You ever get the feeling that things are too good to be true? Like that one time that hot girl from chem class Candice invited you over because she just couldn’t figure out how she was gonna survive that Algebra test and you thought to yourself ‘she has an ‘A’ in that class, no way she’s asking me over for a study session’. So you dress up in your best Mossimo t-shirt, your cool bandana, your shell necklace, threw your jansport bag on your back and trudged over for a little ‘studying’. Then you got there and all of her friends were there, books out on the table. She had her hair in a messy bun while wearing her reading glasses and a gym shirt while everyone was arguing over what a polynomial was. There was no reason for you to think the situation was any more then what it looked like except for the fantasies racing around in your head telling you different. Well I’m here to tell you something very similar is going on with our freshly coifed friend Wes Welker and his fantasy outlook this year. So follow me as I move on from my Candice fantasies and move onto why Welker will let you down for 2013 Fantasy Football…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

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Now I’ve been nice all summer long by pumping out sleeper posts. I gave you a Chris Ivory Sleeper post, a Sam Bradford Sleeper post and even a Chris Givens Sleeper post. Yes that was a clever ruse to get you to click around the site a bit. At least I’m no Bleacher Report and giving you a slideshow with every article. ‘And now let’s discuss why Mark Sanchez is bad for fantasy football. Slide 1: butt fumble, Slide 2: butt fumble.gif, Slide 3: Butt Fumble in slow motion, Slide 4:…’, eh, you get the point that I’m an internet whore but not THAT kind of internet whore. Moving on, I just wanted to say you have to sometimes take the gloves off with players. Can’t always say ‘tremendous upside’ or ‘great value pick’. Sometimes you have to point out what’s missing. So let’s discuss Hakeem Nicks and why he’s avoidable in most drafts for 2013 Fantasy Football…

Please, blog, may I have some more?