Here are some football players that might be able to help you play fake football.  But don’t take my word for it! Oh wait, yeah, do take my word for it!

(Doc’s note: Holy crapolanco! Jason LaConfora is reporting that Frank Gore is OUT for the season! It has now been confirmed by the 49ers.  Grab Westbrook! Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.)

Quarterbacks —

Jay Cutler: I mentioned his nice schedule yesterday, but for the sake of redundancy here it is — @DET, NE, @MIN and then The Jets which you will find someone else. That’s two indoor games and one home game.  Cutler is available in at least one of my leagues so I’m sure he’s out there in some of yours as well.  I like him for this stretch run.

Sam Bradford: Sam had a great game in Denver and next week gets the Cardinals.  He looks like he could be a safe play next week, but I’m not going to bet my fantasy season on him just yet.

Josh Freeman: Freeman hasn’t had any huge games, but he also hasn’t had a game under 12 fantasy points since week three against Pittsburgh.  Yes, 12 fantasy points isn’t what you want, but P. Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger and Ryan all had under 12 this week.  You aren’t going to start Freeman over those guys, but with his schedule I wouldn’t mind having him as my backup to finish this season.  He gets ATL, @WAS, DET, and SEA to finish up the fantasy season. Those are 4 poor pass defenses and three are at home.  Keep that in mind if you are worried about Buc Williams as well.

Chad Henne: During the fantasy playoffs the Dolphins get Detroit and Buffalo at home.  Henne can throw a lot of picks and a lot of yards, but if he is still healthy he should be fairly safe for those two games.

Running Backs —

Brian Westbrook: I can’t believe nobody took my advice and started Westbrook this week! I knew Gore would go down and Westy would go off like it was 2007.  Maybe I forgot to write it down or something.  edit — With Gore now OUT for the season with a fractured hip Westbrook is a must add in all formats.  But with his age and injury history you can also take a stab at Anthony Dixon.

Jonathan Stewart: He’s the Panthers franchise back at this point and no matter how good Goodson plays, Stewart will be the guy.  He finally showed some of what we know he’s got last weekend and hopefully he can finish the season strong.  Pick him up, pick him up, waaaay up!

Toby Gerhart: I believe Adrian Peterson will play next Sunday so I’m pretty lukewarm on Old Toby (I prefer Longbottom Leaf), but if you are a worried Peterson owner it’s worth grabbing him for peace of mind.

Maurice Morris: His schedule is fairly brutal, but I just don’t see Jahvid Best coming back soon enough and healthy enough to make much of an impact this season.  Mo Mo is worth a spot on your team, especially in PPR.

Chris Ivory: The Saints backfield is a hot cluster fudge cake, but grosser than that sounds. Who knows when Pierre Thomas will crawl out of his hole and Reggie Bush is a wide receiver, so that leaves us Ivory.  If he can stay healthy he should continue to get the goal line carries and Payton does like to run the ball in from the one.

Tashard Choice: Marion Barber will be out two weeks which will give Felix Jones plenty of opportunities to get injured and Choice plenty of opportunities to prove his groove.

Wide Receivers —

Danario Alexander: If this guy hadn’t hurt his knee so many times he’d be all galaxy.  He has tremendous ability after the catch and looks a lot like Miles Austin last season, at least in a very very small sample size.  His 4 receptions for 95 yards was just inches from 96 yards and a touchdown. Like last time he was playing well, I have to qualify any suggestion of picking him up with his almost certain re-aggravation of his knee injury.

Jacoby Ford: I like his ability, and both Gradkowski and Campbell feel good about targeting him (even though Grads might be done for a while), but he has a bit of the boom or bust in him.  No reason not to take a flier on him if you have room, just don’t depend on him.

Legedu Naanee: With the news that Vincent Jackson should be out 2 weeks after getting calf implants (that part’s not true) we may see the reemergence of Naanee.  Rivers could be back with his starters from week 1 with Floyd and Naanee, but now with Gates still hurting and Floyd not 100%, Naanee could get a goodly amount of work.  It’s hard to decipher the Chargers’ injured tea leaves, but he’s looking strong.

Jason Avant: Avant led the Eagles in targets on Sunday, but that probably won’t be the case on Thursday night.  The good news is, they play Houston.  Vick will probably give Desean Jackson some special attention, but the other pass catchers should have their opportunities as well.

Deion Branch: His numbers fluctuate quite a bit, but he has had over 70 yards receiving in his last 3 games and of course that huge game on Thanksgiving with his first touchdown in 5 games.  The problem is, he faces NYJ, @CHI, and GB in his next three games.

Ben Obomanu: He’s scored a touchdown in 3 of his last 4 games and has a decent schedule on the horizon.  He will lose some looks when Big Mike Williams returns, but Hasselbeck seems to like him.  I’d rather have Ben than Branch.

Davone Bess: He had a big game for his homecoming in the Bay area with Brandon Marshall out.  Henne also looked decent in his return and like I said earlier, they have two nice matchups in the fantasy playoffs.

Brian Hartline: Choosing what Dolphins receivers will put up good fantasy numbers, especially after Marshall gets back, is not an easy task, but Hartline has been steady in PPR league recently.  Not great by any means, but depending on your needs you may want him.

Tight Ends —

Rob Gronkowski: After Gronk’s big game he hasn’t come anywhere close to those kind of numbers, but he is also slowly taking over the #1 TE position.  They have tough matchups, but Brady is Brady and will get him the ball.  I’d still rather own The Gronk.

Brent Celek: Celek could have had about 7 touchdowns against the Bears it seemed, but he did end up with one. Will this be the start of something? Good question whoever you are.  I just don’t know.  Vick likes his speedy receivers, but at least for next week the Texans are horrid against tight ends and he should get some work.

Kevin Boss: Steve Smith will miss another week and Boss has had 3 touchdowns in his last 4 games.  With the crap that’s out there at TE he’s worth a start.

Joel Dreessen: If and when Owen Daniels returns it will be hard to start Dreessen, but OD hasn’t done much even when he was playing.  Keep Dreessen around.

Defenses —

Seattle Seahawks: The Panthers played pretty well against the Browns, but ended up losing.  After a heart wrenching defeat they get to travel cross country to Seattle.  And Jimmy Clausen is still their quarterback.

San Diego Chargers: The Raiders aren’t horrid, but it looks like Jason Campbell will get the start and the Chargers will be playing at home.

  1. Penguin says:

    Gore getting injured won me the FanDuel. Wow.

  2. swingkungfu says:

    i’m thinking of offering a trade to the guy who has gore in my league. was originally just going to pick up westbrook and work something out there, but unfortunately the trade deadline for my league is wednesday, and waivers don’t clear until thursday, so that’ll be a no-go. so what i’m thinking is put a claim on westbrook, which i’ll likely get since i’m third on the order, and propose a trade of the law firm(me) for santonio holmes(him). if the trade goes through, and i pick up westbrook, that’ll leave me starting rice, charles and foster, with westbrook and torain on my bench, and a startable wr team of aj, holmes, buc williams, boldin and dez, with vincent jackson and sidney rice sitting on my bench. my league is TD heavy, and i’d like to get something more secure than two rookie wide receivers. seem reasonable?

  3. Gambler says:

    Which D do you prefer Chargers vs. Oak or Saints vs. Bengals?

  4. zack neugut says:

    i have the number one waiver, i assume that i should use it on westbrook?

  5. Trick dad says:

    Are any of the Washington backs worth owning? If so who do you like best?

  6. 24hourjack says:

    doc……..which two of these WR’s would you grab off waivers for this week….

    also,which two(if not the same) would you want for the remainder of the season?….

    thnks in advance.

  7. 24hourjack says:

    oops….forgot to actually list them-non PPR league….

    Jacoby Ford

    Blair White

    Jason Avant

    Danny Amendola

    Legedu Naanee

    James Jones

    Mike Williams(SEA)

  8. 24hourjack says:

    hey doc,one more question….

    I did my best to trade Percy Harvin before the deadline,and couldnt get anything even close to reasonable in return,so considering the WR’s I listed above,would you drop Harvin at this point in favor of any of those guys?…….

  9. Wilsonian says:

    Multi-parter here. 0.5 PPR where we play 1 QB, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 1 W/R Flex, here’s my lineup:

    QB: Rivers, Big Ben
    WR: Wayne, Roddy, Colston, Boldin, Ford, Buc Williams
    RB: Hillis, CJ-No-K, McCoy, DMC, Felix
    TE: Boss

    Who do you drop for Westbrook? Am I crazy for thinking I should drop Boldin? He’s useless. Would you snag Mo Morris over Westbrook?

    Basically I start Hillis, CJ-No-K and McCoy. Would you start DMC, Felix, Ford, Buc Williams, Boldin, or Westbrook if I picked him up, over CJ (I can’t believe I have to ask this, but his last week made me wanna puke).

    Do you like either Cassel, Freeman, Kitna, Fitz, Bradford, Hill over Big Ben for a Rivers backup?

  10. keithr says:

    Have 5wr for 3 spots. This week I started Welker, Fitz and Garcon with Crabtree and Floyd on the bench.

    Normally Welker/Fitz are locks but with NE playing NYJ should I have any concern regarding a Welker start?

  11. Howie says:

    @Doc: Cutler > Orton the rest of the way?

  12. Howie says:

    @Doc: non-PPR would you rather have JStew or Goodson for the stretch run?

  13. CL says:

    Doc: Do you like Cutler over Flacco for the next few weeks? I’ve been steady rockin Flacco on my 8 game winning streak and kind of feel like I shouldn’t noodle with him… I might be able to find a bench spot for Cutler at the very least? Thanks man.

  14. Mike F says:

    Westbrook, Morris, or Ivory? Most value rest of season?

  15. TonyD says:

    @Doc: Scaife vs Jax or Gronkowski vs Jets for Week 13?

  16. keithr says:

    Have to start 2qb…QB2…Palmer, Farve, Henne (and my QB1 is Freeman)!

    Yes that’s sad but my RB are CJ, Foster and Charles so I’ve clinched 2nd place already.

    So I have Palmer and Freeman now but Palmer is up against 3 tough defenses coming up (and he sucks). I could pick up Farve or Henne to replace him until…Romo is back in time to win me the title! Thoughts?

  17. Trevor

    Tggq21 says:


    I’m thinking about dropping Z.Miller…

    Who should I get off the waivers??

    Kevin Boss
    Brent Celek
    Kellen Winslow
    or Olsen?

  18. trey says:

    blair white
    nate washington

    is collins going to play qb for TEN this week? if sois nate the play?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Penguin: Congrats!

    @swingkungfu: Are you sure the 1 or 2 waiver priority won’t snag him?

    @Gambler: Saints

    @zack neugut: I would

    @Trick dad: That is a good question. I feel like Torain or Davis might be the guys depending on health. I’d lean Davis. Probably should have put him in this article.

    @24hourjack: Naanee, Jones

    @24hourjack: No

    @Wilsonian: I’d drop either Boldin or Ford. I could see going either way, but I would probably drop Ford. Yes get Westbrook.

    @keithr: He is a concern. I would start Garcon

    @Howie: I’d like both. Their schedule’s meld nicely. JStew in non PPR, Goodson in PPR

    @CL: I’d keep Flacco around. Both would be nice.

    @Mike F: Westy

    @TonyD: Gronk. Cook might be doing something in Tenn.

    @keithr: Palmer is a hot mess. I’d give Henne a shot.

    @Tggq21: Boss

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @trey: I’m leaning Naanee. Collins should be back as well.

  21. charlie batch says:

    carolina’s steve smith is about to get axed for danario alexander – you approve? Whos a more important add ROS, alexander or westbrook?

  22. charlie batch says:

    @charlie batch: note: I have bowe, jennings, and blair white starting at WR, and JC, SJax, and BJax at RB.

  23. don99 says:

    I start JC and Hillis every week. I have Felix, Choice, & MBush. Should I handcuff Mike Bell for the playoffs?

  24. swingkungfu says:

    im fairly confident i’ll get him. number one is picking up matt cassel since schaub has annoyed him all season and number two doesnt lay attention to the waivers and whats going on in general. he just made a trade sending fred jackson off his team for brandon jackson and sims-walker. this is the guy that left positions open on his team during bye weeks instead of picking up somebody off the waivers or FA just to ty and make something happen. i doubt he’ll even know frank gore is done for the season. plus he just had a hip replacement so he’s lrobably drugged up the poor bastard.

  25. Howie says:

    @Doc: A follow-up to my earlier Goodson/JStew question… I also have Keiland Williams and wonder if dropping him for Westbrook makes sense in a non-PPR? Perhaps what I am really asking is since JStew > Goodson in non-PPR the rest of the way, where do KWilliams and Westy rank in this foursome?

  26. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: damn, just got your response and just got out of court, only 30 minutes ago someone else picked up Westbrook. That sucks, shoulda jumped on it anyway.

  27. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: still have faith in Vernon Davis after another down week? I NEED to win the next two games and score big pts too (.5ppr)
    would you start him or sit him in favor of boss or Dreesen (both nice matchups) or even billy bajema @ ARI (awful last night)……whats your thoughts on VD???

    And whod you start as flex (.5ppr): felix jones (soft indy def and no MB3), thomas jones (nice matchup and trust that hes gonna fare better this time around), Crabtree, Woodhead, BJGE


  28. Rookie Season says:

    Troy Smith, injuries, and coaching have turned Vernon Davis into a SuperChump. Should I pick up a second TE while they’re available (dumping Gerhart)? Brent Celek or Kevin Boss

    Out of Brandon Jacobs, Joseph Addai and Chris Ivory, which 2 would you keep going forward till the end?

  29. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league, who, if any, do you see having an impact in the fake-football playoffs? m. hart, gerhart, choice, m. moore.


  30. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: would you do a waiver trade for Westbrook and give up Colston? I was offered that by the guy who beat me to him. I have Wayne, White, Colston Ford, Buc Williams, Boldin and we play 3 in 0.5 PPR. Colston has a tougher playoff schedule than the rest. I doubt I could do it, but I wanted to know what you thought.

  31. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: or would you drop Ford or Boldin for JStew or Mo Morris?

  32. Black Beard says:

    There’s really no excuse for this, but I’m currently rostering 4 TEs (really deep benches, 2TE league): Gates, Dreesen, Winslow and Watson. Gotta drop one this week.

    Obviously not Gates. Owen Daniels will be back next week (not this week) and Dreesen’s matchup (@PHI) is pretty good. Winslow and Watson have been pretty equally crappy all year. Who do I drop?

  33. Wilsonian says:

    @Black Beard: it’s elementary, dear Watson. Winslow has a good schedule to finish off the year.

  34. The Vaporizers says:

    Start Johny Knox or Ahmad Bradshaw this week at flex? 1 pont PPR

  35. Freddy 4 Fingers says:

    How do you think Gore’s absence will affect Crabtree? More throws by the 49ers?

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Freddy 4 Fingers: I think he’ll remain inconsistent with upside. Westy and Dixon should account for Gore’s carries.

    @The Vaporizers: Close. I’d lean Knox.

    @Black Beard: Drop Watson

    @Wilsonian: I’d drop Ford for Stew. I wouldn’t trade Colston for Westy.

    @herschel: I’d say Choice has the most upside.

    @Rookie Season: Hard to say when Addai will return, but his upside is better than Ivory’s if he comes back. I would pick up Boss for Gerhart, but there are absolutely no sure things at TE right now.

    @timmy riggins: Hard to say. I like Davis enough to keep him, but I could see grabbing Dreessen for this week as long as OD is out.

    I’d lean Jones unless he misses practice for some ailment.

    @Howie: I like JStew, Westy, Goodson, Williams with Goodson and Williams being fairly close.

    @swingkungfu: Poor bastard is right.

    @don99: I’d stick with what you have there. I like your guys better even if Bell were to get the job.

    @charlie batch: I’d want Westy over BJax more.

  37. Damion says:

    I have a short week to prepare….and I win my game Im in the fantasy playoffs. I lose, I need help to get in.

    1)Is Bowe healthy?
    2) Austin, Floyd, or M.Williams?
    3) Is it smart to sit ray rice?
    4) will mccoy be healthy?
    5)will tolbert make another start?
    6) TE: Keller, Celek, or Dressen ??
    7)what do you think of San Diego’s D this week?

  38. Weezy says:

    Is it safe to cut V Jax & Garcon assuming you have a clinched a playoff spot?
    I doubt Jax shows enough in week 15 (if he makes it there) to be trusted in week 16 and Garcon is a major boom/bust player. he can catch a 50 yd TD or be blanked but he never gets any looks in the red zone.

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Weezy: I can see cutting both, but it really depends on who you would replace them with.

  40. Lutefisk says:

    R Brown or Westbrook at flex this week? Is M Floyd healthy enough to start ahead of Harvin or Obomanu? Thanks!

  41. Highlander says:

    Who to start at flex (ppr): Knox, Harvin, Floyd, Greene, K Williams or Goodson?

  42. Highlander says:

    One more Doc, weeks 14-17 who has more value? Celek or Winslow
    Thanks, I need u to write me an Rx for success

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lutefisk: I’m leaning Ronnie, but it’s close. I’m going to say no to Floyd.

    @Highlander: Leaning Knox

    @Highlander: Leaning Winslow

  44. Gary says:

    Brady or Cassel?

  45. Slim says:

    I’m in the playoffs with week 14 as a bye.
    My current defense is Philly who play Giants in week 15,
    My RBs are Moreno, Mendenhall, blount, Benson, Mcfadden. Keiland Williams
    My WR are Roddy, Mike Wallace, M. williams Tampa, Santana Moss, Britt, Sidney Rice

    Yes i had an awesome draft following your draft sheet (So big thank you)

    My question is dropping keiland williams for week 15 defense of tampa bay againsta detroit or Arizona against Carolina, good idea?

  46. TJ says:

    Hey Doc,
    Which RB would you drop out of this group: Rice, Blount, Westbrook, Goodson, Tomlinson.

    Non-ppr. Thanks.

  47. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Gary: Close. Hard to sit Brady.

    @Slim: Right now I’d say go for it with Tampa. Stanton should create some turnovers. Good luck!

    @TJ: Westy just because I think he will get injured

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