You’ve spent all your money, yet you still want to make adds, but now you have to wait, until after that waiver period ends. Are you there already, or is that time nearing, when you wish you had funds, but spent them all on Ty Johnson?

I’m still holding onto Johnson, so to speak, since we spent a lot on him last week.  Same goes for Edmonds (even with Ken Drake adding to the desert confusion) though it isn’t looking good in the near term. Fear not as better days lie ahead…however some of you can’t afford to wait yet still have FAAB dollars left to spend. Done with hedging, let’s get to spending! (By this point in the season you should’ve spent some FAAB money so we’re updating the amount we have at this point to $50; if you have more by all means add it to the dollar amounts listed here):

*All ownership as of October 28th

Wide Receivers:

$38 – Christian Kirk, ARI (71% Y!, 69% ESPN) David Bowie would’ve been a great Stark Trek character, how did that not ever happen? Anyhoo, I’m spending the money to try and get him but he’s owned in most of my leagues, so there!

$5 – Mecole Hardman, KC (33% Y!, 30% ESPN) Looks like he’s the #3. So pay #3 prices. He’s in the running for most added and dropped guy this season I imagine.

$4 – Auden Tate, CIN (28% Y!, 35% ESPN) Saw him look like a solid #2 with a bad QB against a good D. Let’s hope for AJ’s sake he’s traded and thus Tate gets more reps.

$2 Wideouts as you like ’em (in my order of preference): AJ Brown, Preston Williams, Demaryius Thomas, Cole Beasley, Kenny Stills, Chris Conley, Josh Reynolds, Darius Slayton, Allen Lazard, Danny Amendola, Alex Erickson, Davante Parker


Running Backs:

$21 – Mark Walton, MIA (29% Y!, 12% ESPN) Not sure what changed from last week even with Drake getting traded, the Dolphins still suck. Is he better than Peterson? Gore? Etc? (That Etc is pretty damn solid this time of year).

$6 – Tra Carson, DET (0% Y!, 0% ESPN) No one except the Lions knows whats happening in the backfield.

$5 – Devin Singletary, BUF (68%Y!, 66% ESPN) My dude caught his first TD and his second TD on the season! He will never unseat Gore, but maybe he doesn’t have to?

$2 RBs as you like them (in my order of preference) – Derrius Guice, Darrell Henderson Jr, Ron Jones II, Peyton Barber, Alex Mattison, Jaylen Samuels, Kenny Ballage, Rashaad Penny, Raheem Mostert


Tight Ends:

$7 – Jonnu Smith, TEN (19% Y!, 1% ESPN)  Good day Sunday; Delanie Walker is still around though, so temper those expectations…but at this point in the season, what fun is that? If you don’t have a top 5 TE, and you’ll know, get yourself some Jonnu!

$2 – Darren Fells, HOU (19% Y!, 13% ESPN) Same reason as Jonnu but without the cool first name.

$2 – Dallas Goedert, PHI (20% Y!, 25% ESPN) Didn’t want to believe it as an Ertz owner but Goedert has been playing well enough lately to warrant an add.


Quarterbacks: I wouldn’t bid more than $5 on any. Let’s be clear I’m not bidding on any but I wanted to address how I did not like this week’s bag of QBs, so here you go: Jimmy Garoppolo, Cam Newton, Gardner Minshew, Sam Darnold, Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr

$1 Defenses:  SEA vs TB, PHI vs CHI, DAL @ NYG, DEN vs CLE


Exercise Time! Starting with $100 week one, these are the guys I’ve already won this season:

Week 2: Terry McLaurin ($26), Josh Allen ($3) and Golden Tate ($4)

Week 3: Demarcus Robinson for $19, Deebo Samuel for $7 and Ten D for $1

Week 4: Jamaal Williams for $12, Parris Campbell for $2

Week 5: Nada

Week 6: Vance McDonald for $3

Week 7: New Orleans D for $1

Week 8: Seattle D for $1, Mattison for $3, Guice $1

$17 Left to spend; Rolling with SEA D vs TB so no need there; going to go with Tate this week.

As always, if there is a guy I missed bring them up in the comments and I’ll give them a price (with all the $2 guys this week there can’t be many I missed, right?). Enjoy the games Razzballers and Razzballettes!

  1. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    2 QB dynasty, have rosen, hoskins (my super late 1st rounders the last 2 years, between 10th and 12th overall, albeit i DID luck into kamara in round 3 out of 3 his rookie year when he wasn’t ranked all that high at all for prospects), rodgers, tannehill, mahomes (2 IR slots here). drop rosen for finley here and if so bid how much (most QB’s that aren’t short term types go for say 18-29 or so out of 100 so far). here people WILL assume he’s a long term play. now the thing is rosen was drafted FAR higher than him of course, certainly looked bad so far, but to be fair has probably been on the worst o-lines in the entire league and in his seasons he’s been coached badly too. only reason i have mahomes here is that i drafted him 3 years ago with my 1st rounder that year (knowing it was very likely he’d not play at all that year)

    12 teamer here and rest of my team is quite good.

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      Jesus, 2 QB league with Mahomes (I bet Trubisky went much higher, before Watson too?) and Rodgers, nicely done.
      Anyhoo, Rosen’s fucked (until he winds up as Tom Brady’s backup, because that’s almost too perfect to happen). When will the Dolphins give him a chance, and even if they did, would it matter? The Miami Oline is worse than the Cardinals, so I don’t think he has a chance, especially once they draft a QB and he’s traded again. So holding him seems silly.
      However, what does Finley really bring, and is he worth the $$? I just can’t see how he does better than Dalton, if anyone gains, its probably Joe Mixon, who should see carry after carry after carry. But say he does ok? He’d still have to be Jeff Blake good for the Bengals to not draft a QB. If I’m you I’m making a safe bid, like 16ish, so no one gets a steal, but at least I took a shot.

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        rodgers cost was 1.1 overall in opening year draft back when he was the clear #1 QB years ago. i got lucky on the random draft ordering. my best RB was forte that year and that was the year he was first not worth his ADP, so for a while my best RB and RB depth in general was quite bad. edelman/jordy were my best WR at the time. back then rodgers + jordy weren’t QUITE rodgers + d.adams but close. i also spent up on p.manning’s last halfway decent season in opening year draft (the year before he won SB with DEN when he was arguably the worst QB to win a SB, albeit with one of the best SB team D’s in the last 15 or more years), and clearly his value didn’t last long.

        • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

          yeah rosen could get (and almost certainly WILL be when MIA drafts another super early QB with all those 1st rounders they’ve been grabbing up) traded to somebody useful for him. technically that’s impossible NOT to be true compared to the lines he’s had so far. also, one owner (11th place team with bad QB depth) just FAAB’d both new DEN QB’s (not rypien lock and the other guy who’s likely to start right now) yesterday or 2 days ago.

          • Phil B.

            Phil B. says:

            I loved some Jordy Nelson back in the day, he did fall off fast tho, and I wonder if he doesn’t have better overall #s than Adams with Rodgers.
            Who wants any piece of Denver? As a Mizzou guy I’ve got more love for Lock than most, but I think he’s a career backup. How much did Finley go for?

  2. The Harrow says:

    12 teamer redraft PPR have:
    AAron, j-will, jacobs, guice (in lone IR slot), ty-jo (DET), RJ2. drop any/which of RJ2 or ty-jo for samuels here?

    • The Harrow says:

      the ROS top 30 FP guys (having to use close dates since j-sam’s value hinges very much on possible conner injury, which he constantly has at least one of) say these 3 are close, with
      RJ2 34th RB
      ty jo 36th
      j-sam 37th

      • Phil B.

        Phil B. says:

        I’d hold. With that being said, I did add Samuels in one league, but only for this week. I am still sticking with Ty for another week. RJ2 could go, but only if you need Samuels this week.

        • The Harrow says:

          yeah that’s why it wasn’t a slam dunk as i don’t need him this week. well if d.adams still isn’t in he’d be playing over one of sutton or j.brown. this week starting:
          QB dak
          RB (2) jacobs, AAron
          WR (2) d.adams, lockett (return yards worth half of scrimmage)
          TE kittle
          flex j.brown or sutton
          kupp on bye,

          • Phil B.

            Phil B. says:

            I’m going JB flex there. He should torch WAS for at least 1 TD. I would go him over Samuels, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll know on Conner until near game time. And if he plays, Samuels is worthless, like he’s been at multiple points this season.
            Davante Adams is just killing me this year; I just traded him for Marlon Mack in a league where I need RB help.

            • The Harrow says:

              adams for mack seems fine if you had RB needs for sure. even if you end up losing that one in a vacuum my guess is you are close to even with your WR anyway and needed the RB gain. i have d.adams in 2/3 of my money leagues that are over $50 (so to me that means my “big” money leagues), only spot i don’t is where we have one keeper and mine was barkley, and my draft slot didn’t work out for adams. in others i drafted this year between 6-10th everywhere (most completely random orderings) and got adams.

  3. Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

    20 team dynasty where i have to have at least 10 WAS players at all times. IR counts towards this. rushing yards worth half more than receiving, but it is PPR. for the IDP’s i’ll just list their ROS ranking from idp guru, the best idp site existent (youse guys should see about teaming up with him similar to how grey found you 2 almost a year and a half ago, as razzball hasn’t had any IDP stuff in about 3-4 years and the last time they did their guy was also a top 2 ranker for IDP for 2 consecutive years, but even that guy’s content paled in comparison to IDP guru’s stuff at his site (in season is free, super deep preseason rankings are like 8 bucks for the predraft kit). return yards here are worth as much as rushing yards, so cord patt is actually better than pretty much any of my WR the last 3 weeks.

    QB (1, max from at most 2 real life teams, but as many as you want from one of those 2 teams you can have guys from, so here i could have multiple LAR or WAS QB’s): goff, haskins (WAS 1)

    RB (1): ekeler, c.thompson (WAS 2), (W 3), and i can add bonnafon or wilkins again when VD gets his out tag for this week (or drop sprinkle if he is active)

    WR (2): t-will, m-will, richardson (W 4), cord patterson, aj brown

    TE (1): irv smith, sprinkle (W 5), VD (W 6)
    1 flex
    IR (5): d.johnson, j.reed (W 7), guice (W 7)
    K (1): WAS kicker (W 8)

    LB (3): r.evans (18), kwon A (33), l.david (25), used to have e.kendricks but i dropped him after having him for his whole career since he was trending down for the last 2 years, and then THIS year he goes off for a 15th ROS guy now (in preseason he was far lower, middle 40’s), (backup LB and DE here)), and i can add morrow (OAK, 50) or q.williams (JAX, was ranked higher till injured, 62nd)

    DE (2): c.campbell (DE 8), houston (15), (DE 27)
    DT (2): AAron (DT 1), j.allen (W 9, counts as a DT which is awesome since he plays DE and they score more, 19), j.phillips (BUF, technically a split starter with star lat but has done better than him, the 3rd DT can be thrown away after byes by LAR/WAS, ranked DT 10 this week)

    S (2): b.baker (S 9), simmons (16), r.harrison (i got the 2 waiver and he’s coming off tonight, 8), nicholson (W 10), so i’ll be too deep at S (rather be this deep at LB), shame i traded away l.collins about 3 years ago for a WR when i needed one (it was a fair smart trade at the time)

    CB (2): norman (W 10, CB 31, could go away from him he’s not good and doesn’t get full snaps anymore, could drop him for moreau, getting more snaps than him at WAS lately), j.joseph (CB 8)
    IR: a.phillips S LAC (this guy was awesome last year used somewhat as a LB, hurt all this year so far, ROS S 35)

    got a trade offer of:
    my aj brown + 3rd rounder (these have some value unless you keep so many that you only draft rounds 1-2)
    AP + keenum + mclaurin + worthless pick

    keenum and probably AP i have little use for (certainly keenum has no long term value and i only don’t start goff on his this week bye anyway, and keenum doesn’t sound like he’s playing over haskins this week as is, i have 1 IR slot left). i could drop some guys if i did this (one of the WAS TE’s probably). probably should try to trade away one of the S for LB here after i obtain r.harrison tonight. but is aj brown that much better than mclaurin long term anyway? clearly i’d love to have a base player on WAS long term (have guice, possibly, haskins, j.allen, the kicker, one of the TE’s already, m.ioanndis DE is quite good all of a sudden but likely want to be held onto by his owner). if i did this i’d probably drop keenum right away. it’s been a hard road trying to both compete and have this many WAS players for this many years, but i did 3 peat once not long ago here.

    • Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

      the “you 2 guys part” was since copy/pasted from the podcast guys spot.

      • Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

        made a miscount, i have 11 WAS guys.

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