AlfredJF aka Boof has come back for another Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast with B_Don and Donkey Teeth to go over his recent Pre-Draft Top 10 Rookie RBs article. B_Don and Boof go through their usual film vs numbers discussion to give you both points of view on the eve of the NFL draft. We start at the top with Najee Harris, Javonte Williams, and Travis Etienne, then the guys diverge in their rankings from there. Come listen and find out how the rest of the top 10 breaks out for the guys. 

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Hello all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – NFL draft season. I have put together my top 10 running backs for you using a combination of production metrics and film.

Without getting too technical, my process heavily weighs volume for running backs. It has been shown that usage in college projects usage in the pros (with the occasional exception). Other college production metrics come into play, for example, efficiency AND volume is better than volume alone and of course projected draft capital has to be considered. Finally, the last step is to turn on the tape and see what traits jump out and how they convert their skills into the production that the stats show.

This list reflects who I would prefer in a vacuum on talent alone. Landing spot is a bigger consideration for me at the running back position than it is for quarterbacks or receivers. So, there will be a higher likelihood of shuffling post draft on this list compared to other positions. Still, I think we should pick players mostly on talent first and the other factors are more like tie-breakers rather than a major consideration. All metrics come from the data app and athletic testing from

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Welcome to the master list of my devy prospects for single QB leagues! This installment will be players ranked 41-60. If you missed it, check out my top 20 devy rankings and top 40 ddevy rankings.

For those new to devy: in a “devy” league, short for developmental, managers can select players who are still in college (or high school) and stash them on a separate, inactive roster until they are drafted into the NFL. In this format, the player values can be all over the place and each manager’s process for player evaluation becomes of utmost importance. 

I have previously released articles with my position-specific rankings which describe in more detail my process and what I look for when ranking devy prospects. Check those out here: QB, RB, WR, and TE. 

Some of the position rankings have changed as I have moved through the offseason so this is the most updated order. 

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