The Master Standings are now up and can be found here. You can also find a link to them if you look a little to the left under the heading “Razzball Commenter Leagues.” There is an explanation of the scoring at the bottom of the standings.

We are now down to three undefeated teams, with Razzle Dazzle (Deez Razztastic Nuts) taking over top spot with 3727 points. Moffitt Divers (Cracklin’ Brats) dropped to second place, 75 points back, followed by Poon Jab (Razzball Rebels). Razzle Dazzle continues to lead in points scored as well, with 730, followed by Egregiousity (Automatic Second Down) at 698.

Despite 1.2 points total from Pierre Garcon and Jermichael Finley, Blue Dreamers (Razzball Hippie League) were the top scoring team in Week 5 with 141.88 points, 3 and a half more than HereForTheGangBang (JB`s Random Commenter League).

Blue Dreamers
(Was – QB)
Min W, 38-26 21.68 36.08
Wes Welker
(NE – WR)
@Sea L, 24-23 9.18 19.80
(Pit – WR)
@Ten L, 26-23 10.22 15.40
(Was – WR)
Min W, 38-26 6.63 0.00
(Ten – RB)
Pit W, 26-23 8.14 11.40
(Buf – RB)
@Ari W, 19-16 8.53 17.00
Jermichael Finley
(GB – TE)
@Hou W, 42-24 7.00 1.20
Blair Walsh
(Min – K)
@Was L, 38-26 9.32 12.00
(Den – DEF)
@SD W, 35-24 8.65 29.00
Total 89.35 141.88

JB’s league featured the tightest battle this season, with VAGABOND DWARVES edging league-leader JB Gilpin 95.90 – 95.88 to move into a first place tie. Karma Police also joined them at 4-2, while 4 more teams have 3-3 records. Razzball North has 9 teams within a game of first. Three teams are tied for first with 4-2 records, while 6 more are 3-3. The Razzball Podcast League also has a 9-team battle, with Pensacola HotPockets leading at 4-2, followed by eight 3-3 teams. Fantasy Razzball has a 4-way tie for the lead, while Real Classy League one-ups them with 5 teams tied at 4-2. You Said It Wouldn’t Get Weird continues to have the best League Competitive Index at 103.39. 17 Razzles is next with an index of 102.07.

There were 2 trades in the past week, running the total for the season to 20:

Oct. 11  Mayor Quimby’s Militia  Andre Johnson (Hou – WR), Frank Gore (SF – RB), BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin – RB) for Domenik Hixon (NYG – WR), Marshawn Lynch (Sea – RB)

Oct. 13   Cracklin’ Brats  Jordy Nelson (GB – WR) for BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin – RB)

Good luck in Week 7!