It’s go time! The fantasy playoffs are a short 3 matchups away. The Cowboys will finally play an early game for once and they will travel to Detroit to take on the Lions to stay in the NFC East race. The Buccaneers will host the Saints who are probably not too happy following a loss to the struggling Falcons at home. The Vikings will play host to the pesky Broncos and one of Allen QBs while the Jets will visit the Redskins. The Falcons and Panthers will face off in Carolina, but the big one for the early slate is Houston traveling to Baltimore to take on the red hot Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. 

In the afternoon we have a Super Bowl rematch between the Eagles and the Patriots and the Eagles have a ton of injuries on offense so we will see how that goes. We have a rematch of the Thursday night game from a couple of weeks ago with the Cardinals traveling to San Francisco or where ever they play to play the 49ers. And at night we have the Bears traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Rams who have a pretty beat up offensive line. It should be interesting. Let’s get to the injuries and the rankings!

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It’s week 10 of the fantasy football season. After you get done reading this and ask your questions, get all of your housework done because we have 10 hours of great football ahead of us. Well, hopefully. During the early games, the Bears and the Lions will face off in a last ditch effort to keep their seasons alive. The Browns will host Buffalo and try to save face. There are reports that there could be some high winds in that one so keep that in mind when you are setting your DFS and season-long lineups. Patrick Mahomes is back, folks! Patrick Mahomes will make his return against the Tennessee Titans. Our shoot out this week comes in Tampa Bay and a matchup between Jameis Winston and Kyler Murray. There should plenty of fantasy points to go around in that one. 

In the late afternoon, the Panthers face off in Lambeau with Kyle Allen getting another chance to keep the Panthers in the playoff race. The Rams will try and keep themselves in the division race against the surging Pittsburgh Steelers. On Sunday night, Kirk Cousins will try and turn around his historic primetime stench with the Vikings traveling to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. Let’s get to the injuries followed by updated rankings.

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We start the day in London with the Texans against the Jaguars. The Jaguars have actually had recent success in London with their “go across seas on Thursday” strategy. The Texans followed that strategy this week, so let’s see what happens there. 

The Jets line up against the Dolphins for a big time garbage matchup and you know that we can’t wait for the Steelers vs. Colts. The Vikings could use a win against the Chiefs to keep pace in the division and the Chiefs could also use a win to keep control of the AFC West. The Bears and Eagles should be a pretty interesting game. The Bears can honestly put any quarterback out there and get the same production that their current starter gets. 

The Panthers will try to get something going against the Titans to keep their playoff hopes alive while the Bucs will try and play spoilers against the Seahawks. The Browns will try and correct the recent negative script against the Broncos and the Raiders and the Lions will try and stay really relevant in the playoff race.

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Another Sunday is upon us! We’re in the middle of bye week season and doing the best to scrap together winning lineups to make the playoff push. We do have a game in London this week and I’m wondering if the Ram’s fan base will be bigger across seas than it is in L.A. Russell Wilson will continue his MVP campaign against the Matt Ryan-less Atlanta Falcons. The Bears host the Chargers and it’s probably a valid question if you’re asking yourself if any of these teams will be able to score. Sam Darnold will try and shake the ghosts that have been haunting him as the Jets travel to Jacksonville. 

Who knows what we’ll get from the Raiders when they visit Houston on Sunday, but if you believe the words of Jarvis Landry, the Browns are going to beat the Patriots. The Carolina Panthers should match up very well against the 49ers, and I’m also not sleeping on the Mahomes-less Chiefs against the Packers to close out the day. Whatever happens today, it should be another entertaining Sunday. Best of luck to each and every one of you. Let’s see what injuries we have. 

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Six weeks down and seven weeks to go for the regular fantasy football season. The weather forecasts are looking pretty decent across the board outside of a few possible spurts of rain. During the early games we have what could be shootouts between the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams and also the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals. In the late afternoon games we have a couple of grinder Big 10 type football games between the Saints and Bears and also the Titans and Chargers. Let’s get into the injuries and rankings.

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We finally have an early morning game. It’s my favorite part of the season. The whole expanding the brand to Europe thing doesn’t doesn’t affect most of us Razzballers, but getting a coffee and breakfast game gives us 3 more hours of football on Sunday!

The afternoon slate looks awesome. We have the 49ers taking on the Rams and the Jet vs. the Cowboys (which I actually thing will be a really good game). The Falcons and Cardinals could also be a high scoring game. But, the Chiefs and Texans is being played during the early slate and I’m going to have to hook up a TV to watch that game by itself. The Vikings and Eagles should also be a fun game to watch and that outcome is hard to predict. There are a lot of things to look forward to in week 6 so let’s get right into the injuries followed by the rankings.

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It is the first Sunday of October! The weather is starting to get a little cooler around the league and the matchups are starting to heat up. Well, sort of. We have a couple of nice matchups to look forward to, but fantasy football stats count the same whether the games are good or not. The premier matchup doesn’t come until the late afternoon and that’s between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. 

We have 10 early games today and 2 late afternoon games. I still don’t get it, but you’re probably sick of me complaining about it at this point. We’ll make the most of it. The New Orleans Saints will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that will be an interesting test for Alvin Kamara as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense as a whole. The Ravens and the Steelers should be interesting, because the matchups usually are. The Cardinals vs. the Bengals will be a disaster, but the scoreboard could light up in this one. Another game with a lot of potential scoring is the Falcons/Texans matchup. The o/u for that game sits at 50. 

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Welcome to the bulk of week 3! No need to panic if you are sitting at 0-2 and maybe looking at 0-3, get a hold of what a BOOF on twitter and he could choose you for next week’s Fantasy 911. No matter what your record is, I’m here to help you get the W this week. If you’re looking for some gambling picks, I have picks for you to check out. 

We have a couple of good games this Sunday including Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes. Depending on the weather, we could see some lighting up of the scoreboard. The Rams and the Browns could be a pretty interesting way to close out the night as well. Of course, injuries are starting to become a factor early in the season, so let’s get to the latest news on those.

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The long wait is over friends. Yes, we had plenty of time to talk ad nauseum about deflated balls, and truth be told, I’m quite relieved despite having a bounty of “ball” jokes being lined up so nicely for the last two weeks. I’ve come to realize that I can make d*ck and balls (and fart, if needed) jokes all day long, I don’t need the 24/7 news cycle and Super Bowl click-bait on “deflate-ghazi” to do this. What a revelation! You’d think it was a revelation of some sorts to some people that the amount of collective time spent on balls, deflated or otherwise, really does show how competent the NFL is with issues that no one should really give a sh*t about. If only Ray Rice punched a deflated ball, something could be gleaned from this! Other highlights during this wait included Marshawn Lynch just barely avoiding fines by doing the very least on Media Day, and Richard Sherman contemplating what to do if his child is born later today. Yet barely any mention of Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial. Priorities people. Priorities. But hey, in the end, football is back for what is essentially the biggest sports event of the year, so sit back, enjoy whatever fried foods and alcohol is in front of you, and if we’re lucky, this game will be marginally more entertaining than last year’s. So hopefully past the midway point of the first quarter…

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While last week marked the end of the fantasy seasonfor many of you, this week will mark the end of the real football season (and I guess also the end of some fantasy seasons for leagues that forgot to set their playoffs correctly). The great tournament is just about set (sans the seeding), with only the Panthers and Falcons deciding who gets to wear the dumpster fire crown (which, believe it or not, is also on fire) for the NFC South title, and just the Chargers, Ravens, Chiefs, and Texans vying for the last wild card position in the AFC. The Chargers path is the least treacherous, (win-and-you’re-in), which probably means you should prepare for their usual bed-sh*tting. That being said, the three other teams have their own mountains to climb. The Ravens need to win against the Browns combined with a Chargers loss. The Chiefs need a win against the Chargers combined with a Ravens loss at home and a Texans loss. And for the Texans to make the playoffs, well… let’s just say they need Conner Shaw, Chase Daniel, and Case Keenum to lead their respective teams to victory. So… yeah. Good luck with that Texans!

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