2013 RCL FootballUgh…  RCL needs a new definition.  “Ridiculously Callous Leagues”.  “Random Chance Leagues”.  “Really wanna Choke myself Leagues”.  My teams are tanking worse than M. Night Shyamalan’s directorial career.  My Writer’s League squad has dropped three straight, my RCL team which was decent is looking god awful; it’s just been a rough few weeks on virtually all my teams.  Stupid Nick’s 1-9 team starting Michael Floyd.  Fantasy football is all luck [drops mic].  You can check out the full interactive 2013-2014 RCL Standings tab up under “Leagues” that shows you how you’re stacking up against your Razzball competitors in your journey to RCL glory.

RCL Top ScorerTOP SCORER: May the world sing your praises, Puttin on the Fitz, for topping the RCL scoreboard in week 11 and becoming a legend amongst RCL teams.  Fitz stomped all over the Rancho Rajneesh league for 191.52 points led by Bobby Rainey in an astute gamble (started in only 3% of Yahoo leagues), LeSean McCoy and the huge Antonio Brown game.  Conrgats to the Fitz!  Unfortunately that only moves him to 6-5, while the two top RCL teams heading into week 11, Mega Gronk SMASH! and ReadOptionForDummies, both got wins moving to 10-1 and solidify top spots on the RCL leader board.

Razzball Writers League – Yup, another loss and my 8-0 team is suddenly 8-3 and at the back end of a three way tie at first.  The Riegn Maker$ led us in scoring with 165 led by the big Megatron and Harry Douglas games, as I get my first heads up against Sky for office bragging rights.

JB’s Random Commenter League – A 5-point loss asnd I’ve dropped 3 straight in this league too to fall to 6-5.  I hate fantasy football.  The Hannover Hotspurs led us in scoring with 153 and is 17 points behind RotoZak in a two-way 8-3 tie atop the standings.

Take On Jaywrong – Big week from Dread Pirate Roberts, who moves to 8-3 after leading the league with 157 this past week.  The Pirate moves into third as previous RCL #1 team Yeshcheese is feeling the same pain I am, losing their second in a row to fall to 9-2, defeated by a measly 2 points to Bob Guatemala.  If only my Panthers had kept Gronk outta the endzone earlier in the game…  Yeshcheese is still in first, but Bob and Dread are just a game behind.

Take On Jaywrong 2 – Sacremende’s Finest led Jaywrong 2 with a 160-point electric bugaloo.  2nd-highest scoring came from the Pipe-Hitters, who with 156 moved to 9-2 and a two game lead over the field.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Wheeden – With 157 points, the Dixie Chickens took home the top-scoring honors this week, and move to 7-4 and sole position of third place.  Duking it out at the top are the 9-2 King Daddy Crunch and BarkingBassetHounds separated by 42 points.

Razzball Rebels – The Sex Cannons were firing on all cylinders this week, shooting up 161 points even with the Keenum dud.  Now at 8-3, the coitus artillery is in 2nd place, but is tied record-wise with Poon Jab, who fell to 3rd place Shunning the Xperts this week.  Don’t shun us too hard!

Monday Morning QB’s – You can look!  I Can’t Look scored the most in the MMQB league, with 155 led by Big Ben and Megatron to knock off the 8-2 kitchen stinks juggernaut.  Despite falling to 8-3, the stinks are still stinking up the #1 spot in the league standings.

Murphatron’s RCL – Those oh-so-Feverish Beavers continue to reign their terror over Murph’s league, putting up 165 and staying in first at 8-3.  Led by Cam’s MNF performance and the huge games every week from Megatron, leave it Beaver to keep racking up wins!

The Shituation Room – Chris Schultz’s Team led the room in scoring this week with 154 to move to them to 5-6.  In a battle of top teams, One Potato Two fell to Surely You Jets to get both teams to 7-4 and a tie at the top.  Potato has quite a few more bushels of points though.

Hernandez Hit Men – Huge week from the always-high-scoring Cabello squad, racking up 189 for their 8th win to move them to 8-3 and atop the league.  Led by Antonio Brown and VJax, Cabello really cooled off the Hot Nutz!

Pabst & Razz – Another win for the incorrectly named Turrible team, and a huge one at that racking up 157 points to lead the league in scoring, moving them to 9-2.  Big games from Cam, Flash Gordon and Shady has Turrible looking at a Wunderrful shot at contending for the overall RCL title.

A League of RCL Thrones – Team B R O K E N had everything fixed up right this week, racking up 159 from Antonio Brown and Shady.  The win moves them to 7-4 and WHY, SO, SERIOUSSSSSS?!?!  Another big win for CreanNCrimson’s Team puts them at an RCL elite 10-1, and a one of the teams to beat for the RCL Crown.

RCLBBWSVU – Anal C… You know, the league should conspire against you just because I have to see that picture every week and it ruins my day!  More Cowbells racked up the most points at 160, with The Defenstrators moving to 9-2 on a 4-game win streak.  Can you Defenstrate the safe harbor protocol of team pictures?!

My Wife Frowns Upon This – Edging out a 4 point win, One I’d Willy moves to 9-2 and sole position of the #1 spot over the rest of the Goonies in the league.  Hurricane Ditka is only one game back though, and with 141 points was the league’s top scorer in week 11.  And wouldn’t you know it, the 9-2 Willies go up against 8-3 Ditka in the RCL game of the week.

Cracklin’ Brats RCL – Huge 181 points from Let’s Get Some Percy, who didn’t even start Percy!  What the hey?!  Well it was the right decision, but they only move up to 4-7 on the year.  Go Pack racked up another win, and stays in first at 8-3.

Bobby Boucher’s Water Bottle – RCL juggernaut Dougie Fresh’s Team made a huge statement win, putting up a league-high 173 points and moving to 10-1.  Putting Michael Floyd in the Flex might be his move of the year.

The Podcast Kingdom – Bonzi with the bonanza of points this week, leading Nick’s Kingdom with 175 to move to 4-7.  The Triple C’s move to 10-1 and the top reached of the RCL leader board.

Nick’s Bad JB Impersonation – Jack FOH, you cooled off on me this week man!  Jack was the only team to not top 100 this week after leading the league in scoring the week before, with Pops’s Perfect Team putting up the most points at 170.  And don’t count out the formerly 0-3 Always Shady in PHI, who have won 8 straight now to tie Pops atop the standings.

Any Given Sunday – One of those dreaded top-scoring teams knocking off the second-highest scoring teams went down in the AGS league, with Stafford Infection spreading just enough pathogens to the Horse Collars to move to 8-3 and sole possession of first place.

Booty Hunters Unlimited – The Dez Dispenser with another big week of 158 points to move to 6-5, while Suck For Luck edged out a win to move to 8-3 to lead the league.  Team Suck will need to knock off Purple Jesus to keep the hopes at the #1 draft pick alive.

The Razzbro League – 21 Grahams put up 186 Grahams in one the RCL’s highest-scoring games this week, led by Antonio Brown and LeSean McCoy.  The big win makes it a three-headed 7-4 monster atop the standings, with that Scotch Fueled Guru on top of the other two 7-4 teams.

The Shadynastys – A lot of Rosterbation went into their lineup this week, racking up 185 big ones.  But the real story is the true American Heroes at Kaepocalypse Now with the big win over RCL felon Gtoxitis 146-129, knocking Gtox down to 9-2.  Well done, I love the smell of Gtox losing in the morning!  Gtox will hope to avoid getting Rosterbated by Rosterbation this week.

Razzball Experts League – Sky got a win!  Wooooo!  Moves Sky to 4-7, while the Rushmore Beekeepers move to 9-2 with the league-high scoring of 171.  Last thing I need is any confidence from Sky heading into our Writer’s League matchup!

One More RCL – Very tight week of scoring in the One More RCL league, with 5 teams topping 140 capped off by the nail-biting win of 146-144 of Da Bears prevailing over Jay Feely is my QB.  Peyton didn’t throw enough TDs for you, maybe you should’ve indeed gone with Feely!  Kobayashi Maru suffered a tough 4-point loss, but still leads the league at 8-3.


Shoot your RCL smack talk below and thanks again for joining the RCL Football Leagues this year. Good luck in week 11!

  1. anthony says:

    @Jb gilpin:
    i have wilson on a bye in 4 out of 5 teams .
    who should i grab rank in order
    flacco vs nyj
    geno @ bal
    schaub vs hou
    fitz @ oak
    mcgloin vs ten

  2. The Triple C's says:

    Down to five 10-1 teams. Can’t wait to see where I land in the Top 5.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @The Triple C’s: Haha, glad you’ve taken to my PC name for you! You’re killin it man, wish I had a contender left…

  3. Principle Blackman says:

    I have a dilemma in a must win game next week against a skidding playoff contender. My only problem is that Marshawn is on a bye, and the options are downright abysmal.
    Tolbert @Mia
    Reece vTen
    Ingram @Atl
    Greene @Oak

    Whoever I pickup and start, I think I am shiz outta luck.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Principle Blackman: Haha yea that looks no bueno. I’d go with Greene and hope for a blowout vs. the Oakland McGloins

  4. J-FOH says:

    my teams ran out of gas and have now given me gas….where are my tums!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @J-FOH: Your teams mighta given you gas, it’s been 3 weeks for my teams, so I guess that’s like e Coli

  5. Anthony says:

    @JB Gilpin: 2 QB league PPR should I throw sproles out there at flex2 or gamble with rainey ?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: I’m ready to go Rainey

  6. Anal Chiropractor says:

    Thats my own ass too. I had an abscess and my wife took a picture.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anal Chiropractor: Were you you’re own chiropractor in getting it fixed? Haha

      • SheriffMcRawDawg says:


        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @SheriffMcRawDawg: I think all of Razzball Nation is cheering for you!

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