We are here today to point out the differences between the Razzball Rankings (which finished Top-3 in 2016) and those that ESPN has released to the masses. Haha, just kidding. You know, it used to be that Matthew Berry, Tristan Cockraft (lovely human being, totally serious. Met him at the LABR party down in Arizona Spring Training, probably one of the nicest guys in the industry along with Eno Sarris), and Eric Karabell submitted their rankings for the Accuracy Challenge that our friends over at FantasyPros host… After both Berry finishing in the lower 80’s back in 2015 and then Karabell finishing in the same area-ish (“ish” because I can’t remember exactly ) last season, they have yet to be seen this season putting their rankings to the test. So while I used to be able to compare our rankings to what the “industry” had made “standard” (parenthesis for sarcasm I suppose), the first thing you’ll notice with our yearly “Rankings Versus” series is that there won’t be any Matthew Berry. Whether that’s ultimately a good or bad thing, I’ll let you decide. Because, hey, I’m just that kind of guy. But don’t worry! Instead, we’ll be taking a look at how our “industry” leading rankings stack against the ECR (Expert Consensus Rankings), and last season’s top “Accuracy Expert” (no sarcasm), Dalton Del Don from Yahoo! (do I have to yell it every time? Geez, that gets old real fast…) Sports, not to be confused with “Yoohoo! Sports”, which I do all the time. Then again, I usually confuse most things with chocolate drinks. Totally normal.

So be sure to check out our 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings, Auction Values, and our very own Cheat Sheet for any context you may need. I’d say that context needs more chocolate drink to be honest…

Jay Vs. The ECR

Players Jay Likes More Versus the ECR
171 Terrance Williams (DAL – WR) 239 68
184 Marquise Goodwin (SF – WR) 251 67
141 Torrey Smith (PHI – WR) 196 55
144 Devin Funchess (CAR – WR) 183 39
153 Mohamed Sanu (ATL – WR) 192 39
161 Allen Hurns (JAC – WR) 198 37
186 Tim Hightower (SF – RB) 223 37
56 Terrance West (BAL – RB) 82 26
135 Cole Beasley (DAL – WR) 161 26
174 Charles Clay (BUF – TE) 200 26

I really have no idea what’s going on with Torrey Smith. As many of the regular readers can attest to, I’ve never liked him in terms of fantasy. As a person, I just don’t know, but if he treats life like he does receiving yards, I don’t have much hope for him. So what’s changed? I’m not terribly sure if anything has, true, he has gotten out of San Francisco which probably raised his rankings by half all by itself. But I’m not sure how much volume the number two receiver will get in Philadelphia. There’s Nelson Agholor, Zach Ertz, and Darren Sproles to compete with, but on the flipside, another year on Carson Wentz’s belt (is that really where you want to put it bro?) should provide the offense with room to grow. So this is me basically saying I don’t get why I’m so high on Smith… maybe everyone else is just so low?

Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams always seem to hover in the top-200 for me, mostly because Dez Bryant‘s idea of a full season is a few weeks short of reality. Missing eight games the last two seasons will not just drop your own draft day value, but also raise those around you. A high tide lifts all boats type of situation, if you’re into the whole nautical thing. This far down the rankings, things start getting easily interchangeable so I wouldn’t read too much into my love for Terrance Williams, but Beasley seems like a good bet to have immense PPR value. Think of him as the Danny Woodhead of wide receivers, gritty (white), underrated (short and white), and a pass-catcher (a white pass-catcher).

Some other notable players that didn’t make the cut were Jamaal Williams (who I really really like), Chris Thompson (PPR Leagues), and Bilal Powell, who should make all Matt Forte owners a bit nervous.

Players Jay Likes Less Versus the ECR
191 Latavius Murray (MIN – RB) 141 -50
170 Jeremy Hill (CIN – RB) 125 -45
164 Jacquizz Rodgers (TB – RB) 131 -33
149 Samaje Perine (WAS – RB) 123 -26
139 Thomas Rawls (SEA – RB) 115 -24
116 Eddie Lacy (SEA – RB) 95 -21
177 Antonio Gates (LAC – TE) 156 -21
154 Zay Jones (BUF – WR) 136 -18
95 Danny Woodhead (BAL – RB) 79 -16
178 Alvin Kamara (NO – RB) 163 -15

While some may get the sense that I like Jeremy Hill less than my peers merely for personal reasons, then I say to you: Yeah, could be. The dude vultures more than actual vultures. Vultures actually call him up to get tips on their game. And do you even know what carrion eating does to your gums? I’ll tell you what: I don’t want to know. Taking a metaphor too far aside, I’m not sure what purpose he serves on your team. The Cincy backfield is not just crowded, but it’s crowed with plenty of middling talent (Giovani Bernard and Hill) mixed with potential talent in Joe Mixon. Even if you own everyone, it’ll be a fools errand to try and figure out who starts and is relegated to the bench, and based on what we’ve seen in the past, it’ll be Hill sitting on your bench with three carries, fifteen yards, and 28,456 touchdowns while Bernard has a 120 yard rushing day. I’m staying away from the whole depth chart, but especially Hill who just adds complications when setting your roster. It’s a weird reason, but I’m standing by it. Because science.

Looks like my Antonio Gates love has finally faded after nearly 15 years, just way children of divorce like it. I still like him as a streaming and bench option, but it’s pretty clear he’ll be getting few looks outside the red zone, and Hunter Henry has looked really solid, last season and this preseason.

Some other notable names that the ECR liked more than myself were Travis Kelce, Paul Perkins (the worst running back in the NFL, and Eddie Lacy could eat his favorite restaurant. Literally the actual restaurant.), Randall Cobb, and Terrelle Pryor.

Jay vs. Dalton Del Don

Players Jay Likes More Versus Dalton
Jay’s Rk PLAYER Don’s Rk DIFF
126 Robby Anderson (NYJ – WR) 205 79
58 Frank Gore (IND – RB) 135 77
132 Sterling Shepard (NYG – WR) 203 71
44 Bilal Powell (NYJ – RB) 106 62
138 Kenny Stills (MIA – WR) 196 58
101 Mike Wallace (BAL – WR) 150 49
146 J.J. Nelson (ARI – WR) 195 49
124 Jordan Matthews (BUF – WR) 169 45
59 Larry Fitzgerald (ARI – WR) 98 39
107 Corey Coleman (CLE – WR) 145 38

Of course the J-E-T-S Jets! require any football analysis to be graded on a curve… a very friendly one (we’re not monsters here!), but still, with Quincy Enunwa out for the year, they’ll have to throw it to someone other than Matt Forte and Bilal Powell… I think? Yeah, there’s something called a Hackenburg (Swedish ice cream company? Heisenberg, but with something stuck in his throat?) in charge of passing the football, but I’m surprised we’re that far apart on Robby Anderson.

Another huge gap (say hello to your mother for me) that raised an eyebrow was Frank Gore. I’m not a fan by any means, but seeing as how RB depth this season is almost non-existent, I’m happy to grab Gore up at the right spot. And I support ageism as much as the next Xennials, but not enough to justify a 77-spot difference.

I think the most general conclusion I can proffer here is that Del Don seemingly dislikes players who catch the ball for a living. Every player on that list is a receiver sans Powell (who I really really like this year) and Gore. Beyond that, it’s something I’ll be watching this season and deconstructing a bit, because sweeping generalizations generally don’t mean much.

Other names that I like more: Jamaal Williams, Allen Hurns, Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah, Tevin Coleman, Eric Decker, and Keenan Allen.

Players Jay Likes Less Versus Dalton
Jay’s Rk PLAYER Don’s Rk DIFF
223 Joe Williams (SF – RB) 125 -98
247 James Conner (PIT – RB) 163 -84
240 Will Fuller (HOU – WR) 157 -83
219 Chris Conley (KC – WR) 140 -79
255 Brandon LaFell (CIN – WR) 178 -77
183 Robert Turbin (IND – RB) 111 -72
250 Paul Richardson (SEA – WR) 180 -70
200 O.J. Howard (TB – TE) 139 -61
213 Danny Amendola (NE – WR) 152 -61
118 John Brown (ARI – WR) 64 -54

I understand that O.J. Howard is garnering some hype, and while I’m willing to go all in with my Austin Hooper love, I’m a bit weary on what Howard will bring to the table. I like Joe Williams, I really do, but I still believe in Carlos Hyde, and while the current staff doesn’t have anything invested with Hyde, there’s enough talent there to hold Williams off for a while. A great handcuff to own though. (And even with the “likes less” label here, the same could be said for James Conner and Robert Turbin, legitimate handcuffs.)

And yeah, I’ll always like John Brown less. I think former John Brown owners can back me up there…

Some other interesting names we differ on: Kirk Cousins, Julius Thomas, Devante Parker, Andy Dalton (GINGER LOVER, I KNEW IT), Doug Martin, Paul Perkins (surprise, surprise) and Doug Martin



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  1. PaulZone says:

    Have my keeper draft tonight and have the 2nd overall pick. My current keepers are:

    Who are you’re top 2 out of this list (won’t know who goes first). I am thinking I need a starting RB this year b/c I kept Henry but want to plan for future too.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @PaulZone: McCoy and Brady. And yeah, agree on RB this year.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @PaulZone: oh, haha, misread. I’d say Hunt and Fournette.

  2. Nightpandas says:

    Hunt and Cook

  3. BAC says:

    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, QB/RB/WR Flex. So basically 2Qb.

    5 pt passing TD. PPR.

    Jay, just found out I can’t keep Beckham. You said Wentz was a keeper previously, who should I keep out of the options below. Two keepers. Lose the pick of the round attached. Wentz and Adams? or

    Pick 2.
    Derek Carr 7th round
    Carson Wentz 13th round
    Davante Adams 13th round.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @BAC: I’d go Wentz and Adams then, split up your value and try and nab a good QB2.

  4. Blind umps have rights too (seriously their union is that strong) says:

    12 team half PPR
    QB winston
    RB (2) hunt/melgor/gore/forte/white/j-will GB/j-will BUF
    WR (2) hill/cooks/hilton/marshall/white
    TE (1) rudolpho
    flex (1)
    K ?
    which white did you refer to as the mart bry drop?

  5. Dom says:

    How do you think this draft went? Also for week 1 and for rest of the year what lineup would you use: 1 QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1 Flex 1K 1DEF. Standard scoring 10 man league:

    QB Cam Newton
    RB Todd Gurley
    RB Lamar Miller
    RB Dalvin Cook
    RB Adrian Peterson
    RB Darren McFadden
    WR Julio Jones
    WR AJ Green
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    WR Keenan Allen
    WR Kelvin Benjamin
    WR Brandon Marshall
    TE Travis Kelce
    K Matt Bryant
    Def Panthers

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dom: digging it Dom. Being feeling good about Gurley lately.

    • Oliver says:

      No offense, but are your league mates a little slow? I am in a 10-team league as well, and I can count five guys on that team that were taken in the first two rounds of our draft. How did you make it out with all of them? Crazy!

      I ended up with Julio Jones and AJ Green as well, but because I am in a keeper league. Maybe I could imagine you have the 10th pick, and everyone passes on WRs in the first round, so you are able to get Julio and AJ at the turn, but then to get Gurley and Jeffrey at the next turn, 20 picks later? Who were the other managers drafting? Whole teams of Ks and DSTs? haha. Can I join your league and add some competition?

  6. Blind umps have rights too (seriously their union is that strong) says:

    14 team PPR, keep 2. how’s this one look. round, bye in ()
    QB (1) RW (5, 6)
    RB (2) hunt (1, 10,), crowell (2, 9), west (6, 10), stewart (10,11), j.williams BUF (14, 6), c.west (20, 10),
    WR (3) a.brown (K4, 9), parker (K21, 11), fitz (3, 8), wallace (8,10), beasley (13, 6)
    TE (1) fiedor (7,7), njoku (18,9)
    IR fuller (17, 7)
    K ?
    LB (2) kwon A (9,11), t.smith (11, 8), jarrod davis (19, 7)
    DB (2) neal (12, 5), burnett (15, 8)
    DL (1) bosa (16, 9)

    so got LB’s ranked 2,5,21st at FP, DL ranked 2, DB’s ranked 2 and 3 without overspending. luck went all the way down in the 180 range (lower than last 2 days where i’ve seen him around 105-120). kicker will be after i IR fuller.

  7. Chucky says:

    Tell me something good about Matt Brieda. Tops at the combine. The new #2 guy in SF, while Hyde is in the last yr of a contract. Yet UDFA, why? Does he mesh in Shanny’s system?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Chucky: I think he does. I think Joe Williams is the guy ultimately, and I think Hyde still has a lot to say. That being said, with RB depth the way it is, I’m gambling on anybody and everybody if the situation allows it.

  8. H says:

    I’m having a hard time guaging Eric Deker and John Brown. Who do you prefer this season and is it close? Thanks!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @H: I like Decker in all formats. I’ve owned Brown multiple times, too much feast or famine with him.

  9. Iguy says:

    Hi Jay, I have Eddie Lacy and Darren McFadden on my team and the Zeke Owner has Thomas Rawls. If I was guaranteed the Cowboys starting RB until week 8, I’d hold. Given the new legal news, I’m not so sure. Is there value in doing a McFadden for Rawls swap, so I end up with a better chance at snagging the SEA starter, or am I giving away too much upside?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Iguy: I don’t think you’re giving up too much upside here, but I’d think the suspension is going to go through in some manner or form, so I’d treat McFadden as if he’s the guy for the next eight weeks.

  10. Bob barker come on down says:

    Hey hey hey (fat Albert voice) Happy Saturday Jam Master Jay!
    Man can you believe 5 days until week 1 officially starts with pats vs KC

    .5 PPR, based on my squad would you advise in looking to pull off a trade prior to week 1’s kickoff? I’ve never done a trade prior to week 1 kick off before not sure if I should start now or just sit back & stand pat?

    Drum roll here’s the roster

    QB: Winston, I don’t own a back up & looks like Winston doesn’t have a bye until week 11 that’s also why I just drafted one QB. If Winston does struggle out of the gate top available QBs are Wentz & Palmer.

    RB1: David Johnson, hm I wonder if he’ll get a flashy nickname or maybe David Johnson the name will speak for itself.
    RB2: Melvin Gordon

    WR1: alshon
    WR2: martavis Bryant hopefully he can stay off the weed
    WR3: Devante Parker

    TE: hunter Henry not sure if I should be crazy excited with Henry as my starting TE but I did get him late so low risk I guess

    Flex: may change each week, but as of now I have Christian mcaffery there

    D & kicker I’ll be streaming not worth mentioning lol

    Bench: Kareem hunt, Brandon Marshall, maclin, snead, hogan, Smallwood, Jamaal Williams, deangelo Henderson, Abdullah

    1.) based on my roster would you look to do a trade ASAP before the week 1 kick off? Trade my Gordon to receive a top level WR? What about either mike Evans, Baldwin, Michael Thomas, or any other WRs you can recommend in receiving by dealing Gordon?

    2.) stand pat & hold onto to Gordon. Do you think the new Chargers coach will be beneficial to Gordon?

    3.) look to trade my Abdullah + either Parker or Marshall to acquire a better WR? If you recommend that which level / examples of WRs should I target in dealing away Abdullah + WR?

    Flip side if I don’t do any trades thoughts on dropping either Smallwood, Henderson or snead?
    Snead is suspended but is he a good stash in the mean time?

    Available RBs kerwynn Williams DJ cuff, Oliver Gordon cuff, Jonathan Williams, Duke Johnson

    Available WRs: Kupp, galloday, Kendall wright, funchess, Paul Richardson, JJ Nelson

    Available TEs: fleener, Jared cook, gates, Engram

    Thanks man!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Bob barker come on down: Sup Barker! Based on your roster, not really. I’d hold onto Gordon there, RBs are going to be hard to come by. And yes, I love that the Chargers are switching to zone blocking for the specific purpose of helping Gordon even more. I know your WRs seem weak, they are the weakest part of your team, but I’m okay standing pat for now. They should provide enough, at least enough for you to gauge what you’ll need in a few weeks…

      • Bob barker come on down says:


        Thanks man! You’d stand pat as well with the waiver adds? Do you see deangelo Henderson being valuable this season at some point?

        Just read the pats acquired Philip Dorsett from colts in exchange for Brisset. Also Sammie Coates to browns , chargers WR mike Williams won’t go on pup so that’s something worth monitoring, and skins released Matt jones. Craziness today!

        If matt jones ends up on a RB needy team such as Baltimore, Philly, Chiefs, Giants is he worth a speculative add? Granted if he goes to those teams or anywhere he’ll prob be a back up / rotational back

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Bob barker come on down: Yeah, unless something drastic happens… could be my own style, generally unless I’m streaming, I generally stand pat just to see what my team can do week 1.

          And yeah, I think the team matters with Jones.

  11. Once I was Matt Carpenter says:

    I’m in a 12 man league where we keep 4 players every year. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, and a TE.
    1/2 point PPR

    Would you swap out any of my RBs for Forte who was just dropped? Also, what do you think of the team?

    QB Wilson
    RB Freeman, Gurley
    WR Evans, AJ Green
    TE Olsen
    Bench – E. Sanders, Landry, Theo Riddick, Lacy, Procise, Kamara


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Once I was Matt Carpenter: Yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting him over Prosise, just to keep the upside and value guys around. Prosise could be good too. And the team looks pretty solid!

  12. The Harrow says:

    PPR dynasty, j.will GB or prosise or sims

    • The Harrow says:

      @The Harrow: i see your dynasty rankings have prosise highest, even with a large bump to j-will compared to consensus.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @The Harrow: I’m calling Williams for long term. Prosise is higher because he might give you a better return this year only.

      • The Harrow says:

        @Jay: crap, just took prosise. max 5 active RB and have hyde/d.johnson/stewart/perine/prosise 16 team full PPR dynasty.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @The Harrow: it’s fine, I still like him.

  13. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    20 team league, just lost kerley. PPR. is this about right order for waivering: smith-schuster, b.miller, a.wilson. also have humphries, in case a 2nd of these is better than him.

    2. hold mccown (backup for stafford) or grab brissett IND?

  14. Allan says:

    The razzball draft I’m in right now doesn’t have safeties. Just cornerbacks. Is this normal?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Allan: This is not normal. Who was the commish? That should have been changed.

      • Allan says:

        @Jay: Zach. Though I wouldn’t want to throw anyone thrown under the bus.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Allan: naw, he won’t get into trouble… thanks!

  15. DT says:

    Hey Jay.

    trying to upgrade my QB situation. was hoping to get your thoughts on possibilities. 14 team .5 ppr .5 rush attempt league (new to me)

    QB: Palmer
    RB: D. Johnson, Crowell
    WR: Watkins, Tate, Parker
    TE: Rudolph
    Flex: McCaffrey
    Bench: B. Marshall, C. Coleman, J. White, Cutler

    Definitely want to upgrade on the Palmer/Cutler duo. Who would you put on the block? Or would you try to package a couple guys to get an elite WR? Appreciate your thoughts.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @DT: It’s a good team, and a nice RB combo there. WRs make me a little nervous, but I think you can survive your QBs.

  16. Jim says:

    Deep league Q- Im racking my brain trying to make room for Paul Richardson- 0.5 PPr

    Possible drops- Chris Thompson- Kinda like him a lot
    Cole Beasley- Same as CT
    Taylor Gabriel- Idk what to think here
    Sterling Sheppard- Highest ranked but is there enough pie for sheppard to eat?
    Kamara- Id like to see a real game of his usage… possible slot touches w snead out?
    Smallwood- Not enough info to drop yet right?
    Marq Lee- Kinda like him

    I feel these are the huge descions, anybody whoes playable is super valuable as this is a super deep league- Tbh i cant belive richardson is even there still,especially after the kearse trade, have to act quick

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Jim: I like Thompson, Beasley too!

      I think Gabriel is the obvious drop, but not so obvious because of the deep league you’re in. I don’t mind it though.

      • Jim says:

        @Jay: Yea i had my hand on that trigger last night but researching Gabriel and hes got some pretty incredible stats as well- 3rd in ypc, was a wr2 second half in standard last year, 3rd in yards before contact and has pretty much produced any time hes been healthy and NOT had Johhny Manziel under center

        You high on Richardson? Feel this guy has blow up potential and will get his chance out the gates

  17. ThE sHiT says:

    Drafting in 30 min. Can you give me a few names to target late? I saw you like Joe Williams, i like James Conner…

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @ThE sHiT: Jamal Williams, Austin Hooper, Tyrell Williams…

      • The Harrow says:

        @Jay: ty williams IF he’s going late in drafts people are stupid silly.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @The Harrow: I agree, but I’ve seen him drop.

  18. Clos says:

    Whatsup Jay? 12 man ppr. Would you drop Moncreif for Abdullah?

    Qb- Wilson
    WR- Dez Bryant, Martavis Bryant, Sammy Watkins, Willie Snead, Thielen, Moncreif
    RB- Le’veon Bell, Fournette, Mixon
    TE- Witten

    Abdullah just got dropped. Should I drop Moncreif for him?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Clos: yeah, I would.

  19. B.o.B says:

    Standard 10 team league…because my team last year was so bad, I was able to obtain an extra 2nd and 6th round pick this year. I have the 5th pick in our upcoming draft and really struggling on what strategy I should go with from this spot and with these extra picks. Curious what your strategy would be. My early overall picks in this 10 team league are: 5, 16, 18, 25, 36

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @B.o.B: every draft is different, but I’d corner the RB market.

      • B.o.B says:

        @Jay: so assuming Johnson, Bell, Brown and Jones are gone, who you like at 5? And then who would you like to target at 16 and 18?

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @B.o.B: Best available on the 16 and 18, and RB on the first. McCoy, Gordon…

          • B.o.B says:

            @Jay: thanks buddy!

  20. Playadlc says:

    Got offered an interesting trade and wanted your thoughts…this is my team: this is a 12 team, PPR league

    QB – Rodgers, Mariotta
    RB – L. Bell, Carlos Hyde, Gio Bernard, D. Sproles, T. Rawls
    WR – T. Hill, E. Sanders, D. Parker, C. Hogan, Martavius Bryant
    TE – Jordan Reed

    Got offered, Joe Mixon, AJ Green, WR John Brown and Zack Ertz for Aaron Rodgers, Carlos Hyde, Martavius Bryant and Jordan Reed.

    Do it?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Playadlc: I’d hold there. I like the Rodgers side.

  21. Steve Stevenson says:

    Standard 10-tm dynasty, start 2 wr and a flex. I really need to rebuild at RB. Give #1 pick in rookie/FA draft for #s 5 & 6, or hold? Would likely end up with one (maybe both) of Mixon & D. Cook, and if only one is left I’d probably grab M. Bryant with the 6 pick. I assume Fournette, McCaffrey & Hunt go before #5, but it’s also entirely possible Mixon ends up a better dynasty asset than any of them.

  22. royce says:

    rather have ted ginn or randall cobb for the year?

    • Steve Anus says:

      @royce: ginn probably. cobb’s now had years of being mostly crap, ginn’s never been in a super high throwing level team like now, and till snead is back he’ll gain value.

  23. Christopher Griffin says:

    Hi Jay,

    I drafted this team ths afternoon. Thoughts? It’s a 12 team Standard League.

    QB Wilson, Eli Manning
    RB M.Gordon, D Cook, D. Henry, Jamal Williams
    WR Michael Thomas, Tyreke Hill, Tyrell William, Moncrief
    TE Kelce, Brate, Henry


  24. Chicken Dinner says:

    Hey Jay! If you wondered L Miller would you rather own D’Onta Foreman or Marlon Mack?

  25. Dave says:

    2 QB PPR league my team –
    QB- Winston
    QB – Dal
    WR – Brandin Cooks
    WR – Demaryius Thomas
    WR – Davonte Adams
    RB – David Johnson
    RB – Bilal Powell
    TE – Kyle Rudolph
    Flex – Davante Parker

    Bench – Garcon
    Bench – Gore
    Bench – Sam Bradford
    Bench – Dalvin Cook
    Bench – Kevin White

    I just traded AJ Green and Riddick for Brandin Cooks and Dalvin Cook was it a bad move for me? Also, should I drop anybody and try to pick up Mack somehow?