This year’s tight end class is one of the strongest in history, competing closely with the highly touted 2017, which brought us five tight ends in the first 48 picks, including Evan Engram, David Njoku, OJ Howard and Gerald Everett. While this year’s cohort lacks truly elite prospects like Kyle Pitts, it has plenty of […]

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Last week I dove deep on the wide receivers who changed teams – including some interesting and intriguing players like Allen Lazard, Parris Campbell and Trent Sherfield – but this week we switch gears to the tight end position. It’s not as bad as you think, really! This is ultimately a noteworthy NFL offseason when […]

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Tight End is an interesting position in Fantasy Football. With the game’s predilection for the passing, one might think that all pass-catchers (Tight Ends included) would have a great deal of appeal for managers of fantasy football teams, but they haven’t. Many of these players will likely accrue aroudn500 yards receiving and five touchdowns and […]

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In this article we are going to review annual player incentives to see if we can use this information to help us with potential player props and DFS plays for Week 18. First, a plyer incentive is something embedded into a player’s contract that allows them to make more money if the hit a certain production threshold. For example, if a player hits 100 receptions in a season they earn $100,000 as an incentive for hitting that benchmark.

In this article we identified 7 players and 14 incentives that can be reached in Week 18. Below you will find a breakdown of how each section will be broken out for each player. Later in the article we will discuss each incentive and some background on the player’s historical stats to see how obtainable the incentive will be in Week 18.

Player – This represents the name of the person who is up for the incentive

Incentive – This represents what type of bonus is laid out in the contract i.e. receptions, yards or TDs to earn that incentive for the season

Current Number – This represents where the player currently stands on the season in that statistic

Number Needed – This represents the number that needs to be obtained by that player to earn the incentive for the 2021 season. The number in the () represents the number needed in Week 18 if applicable

Incentive Payout – This represents the dollar figure that player will earn for hitting that incentive in 2021

Recommended Player Prop – This represents the type of player prop we recommend you bet based on the incentive needed by that player. Please note, other props can be bet based on the information.

Player Props – This section represents what the actual player prop is on each site (DK = Draft Kings, FD = FanDuel and PP = Prize Picks)

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SEO titles? Whatever. Prime time football has been anything but exciting this year as the matchup makers somewhere in a private bunker in Norad provided Santa tracking and NFL scheduling. “The Giants are a fun team!” Somebody shouted and everybody agreed, and 11 weeks into the season, NFL fans were treated to a 30-10 drubbing on prime time football. OK, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were out there doing their thang (which is basically calling each other on the phone and pretending to be somebody else) but everybody else basically treated it like a scrimmage game. Over on ESPN 2, Peyton and Eli welcomed several puzzling guests on to their show after running out of guests like Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and so on. Instead, the fans of Monday Night Football were treated to analysis by former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice while the usual broadcast crew couldn’t pronounce “Chris Godwin” correctly, favoring the moniker “Goodwin” for the Super Bowl-winning, Pro Bowl-making, 5-year veteran of the league. And we wonder why armchair journalists writing on semi-serious fantasy football sites are the ones getting all the love. [sigh] OK, let’s see if we can make sense of anything for your fantasy football teams. 

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*This Buy, Sell, Hold video was released by Anime Donkey prior to week 9 action but his recommendations still apply for week 10*

The goal of this article is to find WRs to fade and buy based on how many fantasy points their opponent allows in the slot vs. out wide. In today’s article we will review the key out wide matchups for week 10. To keep up with the latest defensive trends we updated the analysis to only include the last 5 weeks.

The below chart breaks down where each team allows their fantasy points to WRs and is listed from the most to the least amount of fantasy points allowed out wide over the past 5 weeks.

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Welcome to Week 10, ladies and gentlemen. 

We’ve reached a real impasse here over the halfway mark of the NFL season. Major stars are down, breakout players are rolling, and Mike White is a starting quarterback in the NFL. The draft wouldn’t be further behind us and our expectations have been subverted every step of the way. This is where winners are made and losers are born. 

Tuesday’s gone with the wind. And we’re coming up hard on Sunday morning. 

Anyway! The teams on bye this week are the Bears, Giants, Bengals, and Texans. See ya next week!

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I was working in the lab, late one night. When my eyes beheld an eerie sight. For my monster on his slab began to rise and suddenly to my surprise… He did the Mash. The Monster Mash

Just take these wise words in for a moment. Breathe them in. The monster… he did the mash. And don’t we all do the mash sometimes, much to the chagrin and sometimes excitement to our contemporaries? Yes, even sometimes it will truly be a “graveyard smash”. 

What was this section about? Oh uh Halloween injury report. Right. There was a thread here but I got carried away in the poetry of Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers (Side note: Here’s a great TV performance of Bobby Pickett doing the Monster Mash, a real masterclass in making really weird faces and being a weirdo).

The teams who will have some extra trick-or-treating time on bye this week are the Ravens and the Raiders. See ya next week! 

Let’s get into this week’s horror show!

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Ah yes. Week 7. It’s so easy to look over this slate of games and think: “huh. This seems like a boring week”. This might be partially influenced by watching superstars Teddy Bridgewater and Case Keenum face off in an extremely boring game in Cleveland. And listen, you’re probably right. The favorites might just sweep the board and we may experience the most lopsided and dull day in NFL history. But how many times have you really seen that EVER happen? That’s right, it’s always any given Sunday, baby. 

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I see you there with your lone win, maybe two, and you are starting to worry. This is not at all how you thought the season was going to go when you were drafting back in August. The real fear is starting to sink in of completely missing the playoffs and having to play for your league’s last place trophy, which is probably some horrid garden ornament you must display in your home every day through the following season. I am here to tell you, there options and you guessed it, we are looking towards the silver screen for inspiration. When John Cassavetes’ acting career was in trouble in Rosemary’s Baby he reached out to his neighbors for help, but now he must help raise that baby and apparently something is wrong with his eyes. You could always see your local Godfather for some trade assistance and a deal no one could refuse, but horseheads are in short supply these days. Then again, it is probably better to buckle down and focus on fielding the best lineup you can. Allow me to be of assistance with this week’s waiver wire recommendations.

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