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So, much has been said of the delay of the Half-PPR rankings, or at least I think much has been said. I’m not a mind-reader folks. But I’m going to assume you’ve been talking amongst yourselves, and the main topic has been how I’m bringing sexy back. Because I am. The other topic, more minor, is about the lack of Half-PPR rankings, seeing as how, ya know, it’s the format this year’s Free Fantasy Football Razzball Commentator Leagues (Sign-up here!) use. But guess what? As I’m sure the title spoiled it, we have rankings. Though, it’s a lot cruder than your used too. There’s still an issue with some sort of thing… a lot of it is technical, and is like a bunch of Star Trek mumbo jumbo mixed with Skynet and wheat  bread… none of which I understand, nor will I ever understand. So just fire those phasers at something, amiright? But yeah, just between you and me, those technical hurdles still remain, so like the Olympics athletes that we are (which we really aren’t), we’re going to have take one for the team here and realize that this format for which I am presenting the Half-PPR rankings is going to have to make due, for at least a little while. That is to say, the format that you are used to receiving these rankings is unavailable from our friends over at FantasyPros, but I’ll make sure to update everything as new things come to light. Something like that. Because I am against dark. But not really. This makes no sense.

Note: The system FantasyPros provides does not allow a custom ranking of half-PPR values, which is unfortunate. I would have liked to rearrange this to make it my own list, but that would cause a negative domino effect in terms of ECR and accuracy tests. And I’m not talking about the Dominos pizza, otherwise, I’d be fine with it.

2014 Preseason Half-PPR Overall Rankings

1 – Jamaal Charles, KC (6) RB
2 – Adrian Peterson, MIN (10) RB
3 – Matt Forte, Chi (9) RB
4 – Calvin Johnson, Det (9) WR
5 – LeSean McCoy, Phi (7) RB
6 – Eddie Lacy, GB (9) RB
7 – Jimmy Graham, NO (6) TE
8 – Demaryius Thomas, Den (4) WR
9 – DeMarco Murray, Dal (11) RB
10 – Julio Jones, Atl (9) WR
11 – Zac Stacy, StL (4) RB
12 – Dez Bryant, Dal (11) WR

13 – Ryan Mathews, SD (10) RB
14 – Doug Martin, TB (7) RB
15 – Brandon Marshall, Chi (9) WR
16 – Le’Veon Bell, Pit (12) RB
17 – Alshon Jeffery, Chi (9) WR
18 – Antonio Brown, Pit (12) WR
19 – Andre Ellington, Ari (4) RB
20 – C.J. Spiller, Buf (9) RB
21 – Marshawn Lynch, Sea (4) RB
22 – Randall Cobb, GB (9) WR
23 – Aaron Rodgers, GB (9) QB
24 – Jordy Nelson, GB (9) WR

25 – Alfred Morris, Was (10) RB
26 – Victor Cruz, NYG (8) WR
27 – Pierre Garcon, Was (10) WR
28 – Chris Johnson, NYJ (11) RB
29 – Drew Brees, NO (6) QB
30 – Giovani Bernard, Cin (4) RB
31 – Shane Vereen, NE (10) RB
32 – A.J. Green, Cin (4) WR
33 – Kendall Wright, Ten (9) WR
34 – Reggie Bush, Det (9) RB
35 – Greg Olsen, Car (12) TE
36 – Peyton Manning, Den (4) QB

37 – Keenan Allen, SD (10) WR
38 – Arian Foster, Hou (10) RB
39 – Rashad Jennings, NYG (8) RB
40 – Julius Thomas, Den (4) TE
41 – Michael Floyd, Ari (4) WR
42 – Vincent Jackson, TB (7) WR
43 – Michael Crabtree, SF (8) WR
44 – Andre Johnson, Hou (10) WR
45 – Andrew Luck, Ind (10) QB
46 – DeSean Jackson, Was (10) WR
47 – Danny Woodhead, SD (10) RB
48 – Joique Bell, Det (9) RB

49 – Julian Edelman, NE (10) WR
50 – Cam Newton, Car (12) QB
51 – Mike Wallace, Mia (5) WR
52 – Roddy White, Atl (9) WR
53 – Kyle Rudolph, Min (10) TE
54 – Reggie Wayne, Ind (10) WR
55 – T.Y. Hilton, Ind (10) WR
56 – Montee Ball, Den (4) RB
57 – Pierre Thomas, NO (6) RB
58 – Bishop Sankey, Ten (9) RB
59 – Lamar Miller, Mia (5) RB
60 – Tom Brady, NE (10) QB

61 – Larry Fitzgerald, Ari (4) WR
62 – Cordarrelle Patterson, Min (10) WR
63 – Matt Ryan, Atl (9) QB
64 – Ray Rice, Bal (11) RB
65 – Toby Gerhart, Jac (11) RB
66 – Brian Hartline, Mia (5) WR
67 – Wes Welker, Den (4) WR
68 – Torrey Smith, Bal (11) WR
69 – Matthew Stafford, Det (9) QB
70 – Jason Witten, Dal (11) TE
71 – Percy Harvin, Sea (4) WR
72 – Darren Sproles, Phi (7) RB

73 – Maurice Jones-Drew, Oak (5) RB
74 – Robert Griffin, Was (10) QB
75 – Jeremy Maclin, Phi (7) WR
76 – Dennis Pitta, Bal (11) TE
77 – Steven Jackson, Atl (9) RB
78 – Philip Rivers, SD (10) QB
79 – Antonio Gates, SD (10) TE
80 – Ben Tate, Cle (4) RB
81 – Charles Clay, Mia (5) TE
82 – Fred Jackson, Buf (9) RB
83 – Terrance Williams, Dal (11) WR
84 – Frank Gore, SF (8) RB

85 – Golden Tate, Det (9) WR
86 – Tony Romo, Dal (11) QB
87 – Kenny Stills, NO (6) WR
88 – Jordan Reed, Was (10) TE
89 – Nick Foles, Phi (7) QB
90 – Emmanuel Sanders, Den (4) WR
91 – Eric Decker, NYJ (11) WR
92 – Rob Gronkowski, NE (10) TE
93 – Danny Amendola, NE (10) WR
94 – DeAngelo Williams, Car (12) RB
95 – Rueben Randle, NYG (8) WR
96 – Dexter McCluster, Ten (9) WR/RB

97 – Dwayne Bowe, KC (6) WR
98 – Greg Jennings, Min (10) WR
99 – Tavon Austin, StL (4) WR
100 – Jordan Cameron, Cle (4) TE
101 – Hakeem Nicks, Ind (10) WR
102 – Jay Cutler, Chi (9) QB
103 – James Jones, Oak (5) WR
104 – Khiry Robinson, NO (6) RB
105 – Cecil Shorts, Jac (11) WR
106 – Kenny Britt, StL (4) WR
107 – Colin Kaepernick, SF (8) QB
108 – Trent Richardson, Ind (10) RB

109 – Darren McFadden, Oak (5) RB
110 – Jarrett Boykin, GB (9) WR
111 – Harry Douglas, Atl (9) WR
112 – Steve Smith, Bal (11) WR
113 – Stevan Ridley, NE (10) RB
114 – Russell Wilson, Sea (4) QB
115 – Marques Colston, NO (6) WR
116 – Kelvin Benjamin, Car (12) WR
117 – Chris Ivory, NYJ (11) RB
118 – Devonta Freeman, Atl (9) RB
119 – DeAndre Hopkins, Hou (10) WR
120 – Heath Miller, Pit (12) TE

121 – Mike Evans, TB (7) WR
122 – Roy Helu, Was (10) RB
123 – Anquan Boldin, SF (8) WR
124 – Carlos Hyde, SF (8) RB
125 – Terrance West, Cle (4) RB
126 – Eli Manning, NYG (8) QB
127 – Doug Baldwin, Sea (4) WR
128 – Martellus Bennett, Chi (9) TE
129 – Knowshon Moreno, Mia (5) RB
130 – Sammy Watkins, Buf (9) WR
131 – Andre Brown, Hou (10) RB
132 – Dwayne Allen, Ind (10) TE

133 – Vernon Davis, SF (8) TE
134 – Nate Washington, Ten (9) WR
135 – Ahmad Bradshaw, Ind (10) RB
136 – Justin Hunter, Ten (9) WR
137 – Zach Ertz, Phi (7) TE
138 – Ben Roethlisberger, Pit (12) QB
139 – Jeremy Hill, Cin (4) RB
140 – Rod Streater, Oak (5) WR
141 – Riley Cooper, Phi (7) WR
142 – Robert Woods, Buf (9) WR
143 – Marvin Jones, Cin (4) WR
144 – Brandin Cooks, NO (6) WR

145 – Odell Beckham, NYG (8) WR
146 – Ladarius Green, SD (10) TE
147 – C.J. Anderson, Den (4) RB
148 – Mike Tolbert, Car (12) RB
149 – Aaron Dobson, NE (10) WR
150 – Delanie Walker, Ten (9) TE
151 – Stepfan Taylor, Ari (4) RB
152 – Malcom Floyd, SD (10) WR
153 – Bernard Pierce, Bal (11) RB
154 – Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TB (7) TE
155 – Chris Givens, StL (4) WR
156 – Lance Dunbar, Dal (11) RB

157 – Shonn Greene, Ten (9) RB
158 – Tyler Eifert, Cin (4) TE
159 – Jacquizz Rodgers, Atl (9) RB
160 – Jonathan Stewart, Car (12) RB
161 – Charles Sims, TB (7) RB
162 – Jared Cook, StL (4) TE
163 – Andrew Hawkins, Cle (4) WR
164 – Tre Mason, StL (4) RB
165 – Levine Toilolo, Atl (9) TE
166 – Marcel Reece, Oak (5) RB
167 – LeGarrette Blount, Pit (12) RB
168 – Jordan Matthews, Phi (7) WR

169 – Scott Chandler, Buf (9) TE
170 – Jace Amaro, NYJ (11) TE
171 – Markus Wheaton, Pit (12) WR
172 – Ryan Tannehill, Mia (5) QB
173 – Lorenzo Taliaferro, Bal (11) RB
174 – Jerricho Cotchery, Car (12) WR
175 – Jake Locker, Ten (9) QB
176 – Marcedes Lewis, Jac (11) TE
177 – Brandon Bolden, NE (10) RB
178 – Adrien Robinson, NYG (8) TE
179 – Jerick McKinnon, Min (10) RB
180 – Garrett Graham, Hou (10) TE

181 – Lance Moore, Pit (12) WR
182 – Marqise Lee, Jac (11) WR
183 – Joe Flacco, Bal (11) QB
184 – Brent Celek, Phi (7) TE
185 – Eric Ebron, Det (9) TE
186 – Mark Ingram (6) RB
187 – Brandon Bostick (9) TE
188 – Zach Miller (4) TE
189 – Latavius Murray (5) RB
190 – James White (10) RB
191 – Mychal Rivera (5) TE
192 – Jermaine Gresham (4) TE

193 – Donnie Avery (6) WR
194 – Donald Brown (10) RB
195 – Travis Kelce (6) TE
196 – Steve Johnson (8) WR
197 – Coby Fleener (10) TE
197 – Nate Burleson (4) WR
198 – Owen Daniels (11) TE
199 – Brandon LaFell (10) WR
200 – Mike Williams (9) WR


  1. Turn Down For WATT! says:

    Awesome! Have a half point PPR draft coming soon I will use this for sure. Just wondering why so low on Gronk? Just health concerns? I see a lot of mock drafts of writers where he’s going 2nd/3rd round.
    Also wondering why so high on Stacy? I may be wrong but I don’t remember him last year catching many balls, would have thought Gio would be higher/over Stacy
    I agree fully with the AJ Greens lower than usual ranking.. Run heavy now, constant double teams, and Dalton QB doesn’t make for much upside.
    Sorry to pick your brain, Im just curious in order to better my knowledge.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Turn Down For WATT!: Yeah, I have no clue what to think of his body.

      A lot of these rankings are based on my own projections, which should be ready later this week (Rudy is prepping the code). I have him going 34/203/2 for receiving, but the rushing totals keep him afloat with 289/1152/11.

      And pick away!

  2. please join my leagues says:

    Ryan Mathews at 13? if you’re in the DC area, we have an opening in our $200 live auction 12 tm ppr. I’ll even cover the professional auctioneer fee.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @please join my leagues: I’d be happy to join if you’re paying. In fact, in a full PPR, I’ll be happy to draft him at 15. (13 in Half-PPR, and 8 Standard.)

  3. TJ says:

    Good stuff, Jay

    I know there can be a case made for any of the top 4 RB’s going #1, and I apologize if I missed your explanation at some point (still entrenched in Baseball), but what’s your stance on AP being #1, especially in a .5 PPR (that’s what I have set in my keeper league)? I know they’d like to feature him more in the passing game, but is AP undoubtedly #1 in your eyes? I haven’t seen him in training camp yet…any lingering effect from last year’s late injury?


    • TJ says:

      @TJ: And same goes for Julio…I have the 3rd pick in my keeper league (keeping Alshon in the 8th, J. Thomas in the 13th, and Stacy in the 15th). I also have the 12th overall pick from a trade last year (10-team, .5 PPR). It looks like from the early talk in our league that I may be able to get Julio, Marshall, or Dez at 12. Objectively, I really don’t want to have Forte (3rd overall pick possibly), Alshon, and Marshall (12th overall pick possibly) on the same team….but as a die-hard Bears fan, I would go from 6-to-midnight in heartbeat if that happened.

      And as you may tell from rambling, I’m thinking of just jumping out of a window…

      • Jay

        Jay says:

        @TJ: I’m okay with that combo. If you can get elite players, don’t let them being on the same team affect you. Yeah, if the Bears have a bad game, you’ll feel it… but who’s to say Julio wouldn’t have a bad game the same day?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @TJ: Yeah, that was a typo, in half PPR and PPR, he’s 2nd. Here’s the breakdown, based on my soon-to-be-released projections:

      Jamaal Charles: 277.30/313.80/350.30
      AP: 279.00/307.00/335.00

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @TJ: But to elaborate, yeah, with Norv Turner, I see more passes for AP, and the injury doesn’t concern me right now.

  4. TJ says:

    Have you ever delved into VBD strategy, especially since you project your own stats? I’ve recently stumbled upon that, and thought it was pretty interesting….but I don’t have the mental capacity for that. lol

    I was interested in plugging in your projections into that system to see what results I get

    Thanks again for the info, Jay

    • Mark says:

      VBD is pretty easy if you have the time to make your own projections. You can pretty much set everything up in an excel spreadsheet to calculate everything for you and all you have to do is input your projections. I did this once about 13 or 14 years ago. I don’t remember how it went, I just remember discovering that Marvin Harrison was by far the most valuable pick. Was thinking about doing this again, but don’t think I have the energy to make projections for every player. Perhaps I’ll do it and input Jay’s projections.

      Jay, are you going to list how many games you project each player to play? Where VBD becomes difficult for me is when you have a player like Gronk. Say you only think he’ll play 8 games. His overall points will be lower than someone like Charles Clay. However, that doesn’t mean Gronk is less valuable than Clay. Gronk’s point total over the 8 games he plays + the point total for whatever FA TE(s) you pick up for the 8 games he misses is likely going to be more than Clay. So I was thinking of doing a modified VBD list where I project everyone’s stats for 16 games played. Then I can find a way to incorporate an injury factor to help devalue someone like Gronk who is more likely than say, Greg Olsen, to get injured.

      • Jay

        Jay says:

        @Mark: I won’t list the games, but my belief in the player’s play time will be reflected by the carries and passing attempts.

        And I hear you on the Gronk projection, and if I remember correctly, I had created his projection based on 6-8 games started. But I’m sure, from what it sounds like, you can take those numbers and prorate them over 16 games to get “ceiling” projections.

  5. Cram It says:

    Hey Jay. Getting in way over my head this year with an auction draft. Is there an auction value reference up in here? I don’t see a Player Rater like on the baseball side. Cheers yo.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Cram It: No worries, I’ll be doing some kind of auction strategy post and values early next week. Stay tuned!

      • Cram It says:

        @Jay: Perfect. No rush then ;)

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Cram It: Thanks! Been heads deep with Rudy to finish my projections.

          • Cram It says:

            @Jay: I don’t need the details of the depths you’re sticking each others heads in I-don’t-know-whats.

            • Jay

              Jay says:

              @Cram It: that’s how I spelunk.

  6. jake says:

    Jay, when I am keeping Graham in my PPR league, will I die a horrible and fiery death if i go WR WR before nabbing an RB? Will you have a post for RBs to target in rounds 6+? Lead me, oh mighty (wrong) one!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @jake: I think you’ll be okay with the zero strat in a PPR, especially with Graham as your anchor, though, I want at least one primary back. That seems like a good idea, I might look into that.

      • jake says:

        @Jay: How’s about plan on taking 1 back in rounds 2-5, based on value. Someone’s gonna faaaaaalll. then round out 6-9/10th rounds with backs. This way, I don’t feel like i have to take an early QB (yuck)

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @jake: Yeah, I think you could find plenty of value there.

  7. Mark says:

    I’m keeping Gio as a 4th rounder, and Stacy and Ellington as 11th rounders. I won the league last year so I’m picking 12th in a 0.5ppr. What strategy would you employ for my first few picks. We start 1QB, 3 WR, 2RB, 1 TE, and 1 flex. Thinking about going either WR/WR/WR or WR/QB/WR. I think I can get Olsen with my 5th round pick and then if I go WR/WR/WR with my first 3 picks, then I can reach a bit and take my pick of Ryan (if he’s still there), Foles, Cutler, or RG3 in the 6th/7th. It’s nice to be able to completely ignore RB.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Yeah, I think QB depth works in your favor here, and I would go with you WR/WR/WR strat here. Love Olsen this year… which is probably obvious with my crazy ranking.

  8. happyharry1958 says:

    Jay, Going to keep 3 of these 4 RB’s, who do I not keep? They’re pretty close aren’t they, was thinking about losing Rice but news is he looks good early and Martin could be RBBC?Thanks.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Which three? Don’t see em here. Bit out of Rice and Martin, I’d want hamster and it’s not close.

      • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

        @Jay: weird he never came back to ask question.

  9. too*@!×forthis says:

    Hey jay thanks in advance:
    10 team h2h sac pick keeper
    Gronk for 4th
    Jordy for 6th
    Harvin for 14th

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Goin safe here with Jordy.

  10. Brett says:


    Can you rank these wr keepers in a .5 Ppr 12 team

    Cobb @ 9 Jeffrey @ 9 Crabtree @ 2 Nelson @ 23


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Brett: Nelson, Jeffrey, Cobb, Crabtree.

  11. Shane Hoffman says:

    I’m in a half PPR league and thinking about taking Demarius and either Julio or Dez with my first two picks because I’m picking 10/10. In the third and fourth rounds Ryan Mathews and either Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller or Gore keep falling to me. Is this strategy something you think is soild? I’m in need of figuring out which QB to draft later on because I can usually pick between Romo, Rivers and Ryan. Thanks!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I like Rivers, but I’m biased. Romo would probably be the consensus here.

      • Shane Hoffman says:

        Who would your first two picks ideally be in a 1/2 PPR league if you were picking 10th?

  12. Fart Monk says:

    Hi! I’m in a 12 team 0.5 PPR with 6 pt passing TDs. I lucked into Stacy and Ellington for keepers and I have the 10th/15th/34th picks. With two solid RBs as keepers, I was thinking of getting two stud WRs with the first two picks and worrying about the rest later. However, with 6 pt passing TDs, is it a better plan to grab a stud WR at 10, a Rodgers/Brees type at 15 and then the best available RB/WR at 34? Thanks!!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      If Rodgers is there, I might do it… eh. Actually, even with 6-td format, I’m okay waiting for my QB this season. I’d go WR/WR here.

  13. Principal Blackman says:

    Are there two Jerick McKinnons (179, 194) in the league?

  14. ‘Sup, Jay. Had a blast with Nick in SD for 32 in 32. Grey had on some plaid pants that would have made Rickie Fowler jealous! What do you think of this roster for our half PPR set up:

    Romo-pick 104
    Lacy-pick 8
    Vereen-pick 56
    Gerhart-pick 65
    Antonio Brown-pick 32
    Cobb-pick 41
    CPatterson-pick 80
    JGraham-pick 17

    Colston – pick 89
    STL D – pick 113
    DMcCluster – pick 128
    Cutler – pick 137
    KDavis – pick 152
    Prater – pick 161
    CSims – pick 176

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I saw the pics! Too Grey. Good solid PPR team here. Love the McCluster pick, as I’ll be highlighting him soon.

  15. wes says:

    how on earth do you have peyton manning at 36? behind rogers and brees? That seems insane to me when he is going top 10 in nearly every mock and everyone else’s rankings.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I base my rankings on where I perceive end of season value, not on 2013 production.

  16. matt says:

    What scoring format do you use for the rankings? Do QBs get points for passing yards do they get 4 or 6 points per TD. Are there bonuses for 300 yards passing 100 yards rushing/receiving ?

  17. Mike says:

    I’m in a half point ppr keeper league and have some difficult choices. I’d appreciate any help you can offer.

    Keeper question: 10-team league; .5 ppr; 6 pt passing tds, otherwise standard scoring; starting lineup = qb, rb(2), wr(2), te, flex (rb/wr/te), k, def.

    I can keep two (2) players for the price that I paid for them in last year’s auction or on the wire. I have lots of choices and really need some input. Thanks so much for your help.

    Jamaal Charles $57
    Lesean McCoy $55
    Demaryius Thomas $28
    Antonio Brown $8
    Julius Thomas $1
    Josh Gordon $2
    Zac Stacy $9
    Percy Harvin $1
    Pierre Thomas $1
    Matthew stafford $9

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I’m assuming this is a 200 budget? I’d love to keep Charles or McCoy, but Brown and Thomas really stick out to me as the best value here. I would probably go that direction.

      • Mike says:

        Which Thomas? Julius or demaryius? Thanks again. I appreciate the advice.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Mike: Oh, yeah, oops. The Julius one. No probs!

  18. sniff test says:

    I have a keeper questions for you in a ppr. We are allowed to keep one player from previous year’s roster…but cannot keep the player we kept last year. I am giving up Charles. My choices are Demaryius Thomas, Gio Bernard or Doug Martin. I was champ last year so I pick last. My fear is that I will have slim pickins at RB since many top RB’s are being kept. I am also in a league with a couple of die hard Bengals fans…so I was thinking Gio has the highest value…if not just to get a trade down the road. Thoughts?

  19. Tom Wilson says:

    AJ Green & Kendall Wright even? Hmmm

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Tom Wilson: Career high attempts by Dalton moving into a Hue Jackson offense, regression across the board, and by the way, just four touchdowns would have made Kendall Wright a top-20 receiver in non-PPR leagues last year. It’s closer than you think.

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