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We’ve gone through each of the positions individually, so now it’s time to put it all together. When looking at IDPs as a whole, it’s a little bit different than Jay’s top-200 overall list. This isn’t a draft cheat sheet, but more of a tiered approach to compiling your roster. That’s why you’ll see essentially a series of position runs making up this list. The major takeaway is how to view the relative value of each position as opposed to deciding between specific players. I’m still sold on J.J. Watt as the top overall IDP because not only has he done it before, but he’s also still getting better, and now he has Jadeveon Clowney around to draw attention away from him. After Watt, you’ll see a huge list of LBs and DEs before things start to get mixed up in the 50s.

Keep in mind that this is using “standard” ESPN and Yahoo scoring systems, which is why DBs don’t enter this list until the 30s. This scoring system devalues the secondary, while putting an increased emphasis on Linebackers and dominant D-Linemen. It’s not necessarily my favorite scoring system, but it is the most widely used.

Here are my 2014 Fantasy Football Top-100 IDP Rankings:

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