Good morning, afternoon, evening, witching hour, etc… Here are some links to peruse while you engulf yourself in the madness that is March.  Thankfully April is the cruelest month, unless you are an Ohio fan.  And who isn’t, only Iowa can compete with all those vowels.  I will be off on vacation all next week so postings may be a little sparse, but we’ll get you some nuggets to chew on.  And don’t you just love chewy nuggets? I know I do.

Rotoworld’s Chris Wesseling takes a look at backfields to avoid next season.  I agree with much of what he’s written here.  Of course it’s always harder to stay away from them later in the draft, but if you can, do it.

If you are looking for some other great hubs for fantasy links take a look at The Daily Haze, The Fantasy Football Librarian, and Fantasy Rundown.  They’ll lead you in the right direction.

The Fifth Down takes a look at the proposed overtime rules.

Here are some Ben Roethlisberger pick up lines for your amusement.

NFL Fanhouse takes a look at the Cincinnati Bengals receivers for fantasy.

Fantasy Depth Chart projects the Minnesota Vikings fantasy players for next season. They’ve got other team projections as well.  Check them out.

Advanced NFL Stats gives us a new stat, Yeah!! called yards per target.  I like it and plan on using it in my fantasy deciphering.

Matt Bowen wonders if Derek Anderson is more than a backup plan in Arizona?

The Sporting News takes a look at some wayward NFL players who should find a home soon.

Speaking of The Sporting News, I was sad to see that they have stopped hosting fantasy games.  I played salary cap there for many years and really got to know and like the community.  I even won 10k on their salary cap game.  You can’t go back home again, as Thomas Wolfe told me when we were shooting rabbits off his porch, no the rabbits weren’t on the porch, we were.