As our esteemed experts in Final Fantasy have pointed out, the Nightmare is a demonic colt that will flatten you with cloven hooves, a fiery mane, and gnashing teeth scarred from Halloween candy. A nightmare is also trying to figure out what to do with your fantasy football team now that Jonathan Taylor is out — AGAIN. Aw, Hufflepuff. The fantasy football season is halfway done, and you can barely call your usage of your top RB “fun-sized.” 

Let’ s jump into the fray and see if there’s anything we can do to solve your injury and roster woes for the upcoming week! 

The following players are listed as OUT at the time of writing: 

Name Team Pos
Jonathan Taylor IND RB
Ja’Marr Chase CIN WR
Cole Holcomb WAS LB
Mike Williams LAC WR
Antoine Winfield Jr. TB DB
Dustin Hopkins LAC K
Jordan Poyer BUF DB
De’Vondre Campbell GB LB
Rashod Bateman BAL WR
Corey Davis NYJ WR
Mike Hilton CIN DB
Amani Hooker TEN DB
A.J. Parker DET DB
Chuba Hubbard CAR RB
Darrell Taylor SEA LB
A.J. Terrell ATL DB
DeVante Parker NE WR
Dalvin Tomlinson MIN DL
Keenan Allen LAC WR

Week 9 Injuries and Roster News

Deon Jackson: I get it: he’s undrafted, he’s untested, and you have probably added and dropped him three times by now. But I was dropped more than that as a child and I’ll still here! With Jonathan Taylor out for the week and top-12 richest RB in the NFL Nyheim Hines traded off, our favorite wunderkind Deon Jackson steps into the RB1 role for the Indianapolis Nightmares Colts. The last time Jackson took the RB1 role? He finished as the fantasy RB1, with 120 all-purpose yards and 10 receptions. Oh yeah, Matt Ryan was the QB at the time too, and he’s gone. Oh yeah yeah, part 2: Jackson played the Jaguars that week. I could probably rush for a couple yards against the Jaguars if security didn’t notice a middle-aged pale white dude take the field. They’d say, “What is Matt Ryan doing on the field?” as I snuck forward for a yard, crushing my vertebrae in the process and collecting a sweet NFL pension for the rest of my life. ENYWHEY. Enough about my fantasy. Your fantasy (team) should be adding Deon Jackson and starting him in your RB2/FLEX spot. 

D’Andre SwiftAt work today — no not at Razzball HQ, we don’t actually do work there, just foosball — a colleague came up to me and asked “Swift for Najee?” and then we talked about how they’re RB2 behind the powerhouses that are Jalen Warren and Jamaal Williams. Swift struggled to practice…but is reported as getting duties on Sunday? Isn’t that how we got into this problem in the first place? But that’s Swift’s identity: the scrappy lunchpail kid who plays through pain and the piranha that is actively attached to his ass. Come on docs, why can’t you do a fishectomy? Swift was awful last week playing through the pain, although he did manage to sneak in for a TD. I mean, if I told you to start Rex Burkhead every week — OK, I already do that — you’d eventually hop into the comments and say, “EWB, this just ain’t working out. Swift for Najee PPR 10 team?” That’s OK, I know you well enough by now. Assuming Swift is playing Sunday, he gets my start nod for your RB2 or Flex spot. Also, I’m a middle-aged dumpy dude so my nods are pretty creaky and loaded with pain, just like your fantasy team. 

Gus EdwardsContinues to miss practice and is questionable for Sunday. Hmm, something about running backs coming back from season-long injuries and succumbing to other, less serious injuries. Lemme go over to my baseball mind and see if this applies to pitchers. Oh, yeah, it does. Kenyan Drake and Justice Hill could get some extra touches, but honestly they’re DFS investments at best. For your regular fantasy football needs, you’re better off staying up until 4AM to add Deon Jackson

Mark AndrewsThe guy has missed fewer games in his career than Drake — the rapper, not the backup Ravens RB — has missed hits, but Andrews continues to be off the practice field going into week 9. Isaiah Likely blew up last week with Andrews out, and he’s still available in nearly 80% of leagues. With Rashod Bateman out for the rest of the year, who’s left to catch passes in Baltimore? Oh wait — Lamar Jackson will just rush for 200 yards a game. Whatever. Likely — the player, not the aside — is worth an add for the rest of season, because Devin Duvernay really isn’t the answer to the Ravens’ passing game. 

Cam AkersMuch like every Gen Z person, he’s not moving anywhere for the next year because the price is too expensive. The trade deadline came and went, and Akers — who had been a healthy scratch for weeks due to clubhouse disagreements — remained on the Rams. Humbling, ain’t it? To work so hard to come back from injury, and then to have no interest from other clubs. ENYWHEY. Akers is back to practicing with the Rams, although he’s not guaranteed playing time this week. He could be an interesting DFS play for massive entry competitions, but regular fantasy footballers want to stay acres away from Akers. 

Chuba HubbardRemember Devine Ozigbo? I mean, he’s so two years ago, I’m not even gonna bold his name. ENYWHEY. Lenny Fournette gets traded from the Jags. Ozigbo was next in line to be the RB1 on the Jags, but then he gets Covid, and it becomes Long Covid. This undrafted guy named James Robinson comes in and takes the Jags by storm, snagging a couple million in his first contract and becoming a trade piece for the Jets (more than Cam Akers can say). Meanwhile, Ozigbo is now on the Broncos and has rushed for less than 60 yards in his career. Go for a walk down the street. Great! Your cardio has improved and you’re now further away from home than Ozigbo has rushed in his career. ENYWHEY, part 2: all this feels relevant to Chuba Hubbard. Hubbard did OK in 2021 in relief of the injured Christian McCaffrey, but 2022 could have been his year. Hubbard was ADP 200, and RB60…which in a best ball tournament is the middle of the pack. Actually, over at NFBC, Hubbard had a min pick of 73! Imagine going into the 6th round and seeing Hubbard off the board while Tony Pollard was still there. ENYWHEY, part 3: The Return of the Interjection — Hubbard is out again this week and has rushed for 97 yards on the year. His compatriot, D’Onta Foremantopped that total twice this year in [checks notes] two starts. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes luck gets you. 

Josh PalmerI don’t always believe Vegas, but sometimes you gotta trust those majestic casinos and hotels. And what those fancy fountains are saying: The highest-scoring matchup on the week 9 slate is the Chargers vs Falcons. Yeesh. Is this a bad week or something? Mike Williams is out, which implies that Josh Palmer will somehow get 100 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns, fulfilling the destiny of the Chargers to put up a bajillion points and prove Vegas correct. Palmer is available in 30-40% of leagues, so go do your thing. 

Drop those questions down into the comment box, everybody! Hope you have an awesome weekend, and I’ll see you for the recap on Monday morning! 

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Water Boy
Water Boy
2 months ago

Hey Blair!

Full ppr/ 10 team

Would you deal courtland Sutton to get Amon Ra St brown? Or would losing hockenson via trade & Josh Reynolds looks to be out week 9 can D’s just Take Amon Ra out? Even when Josh Reynolds returns looks like they have a lack of weapons in Detroit. Sutton im wondering will turn it around after the bye & Wilson heals up.

The next secondaries for Sutton

Week 10 @ Tennessee
Week 11 vs raiders
Week 12 @ Carolina
Week 13 @ Baltimore
Week 14 vs chiefs

Next secondaries for Amon Ra
Week 9 vs packers
Week 10 @ bears
Week 11 @ giants
Week 12 vs bills
Week 13 vs jags
Week 14 vs Vikings

My WRs are Justin Jefferson, davante adams, courtland Sutton, Gabe Davis, George Pickens, Gallup , Doubs

We start 3 WR, also have one flex

Thanks man!

Water Boy
Water Boy
2 months ago

Or do I counter my Gabe Davis for ARSB?

That’s Right I totally forgot about Chark Lol!

When would you recommend adding a back up QB? My starter Tua has a bye week 11

Here’s the options:
– Taylor Heinicke @houston
– Mariota vs bears
– Jimmy G @ Arizona
– Goff @ giants

Thanks man!

2 months ago

PPR league, start 3 WRs. I unfortunately have Chase and Mike Williams out. Which 3 would you start this week out of Godwin, Kirk, Lazard and Palmer?

2 months ago

Hey Blair!
Got offered Kamara and London for my Cooks and Mixon. 12 team PPR, deal sounded okay in my mind and then some Kamara drama just came out (video of an altercation that happened months ago). The way mixon and cooks have been playing, risk it for the biscuit or what?

2 months ago

I appreciate you looking it over! Thanks!

2 months ago

Thanks EWB!
two questions, please:

-would you start TE Higbee over Andrews this week?

-Add any of these FA WRs Duvernay, Zay Jones or MVS?
Would need to drop one from this list: WRs Hardman, Dionte, Wan’Dale, London

2 months ago
Reply to  citizen5

Follow up – Andrews listed as Doubtful, would you run with Higbee or pick up Likely? Would need to drop one of the WRs listed above. Thx.

Mr H.
Mr H.
2 months ago

Should I start Likely over Pitts?

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
2 months ago

Hey amigo, what are your thoughts long-term on Keenan Allen? I’m concerned bc of the bye week downgrade – not a great sign. I don’t own him, but I ask because I’ve been working on a trade that, before this scare, would’ve seemed quite appealing. Here’s the situation:

12-team superflex league, so QBs are especially valuable this year given injuries and the overall shitshow so far. I have Geno, Tua, Pickett (who I think will continue to improve, he’s just had a real tough slate of matchups to start his career), and Andy Dalton. I feel pretty good about Tua & Geno w/ Pickett as the backup, so I’m trying to shop Dalton while his value is still high as the foreseeable starter.

I’ve been trying to work the following trade to position myself well for playoffs:

-Andy Dalton, Evan Engram, Antonio Gibson, Romeo Doubs (all essentially bench players for me, barring a good matchup)
-Jamarr Chase, Dalton Schultz

Frankly, I thought that was generous AF, especially considering that the guy on the other side has Jacoby Brissett as his ONLY QB on his entire roster (autodraft). So he’s obviously running out of time and does not have a lot of leverage.

He was trying to move swift in there, which I shot down. He then came back with Keenan Allen & Schultz for Dalton & Gibson. It’s intriguing bc Keenan would essentially be my flex moving forward, but I’m concerned about when/if Keenan is gonna play again this year and, if he does play, when he would be back to full strength.

Here’s my current roster for reference:
QB – Tua
RB – Henry
RB – Swift
WR – Waddle
WR – DHop
FLEX – Doubs
OP – Geno
DST – Colts
K – Greg the Leg
BE – Gibson
BE – Pollard
BE – Duvernay
BE – Dalton
BE – Broncos D
BE – Claypool
IR – Zeke
IR – Jameson Williams
IR –
IR –

Also, I’m higher than most on Schultz and trying to scoop him up everywhere I can – not just bc I’m a Cowboys fan, but also bc he’s one of Dak’s favorite targets and I’m pretty confident he’s gonna keep rolling as the season goes on. As long as he can get/stay healthy with that knee.

2 months ago

EB choose a PPR TE and a Flex from Mostert, Pitts and Likely. Thanks man

Is it likely?
Is it likely?
2 months ago

Would you start Likely over Hockensen (it’s his first week with the Vikings)


2 months ago

.5 PPR, 2 flex plays. Lockett in flex 1. Swift or JuJu in flex 2?

Crap creek
Crap creek
2 months ago

I’ve got nothing this week and still
favored to win at the moment in what amounts to a must win game to keep
playoff hopes alive. Snakebit by rb injuries and byes. Flex spots are going to wrs but I can’t fill by rb2 slot – 0.5 ppr

I played pierce and got a useable ~14 pts in one rb slot.
my options for second rb are Connor (risky late game game-time decision), b-rob, allgeier
Or I go to the free agent pool and pick up cam freaking Akers, pacheco, blackshear, some other deep backup and pray for td.