If you’re not up for story time, you can skip right down to performance checks. It’s personal and probably not for everybody, but I wanted to tell it anyways. 

Speaking of worries, we had a medical emergency with my son on Sunday afternoon and that would explain why I didn’t post on Monday. Before we continue on this crazy journey, everything is fine now. On Sunday afternoon I was watching the games and switching off checking on our son with my wife. He had a lingering stomach ache since after breakfast. He actually threw up and said he was starting to feel better. I checked for a fever, nada. We Gave him some medicine to settle his stomach down. Everything is fine, he just has a stomach bug.

Around the time the late afternoon games kicked off, things got really intense. He yelled “MOM, DAD!” and we ran upstairs. He was sitting on the floor holding his stomach grimacing in pain, his chicken noodle soup untouched. It was time to go to the hospital. 

We get to the hospital, I think that he has food poisoning and my wife thinks that his appendix is on the verge of bursting. The doctor? He thinks it’s gas. They do an X-Ray, there are no blockages (not a gas issue). The pain is intensifying for him and my palms are getting sweaty and my wife is getting tears in her eyes. My patience is wearing thin.

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Throughout August, I am going to be breaking down 2018 Fantasy Football drafts by round. Not to sound like captain obvious here, but the first round is the most important round. Back when I used to read Matthew Berry religiously, he would always emphasize that you can’t win a fantasy football league in the first round, but you can definitely lose it. The injury stuff is just dumb luck, so it’s hard to kick yourself if you drafted David Johnson last year. It was the right move. In leagues where I was picked first last year, I took David Johnson and I would do it again 100 times out of 100. Anyone can get hurt at any time.

Reid wrote a piece about the back end of the first round that you will enjoy as well.

I’m going to break down the first round in four sets of tiers. I’m going to use the 12 team format. We will have the 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 tiers. I’m simply going to tell you about the player that I like the most in this tier and why. Some of you aren’t going to agree and that is what the comment section is for. If you have checked out my rankings, most of this won’t be a surprise to you but it is a chance to go more in depth.

Be sure to check out my PPR and Standard Rankings if you haven’t already!

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Pierre Garçon is the newly signed #1 wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers. You are probably asking yourself: “Why does the lead receiver of a team that Vegas predicts will win four or five games in 2017 matter for Fantasy Football drafts and why did I click on this article?” Great question, the three key reasons why Pierre Garçon is a super sleeper in 2017 Fantasy Football drafts are his projected opportunity, his reunion with an old offensive mastermind, and very his low price.

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Along with the two sophomore quarterbacks that are sparking a lot of Fantasy Football interest, there were a few free-agent moves that are going to shake things up as we build our rosters in August.  We have a few new veteran receivers in this division and a veteran name at running back that’s going to make the Philadelphia backfield situation confusing.  Also, there’s a rookie running back in Washington who is looking to take a chunk out of the backfield work.  I’m going to quit burying the lead and get the damn thing started.

Before we get into the NFC East, I want to take a paragraph and congratulate Jay, Grey, and Rudy for their Top-3 (TOP EFFING THREE!) finish in Fantasy Football draft rankings for FantasyPros last season.  These guys have been at it for years making Razzball not only one of the best fantasy baseball sites, but also one of the best fantasy football sites.  Keep telling your friends about us, the results from our content speaks volumes when you see stuff like this.

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Hello fellow Razzballians. Now that the season has officially begun, it is time for a paradigm shift. That paradigm shift is hitting the switch from “preseason ranking” to “regular season reality”. As the season progresses, your preseason rankings (and ours!) will matter less and less. And if you will follow that logic one step further, then the round (or money spent, for you auctioneers out there) in which you drafted a particular player becomes less important. Or at least it should. Mentally and emotionally, it is very hard to bench, trade, or drop a first or second round player. However, once the season the starts, your success is based on trades, waiver wire moves, and having the guts to bench your second round player when it is necessary. Your success is not based on how well your team looked after the draft. More so, it is based on how well your team looks after Week 8, when injuries and bye weeks cripple teams. Now with that all being said, I want to look at the New York Football Giants for a little bit. And more specifically, Eli Manning and his long list of productive receivers. (While this may be a little lengthy, I promise I will tie it all back in at the end).

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You can read part one here.

Here’s two players.  Player A played in 66 games in 5 years since becoming a starter, an average of 13.2 games (16, 13, 16, 8, 13 games played by season).  Player B played in 49 games in 4 years for his career (he’s been a starter his entire career), an average of 12.2 games per season (13, 16, 5, 15 games played by season).  Player A is a running back, Player B is a wide receiver.  Do they seem durable to you?  Injury prone?  What if I told you Player A is perceived as one of the biggest injury risks in the game, while Player B sometimes gets a free pass for his injuries.  Does that seem like the best way to judge these two?

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Greetings! Forgive me I’m not up to date on current sporting events, for Twitter, whom I fully depend on for all news and information, locked my account for a solid 24 hours! Any Quarterbacks get hurt? Did the Bills announce a starter? My life is meaningless without Twitter and the Elder Gods are known to punish me from time to time, usually when I’m riding high, basking in the glory of some incredible accomplishment, like the time I demoralized the Hilton sisters in a game of naked Twister. By demoralized, I mean that I gave both of them the profound type of hickory sticking that would make even the great Ray-J smile upon me like a proud father. Matter of fact, he was there filming it. Sorry, I’m rambling again, reminiscing about the heroic years that were my youth. But seriously, I haven’t been without Twitter for this long since the last time Sky locked me in his basement. Yes, Sky, I know: It puts the lotion on the skin!

Let’s talk quarterbacks, shall we? I am Tehol Beddict, and this is, Disgrace/Delight! Take heed!

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This past week was brutally tough on running backs. We saw several of them get injured and there are lead backs who will miss multiple weeks from the Denver Broncos and New York Giants. Factor in Kansas City and New Orleans are on bye this week, and it makes for a minefield of running backs to work through. We’ll help you get through it in this week’s column. Here we go.

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