As we can afford during the football offseason (and eternal search for SEO hits), an entire podcast dedicated to Game of Thrones is definitely the hero we need, not the one we deserve. And now that the new GoT season is here, we can rest the hype-machine and finally talk about an actual episode. But with the special guest Grey Albright in tow, we just sorta-kinda talk about Canada, Drake, and riding segues (segways?) with Nick Capozzi. THEN we get to the season premier and go over all the plot points introduced (or recycled), have some meta-conversations of where the series is going from both the show-watcher and book-reader standpoint. Which was Tehol’s job. I’ve never read the books, so I have no idea if he did a good job, but if I know anything about Tehol, I’m sure it was… yeah… nevermind. Regardless, join Grey, myself and Tehol as we discuss the first episode: The Red Woman! (And there will be spoilers…)

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Did you know winter is finally here? Well, I mean, it’s spring time, but for some reason, HBO decides to start airing a winter show on the cusp of summer, but whatevs. The world is not perfect. And come to think of it, I’m pretty sure there are only two seasons in Game of Thrones: Alaska and Siberia. That’s it. Two seasons. Regardless, I’m happy to present Razzball’s answer to the SEO gods, a GoT podcast that’ll be weekly once the season begins. Basically because the football season is still far away, which means we can do random clickbait in the mean time. We’ll also have Grey (mustache clickbait!) and “GoT name expert” and former Fantasy Football IDP contributor Kevin Kumpf stop by for this short series as much as possible (with Grey coming by to join us for the season premier), but for our podcast debut, Tehol and I go over the newest red band trailer that you can watch above (quite possibly NSFW), and discuss the possibility of a Clegenebowl, the level of awesome Davos has achieved, how to pronounce Melisandre, and when in the world will Daenerys ever get to Kings Landing… (the answer is quite possibly never.) Game of Thrones hasn’t started yet, but the hype is here. Join us!

Please, blog, may I have some more?