It’s fantasy POSTSEASON, y’all! Here’s to ensuring your playoff run continues into next week and the week thereafter and beyond, until you’re a 2023 fantasy football champion. Either that, or you’re competing to avoid the toilet bowel, last place and effectively being forced into having the league winner’s grandmother’s likeness tattooed onto your right buttcheek. Or your left. Or both. Or maybe you have to play frogger in four-lane traffic for an hour. I have no way of knowing how sick in the head your leaguemates are. All I can do is help you from becoming Main Street roadkill or having Grandma Elsa’s face stenciled onto your backside.

So let’s get to it and fire up those decisions. This week, we’ll touch on Justin Fields, D’Andre Swift, James Cook, Calvin Ridley and more. But if you don’t see your player of interest, hit me up in the comments. Week 15 start vs. sit begins right now.

Please, blog, may I have some more?