So let me get this straight… there are three AFC North teams in the playoffs? No, I don’t care for this much AFC North in the playoffs. And I guess I should tackle the elephant in the room and mention that yes, I do know the Chargers lost. (I like bourbon more than bourbon likes me. True story, bro.) That’s okay, not every one can play in the NFC South. So yeah, now we can officially say good bye to the 2014 regular season of the National Football League. (We hardly knew ye!)

While most of us essentially closed up shop last week, today actually marks the end to Razzball’s 2014 Fantasy Football Season, and like I said the other day, we couldn’t do it with out you guys and gals. The Razzball community is numero uno, which I could translate for you if I knew French. Obviously, I don’t. I’d like to also give a special thanks to all of our contributors this season. KC (Kati), Jennifer, Andrew Nordmeier, Seth, J-FOH, Kevin Kumpf, Smokey, Nico, Tehol, malamoney (Matt), waterloo (Michael), and Ralph… great job everyone!

Be sure to join us during the offseason. We’ll be dissecting our previous rankings, projections, preseason calls, and then we’ll have the draft content, the free agency period soon there after, and before you know it, mini-camps are back and we can do this all over again. Time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again. Alright-alright-alright. Until then, Razzball is covering your favorite non-football sports for Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey.

Now, back to your regularity scheduled round-up…


Note: With a majority of games lacking anything resembling drama, we’ll switch back to our “old school” blurb format and forgo the game-by-game presentation. 

Connor Shaw – 14/28, 177 YDS, 1 INT and 7 CAR, 9 YDS. Connor Shaw might have been worse in college than Logan Thomas. I mean, I watched him almost turn a 5-yard sack into a 16-yard safety… that’s gotta mean something.

Tony Romo – 22/34, 299 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT. Tony Romo: December Strong.

DeSean Jackson – 2 REC, 86 YDS, 1 TD. Good thing the Eagles got rid of Jackson. That worked out wonderfully for them.

Reggie Wayne – 2 REC, 91 YDS. Old n’ slow Reggie Wayne is kind of sad to watch.

Arian Foster – 5 CAR, 23 YDS and 1 REC, 10 YDS, 1 TD. I would like to thank Arian Foster for making it through Week 16 before dying. It is much appreciated.

Chase Daniel – 16/27, 157 YDS and 3 CAR, 16 YDS. I feel his name would be better if it was Daniel Chase.

Ryan Tannehill – 23/39, 259 YDS, 1 TD. Ryan Tannenhill: The second best quarterback for the Dolphins since Dan Marino.

Geno Smith – 20/25, 358 YDS, 3 TD and 5 CAR, 18 YDS. If there’s anytime to start looking good, it’s the last game of the season, I guess.

Matt Asiata – 19 CAR, 91 YDS and 2 REC, 17 YDS. Norv Turner is determined to make Matt Asiata a thing.

Cordarrelle Patterson – 1 TGTS. Cordarrelle Patterson: Ted Ginn 2.0.

Jay Cutler – 23/36, 172 YDS and 3 CAR, 39 YDS. So, Jay Cutler is pretty much done in Chicago, right? Are we taking bets in days or minutes?

Mark Sanchez – 23/36, 292 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT and 7 CAR, 22 YDS. Nacho was as happy as if it was prom night.

Odell Beckham Jr. – 12 REC, 185 YDS, 1 TD. I see Odell Beckham had another mediocre game…

C.J. Anderson – 13 CAR, 87 YDS, 3 TD and 2 REC, 20 YDS. I’m not ashamed to admit my man-love for C.J. Anderson. I’m not even sure if it’s completely heterosexual or not.

Larry Fitzgerald – 2 REC, 29 YDS. Larry Fitzgerald should have ordered himself a quarterback rather than three jerseys.

Michael  Floyd – 8 REC, 153 YDS, 2 TD. I see Floyd waits until the fantasy football season is over to become useful…

Shaun Hill – 26/37, 243 YDS, 2 INT. That’s probably why Shaun Hill is not a real starting quarterback. I guess the question is, did we need a reminder?

Better double entendre sounding name: Golden Tate (3 REC, 45 YDS) or Jacquizz Rogers (9 CAR, 44 YDS and 3 REC, 19 YDS)?

Matthew Stafford – 20/41, 217 YDS, 3 TD and 4 CAR, 29 YDS. Matthew Stafford is not very good. Especially if by “very” you mean “any”.

Eddie Lacy – 26 CAR, 100 YDS and 3 REC, 26 YDS. Lacy runs like there’s an ice cream sandwich dangling in front of his face. To be honest, I’m pretty sure that the visor in his helmet is so the team can project that sandwich on a HUD.

Randall Cobb – 4 REC, 80 YDS, 2 TD. Cobb’s day brought out the angry side of Jim Caldwell. His lips almost moved.

Antonio Brown – 7 REC, 128 YDS, 1 TD. That’s it, I’m scheduling the sexual reassignment for Thursday. I need to have Brown’s children.

Andy Dalton – 27/38, 244 YDS, 2 TD, 2 INT. Andy Dalton looks like a villain on Gotham.


Thanks again everyone for being a part of the 2014 Season!


  1. Scott says:

    I vote for Golden Jacquizz.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Scott: this… is brilliant.

  2. J-FOH says:

    no thanks to Sky?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @J-FOH: He’s higher on the food chain. This was specific to a certain group.

      • J-FOH says:

        @Jay: I know, was just playin. So…baseball is starting

  3. SwaggerJackers says:

    Hey Jay, what pick overall to you see Odell going in drafts next year?

    • goodfold2 says:

      @SwaggerJackers: i’ve been seeing some say like 2nd round

  4. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    which of these if drafting for playoffs fantasy league, on a per game basis (don’t give extra pts to demarco since he’ll get a possibly extra game) between demarco/lynch/anderson? Standard league.

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: bell (PIT) is an option here too, but with that knee thing i’m not messing with him this high anymore. Even though this doesn’t draft till 2nd round (so every team is playing at the same time), hyperextended knees would seem to bounce a RB out of top 4 convo.

  5. Filkarri says:

    Thanks for all your work this season, guys! Unfortunately, I lost in the super bowl again this year for the 4th time in the past 5 seasons. I am officially the early 90s Buffalo Bills of fantasy football.

  6. Bye Felicia says:

    So there’s that… Yeah I won one league, lost 5 others. Great year for waiver wire wonders. Anyways, will razzball consider doing College next season? I think there’s a market for DFS college edition. Thanks for everything this year writers. You guys made this season entertaining. Till next year…

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