With no more Josh Allen to entertain us with incredibly awful and fun plays this postseason, I decided to take another stab at the mock draft with playoff predictions dictating draft order. Again, only 3.0 and later will have mock trades, so some of these picks and fits feel a little wonky.

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You know fantasy football season is right around the corner when the NFL Draft passes us by, but it really hits you when you start doing mock drafts.

For many, doing mocks in May is a tad bit early, but I am one of the millions of fantasy owners who have embarked on this journey – whether I like it or not!

Fantasy football is becoming increasingly more popular – not to say it wasn’t a juggernaut already – but there are people playing it all around the globe and from all walks of life.  While people used to draft a team or two a week or so before Opening Kickoff, you now have guys (and girls) with multiple teams (we’re talking dozens here), and they’re drafting all year round.  Dynasty league gurus have affectionately coined the term: “In dynasty leagues, there is no offseason”.  Such is the ADD/OCD culture we live in today.

I wasn’t planning on doing a mock so early, but I was invited by the esteemed website, Lindy’s Sports, to participate in a mock draft that would later be featured in their magazine’s 2014 Fantasy Football Preview Edition.  When glancing at some of the names on draft order list, I was sure that this would be a challenge.  Amongst my mock-mates were writers from some of the biggest fantasy football sites and publications out there.  This was gonna be interesting.

The following is a recap of what went down for me on that warm, Southern California night.  The settings for the mock are as follows: 14 teams, 14 roster spots (3 WR/2 RB/FLEX format), non-PPR, standard scoring settings.  I had the 14th pick.

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Greetings!!!  Welcome to Razzball’s first ever, REAL NFL Mock Draft. The more you know and understand about rosters and the NFL in general, will only help you achieve your grandiose dreams of fantasy greatness. Who better than I, Tehol Beddict, Razzball’s own in-house football expert, to break down what all 32 NFL teams should be doing with their first round selections? Don’t answer that.

I expect there to be numerous trades in the first round, and all throughout the draft, but I’m not even going to attempt at predicting all of the trade scenarios. That’s like trying to decipher how Nicolas Cage went from an A-list leading actor to the holding up “Will Work for Food” signs on Hollywood Boulevard.  I don’t recall ever being this pumped up about an NFL Draft, as this is one of the more intriguing draft classes in some time.  I’m giddy like a school girl on Christmas Eve!

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Yup, it’s that time of year. The time of year where football is all about the what ifs and the maybes and the possiblies. A time where everyone could have value and no pick could possibly go wrong. So of course this was a great time to have a Mock Draft when the world is your oyster and you get to shuck the hell out of it. So with that mindset, I joined Murph for a little bit of late February, early March mockery of the 2013 fantasy football draft system. Let’s just look at how I did, shall we? Yes, let’s:

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It seems the Super Bowl just ended and we still find more than enough to talk about when it comes to football. One of the hot topics of the past few months has been the upcoming NFL draft and the teams that potential prospects would be best on. I personally have only been doing draft analysis for a short time but have always found it interesting for as long as I have followed football to try and assess team needs and what players I thought fit where. I have always thought draft analysis is pretty biased and limited in many ways, I mean how can one person possibly predict what teams were going to do in the draft? The answer truly is they can’t, so it’s hard to take any one persons opinion seriously with so many conflicting viewpoints.

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