional needs.

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Hey everyone, it’s good to be back! After a short break since Week 15 of the regular season, I again will be doing some writing about the NFL Draft into the first couple months of the offseason. However, there is good news! Unlike last year, I won’t be doing this alone! I’ll be getting some help from my good buddy Matt Bowe (Unbreakable MB for those that don’t know)!

For those of you that have followed Matt and his excellent roster strategy series this past year covering streaming, you already know what your getting: great analysis that is short, sweet, and to the point. And for those that haven’t kept up with Matt this past year, you’re in for a treat. Matt is one of my personal favorite writers on this site, and I can’t wait for you guys to see our work. Speaking of our work, what should you guys expect for this series? Great question!

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Welcome to the final addition of Razzball’s 2016 NFL Draft Preview, covering the final picks (except for pick #29, because of “Deflategate”, and yes, I am biased, but I’m also bitter). I am keeping the same theme from the previous articles, picks #1-10 and picks #11-20, as I will ultimately break down a team’s season in a few sentences, and then go on to determine the biggest team needs of the specific team selecting and then if this impacts their selection.

We’ve had some trades and plenty of other news thus far leading up until Thursday, and the anticipation is building and building as we draw ever so closer to the first night of the draft, and I cannot wait to see how these selections will shake up.

And on that note, let’s get started and finish up this mock draft of ours!

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Early yesterday morning, the Titans and L.A. Rams completed a massive trade in which both teams acquired a slew of draft picks, and in return, sent a slew of draft picks.

No players were traded, although it felt like Case Keenum was cut immediately. Here’s the full trade…

Titans Receive – 1st round pick no. 15, 2 second-round picks, 1 third-round pick, 2017 first round pick, and 2017 third round pick.

Rams Receive – 1st round pick no. 1, round 4 and 6 picks.

Well, if there is any indication that the Titans want Goff/Wentz, it is now confirmed, as the Rams are giving up an arm and a leg to select a quarterback. Remember, no matter where they finish in their 2017 campaign, the Rams are giving up their first round draft pick. That decision could blow up in their face.

But is it definite that they would select a QB with their first round pick? It is likely, but not set in stone. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are definitely one of the top options in the draft, but what are the team needs of the Rams? Their biggest team need is definitely QB, as Case Keenum doesn’t really get the job done, and Nick Foles was downright awful. Yet are there any other positions they could address at the first spot? Wide Receiver is another position for the Rams to target in the draft, however top prospects Will Fuller and Laquon Treadwell at the Wide Receiver position are the best in College Football, yet they aren’t Top-5 material. They are definitely 1st-Round material, as there are a few teams that need to address the Wide Receiver position. However, their next team need is where it could get interesting.

As you remember, I had the Titans selecting Cornerback Jalen Ramsey from Florida State in the previous mock draft, yet the Titans no longer have the pick, so where could Ramsey fall to? The third, and next big team need for the Rams is at the Cornerback or Safety position, as their secondary was one to improve last year. So could the Rams select Ramsey, who up until the trade, was one of the top prospects? No.

The Rams were busy in the offseason, and managed to slap a Franchise Tag on Trumaine Johnson, and went out and got Coty Sensabaugh. Their secondary will be a group to fix during the draft, yet during rounds 4, 5, or 6. In the first round, they’ll manage to snag the QB coming out of North Dakota State in one of the biggest blockbuster (draft) trades in the NFL.

I’ll make sure to touch on the Fantasy Impact of Wentz going to Cleveland, and I’ll fix my Mock Draft to accommodate the trade, with new selections for the teams who pick after the Rams.

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It’s been a long time since we’ve had IDP content posted on Razzball. Five months to be exact. The world was simpler back then. Leonard Nimoy was alive, Bruce Jenner was a man, and no one was making jokes about Tom Brady’s balls. Okay there were still jokes about Brady’s balls, but they were in an entirely different context. Since then a lot has changed, not the least of which is the IDP landscape in the NFL. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a look at how free agency and coaching changes will affect IDP in 2015, but today I’m starting with the rookies.

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With the first round of the draft completed and behind us we begin to absorb the aftermath and feel the effects from what was anything but a normal opening day that appeared to match the intensity of the anticipation leading up to it. With 9 picks being offensive lineman and 18 being defensive players that leaves us with 5 picks that could be considered fantasy football relevant for 2013 and in future NFL seasons. Many of you will be unhappy with the pick your team made but we still have 6 rounds to go and there is plenty of talent in those middle rounds, if you are still upset just think about the Cowboys who took a center in the first round. Now that should make you feel better, unless you are a Cowboys fan and if so I apologize, well not really, go complain to Jerry. Lets take a look at some of the picks that could be assets to fantasy teams in 2013.

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Now that we have completed the majority of our major events of the Rookie scouting period with the combine and pro days behind us we start to get a better picture of the best prospects in this draft (and if you need catch up, click on this magical 2013 NFL Draft link for coverage). Ranking the top rookie Running Backs for 2013 Fantasy Football has been extremely challenging mostly due to the fact that it is as much about what team a player lands on as it is about their football potential and ability. Could Doug Martin, Alfred Morris or Trent Richardson been impact players if they landed with the Vikings behind Adrian Peterson or in Arizona with what is considered the leagues worst offensive line? The answer is most likely no. With that in mind these rankings are strictly based on my personal assessment of each player and are certainly subject to change. Lets take a look at some of the names that could become valuable assets to your 2013 Fantasy Football teams next year and the teams I would like to see them play for…

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It seems the Super Bowl just ended and we still find more than enough to talk about when it comes to football. One of the hot topics of the past few months has been the upcoming NFL draft and the teams that potential prospects would be best on. I personally have only been doing draft analysis for a short time but have always found it interesting for as long as I have followed football to try and assess team needs and what players I thought fit where. I have always thought draft analysis is pretty biased and limited in many ways, I mean how can one person possibly predict what teams were going to do in the draft? The answer truly is they can’t, so it’s hard to take any one persons opinion seriously with so many conflicting viewpoints.

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