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When planning the rankings release schedule, getting rid of the Kickers and DST rankings as fast as possible was a priority for me. They are just soooo the opposite of what you really need to care about, that even implementing a strategy seems like a waste. Trust me, that time and energy is better spent elsewhere. Like Redtube. Or volunteering at your local shelter. Both scholarly pursuits in my honest opinion. Regardless, DEF is still a category, and leaving it off the rankings would seem like a missing tooth. Pittsburgh knows what’s up.

It’s pretty much Seattle’s world, and the other defenses are just living in it: And that world, I imagine, based on what has been shown during Seattle’s prime-time games, is just a 20 square-foot area where men in jumpsuits throw fish at each other and a Space Needle. That’s… about… it. The tiers are interesting, in that, you pretty much could just stream from tier 3 and not suffer much. And while there really isn’t a scientific methodology here that I can draw upon, there’s plenty of tangible evidence that defense’s, in general, are a fickle thing to depend on. Injuries, personnel, and coaching can all contribute to a defense being dominant one year, to being a doorstop the next. And while it’s safe money that Seattle’s defense will be good, and that the top-10ish should be above average, everything else… seems like a crap-shoot.

We’re Going Streaming!: Honestly, don’t draft a defense until late, if at all. If you wanted the official Razzball strategy, it’s stream-stream-stream. You have to say it three times or else it doesn’t count. Target defenses that have play-making ability. A team like the Packers or Saints, who can be a bit porous, but is always looking for the interception and strip. Also keep in mind the opponent. If you don’t like the thought of rolling out a Jets defense, what if they are going against a Jaguars’ offense? Frankly, I’d start my grandmother against Jacksonville’s offense, and she’s been dead for twenty years.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?: Eh, not really. Honestly, I’m going to copy and paste this from my kickers ranking, but the rule still applies here, which shows why these two cat’s really don’t deserve much of your time. Meow or later. (Sorry.)

I’d rather have:

Any of the top-25 Quarterbacks before I draft a DST.

Any of the top-65 Running Backs before I draft a DST.

Any of the top-75 Wide Receivers before I draft a DST.

Any of the top-20 Tight Ends before I draft a DST.

Also, act like you would around a dumpster fire in terms of the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Football Team.

Despite how irrelevant I think DST AND Kicker’s are, it’s still a position, and this being ‘rankings’ time, we must go forth and use a numerical system to place these defense’s in order. Take out your knives and let us argue over everything henceforth!

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  1. SMLV1 says:

    Hey Jay, IDK if u can answer this since your rankings are not out but, I own Ben Tate and was wondering if I should pick up Terrence West as a handcuff or just pick up Lamar Miller in hopes he starts over Moreno.

    • SMLV1 says:

      @SMLV1: My other RBs are, Lacy, Stacy, Pierre Thomas and DeAngelo Williams. This is a standard 10 team league.

      • Fantasy with Dase or Days

        Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

        @SMLV1: Hey, man! I hope your Friday was excellent. I would not drop any of your current RBs. I think it would be wise to drop both you Defense and kicker while adding both of these backs. A report today said that Tate is already missing practice being hurt. Then in Miami, he (Miller) has been running with the first team and getting goal line work as well. You have no need to be carrying a Def/Kicker this time of year with players like this available.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @SMLV1: Would rather have West. I’m not sure that Lamar Miller is fantasy relevant this season.

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @SMLV1: You should grab West. I drafted him in my rookie draft because I thought he looked better than all the other rookie RBs. I do not watch a lot of college football anymore, though.

  2. Lamar MIller will have more impact than most people think. He’s taking first-team snaps and his competition (Thomas and Moreno) is bulky and out of shape. Moreno will provide good stats on passing downs but Miller should be the guy on early down situations.

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