Last week I was listening to a sports talk radio show that was making an argument against playing dynasty fantasy football. I know right?! Well the argument was that due to the high turnover rate of players, mostly running backs that it was too difficult to try to predict and control your team long-term. I personally think this is what makes dynasty so fun an challenging and because of the volatility we see so many different philosophies and strategies. Surprisingly I received an email the very same day from Nick Capozzi of the Razzball podcast, asking if we would like to do a write up about his new team he just drafted at If you’ve played dynasty you know all that play like to share their drafts due to the varying opinions of those that play, the same team that looks amazing to me could be regarded as unbalanced or too old by another dynasty enthusiast. So with this email I took a look at what was a very interesting draft by Nick and shot him a few questions where the “non writer” really made some great responses, land Sky was surprised by this as he says ‘Nick believes himself a bit of a celebrity and because keyboards are what he views as ‘the tool of we ignorant writing grunts who can’t croon the panties off the ladies’ Well Sky, Nick likes dynasty fantasy football so he’s ok in my book, let’s take a look at his draft and his answers to my questions.
Please, blog, may I have some more?