It’s dynasty season so there’s no better time to break down my Top 200 Dynasty Rankings. As every dynasty league is different and every team has different needs, I’ve taken a neutral approach to my rankings, assuming PPR, 4-point passing touchdowns and a roster of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX. I’ve also balanced win-now value and building for the future so my rankings sit somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. If you need help valuing players in your specific situation, message me on Instagram @TheFantasyFirstDown or on Twitter @FantasyFirstDwn, plus you can find my full positional and rookie rankings at ffdfantasyfootball.com


Rookie Wide Receivers dominate

My top 85 contains 11 rookie wide receivers. That’s not my top 85 receivers, that’s my top 85 players. This is an elite wide receiver class, both in top end quality and depth. While Marvin Harrison Jr and Malik Nabers are both top six options for me in 1QB leagues, there’s plenty of quality in the later rounds too. In a startup dynasty league, unless I’m planning on challenging immediately, I’d be stocking up on as many rookie wide receivers as I can. As you can see in my wide receiver hit rate article and video, 1st and 2nd round receivers have great success rates. Based on their value, these are some of my favourite dynasty assets.


Avoid rookie Running Backs

Running backs ordinarily provide the most value early in their careers but this year’s rookie class is particularly week. Jonathon Brooks is my first RB off the board at 48th overall and even he is a risk there given his ACL injury. It only gets uglier after that with the other youngsters going into a committee situation at best. When there are so many reliable options available, there’s rarely a situation when drafting one of these rookie runners is the best option. This is backed up by the data I went through in my running back hit rate article and video.


Brock Bowers is going to be elite

In the last twenty years, five tight ends have been drafted in the Top 16 picks of the NFL Draft. Every one of them has turned into a fantastic fantasy asset. Bowers is about as safe as they come and goes off the board inside my Top 30. I’d favor him over every other tight end except Sam LaPorta, knowing that his ceiling is a league winner and his floor is still a solid fantasy starter.


Rookie quarterbacks offer surprising value

The quarterback position is surprisingly deep at the moment and that means they’re falling in drafts. In most dynasty leagues, quarterback is the highest scoring position plus it also has the best longevity. I’d be going out of my way to get Caleb Williams or Jayden Daniels onto my roster, knowing they both have league winning upside. While the other four first rounders have their issues, they’re all still valuable assets, even in 1QB leagues. I’d expect 3-4 of the rookie quarterbacks will still be starting by the end of the decade and that’s a higher proportion than any other position.


You’re valuing all running backs too high

Running backs have far shorter career spans than other offensive players and can fall off a cliff at a moment’s notice. Unless you’re planning on challenging immediately, you should aim to be as cheap as possible at running back, knowing you can usually buy solid veterans for mid-round rookie picks once you’re ready to challenge. Meanwhile, bulk up on other positions and take some late pot shots on young running backs who are an injury away from a starting spot.


Buy players, sell mid-late round picks

There are 12 excellent rookies in this year’s class but the majority of rookies after that are being over-valued. Now is the perfect time to sell your later round picks for solid veterans who have a higher hit rate. The exception to this rule is if you’re looking for a good wide receiver, as there are many good values into the 2nd and 3rd rounds of drafts. My general rule is to buy players before the season and buy picks once the season ends. I would also never buy future picks unless I’m planning to rebuild. Check out my rankings for a guide on how to value picks to players or you can check out the dynasty trade chart here


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