Ray Rice has teased you all season with some decent games, but not much touchdown production, but he came through big time in the fantasy playoffs with 233 total yards and 2 touchdowns. Of course if you didn’t get into the playoffs because Rice didn’t score enough, you cursed him and his pets. Next week he gets the Browns who were just gashed by Cedric Benson for 150 yards and a touchdown.

Michael Vick: The guy is too good for the NFL.  The Giants were killing him and the Eagles and looked to have the game wrapped up when Vick decided to switch from playing right-handed to playing left-handed and stopped looking for the 6 fingered man, oh wait, well, he just went off and kept going off.  He doesn’t seem real.  And not that it really matters who he plays, he does have a nice matchup against the Vikings next week.

Rex Grossman: Are you kidding me?  This was the week of crappy quarterbacks that weren’t.  Sexy Rexy threw for 322 yards and 4 touchdowns.  This says a lot about the Cowboy’s pass defense and the desperation of a journeyman quarterback hoping not to fall into the abyss of mediocrity (which he will).  He does get the Jaguars next week, which makes him an attractive pick, but I don’t think I could put my faith in him to do it 2 weeks in a row.

Austin Collie: You couldn’t help but flinch as Collie went down once again.  He had 8 receptions for 87 yards and 2 touchdowns before he took another hard hit that will take keep him out for the rest of the season.  It will haunt him in the future, but hopefully he’ll be able to come back with an offseason of rest. This should help Tamme and White next week against the Raiders.

Donald Brown: 129 yards and a touchdown isn’t what I was expecting from DB.  He has shown some flashes recently which is boosting his dynasty value up from the depths of despair it was in not too long ago.

Brandon Marshall: He topped 100 yards for the third time this season and caught his third touchdown pass of the season.  Of course if you drafted him you were hoping for that to happen in week 3 instead of week 15.  He gets Detroit next week so he’ll be worth playing.

Darren McFadden: Watching him run and then watching Michael Bush run is like night and day.  While Bush plods into the line Run DMC always looks like he might break one and not just because of his speed and agility, but because he breaks tackles with ease.  He gets the Colts next week and if they use him right I see a big game on the way. Now if he can just get into the end zone before Bush gets a chance to vulture him.

Knowshon Moreno: His stat line probably helped end a lot of fantasy playoff pushes.  His day ended early with a side injury, whatever that is.  Right now there has been no update and I have no idea if he’ll be able to go against Houston.

Arian Foster: He was also hurt, but he actually played most of the game, but still put up a pretty poor line.  He has an ankle injury, but there are no clues to his status for next week yet.  He has an awesome matchup with Denver so Derrick Ward would be a must add if Foster is on the gimp list.

Terrel Owens: He is done for the season, but the Bengals were getting close to Fat Albert-ing him anyway.  It’s hard to see who will fill in that void for the last couple games.  You’d think it would be Ocho, but Andre Caldwell filled that void this week.

Jason Witten: He caught 10 passes for 140 yards and a touchdown.  He is the fourth tight end to hit 600 receptions and right now he is the best tight end available in fantasy.

LaGarrette Blount: It only took Blount 15 carries to accumulate 110 yards and a touchdown against the Lions.  He gets the Seahawks next week at home.

Marcedes Lewis: He had 6 catches for 63 yards which isn’t stellar, but he is starting to become viable even when he doesn’t catch a touchdown.  I am starting to warm to him being an every week play.

Matt Flynn: He showed that the water in Green Bay needs to be shipped around to all QB prospects.  251 yards and 3 TDs is remarkable.  He’s very much keeping an eye on in dynasty leagues.

  1. Abo says:

    Does anyone know when stat corrections are made in yahoo? I am up by just over 1 point with Webb left to go tonight. Am I safe if I just bench him and leave my flex spot open or do I have to worry about losing due to a stat correction? My other option is to drop him and pick up someone who is less likely to score negative points like hester, taylor or gerhart. Problem is I would like to hang on to him for next week’s championship in case he looks decent. I suppose I could just roll the dice and start him. What do I do?

  2. Abo says:

    BTW, my league scoring for qb’s is 1 pt per 25 passing yards and 6 per td. -2 for ints, -2 for lost fumbles, -1 for fumbles even if they aren’t lost (i know, its a stupid rule). The league also has fractional scoring if that means anything.

  3. mrfootball says:

    @1 Abo Says:
    Sure Webb can give you negative stats but think of the fun watching him do it – I say too close to bench – your lead is not safe with yahoo stat corrections

  4. mrfootball says:

    Rex Grossman- I am going to draft him as my backup QB next year just to start him against Dallas

  5. mrfootball says:

    I have a feeling that Matt Dodge will be a free agent next year

  6. mrfootball says:

    @# 2 Abo Says:

    over under (3) on interceptions for Web

  7. Abo says:

    Sorry about all of the posts, but I just checked and apparently yahoo won’t let me pick up any players, even if they are playing tonight. Looks like my options are either bench Webb and risk losing due to a score correction or start him and risk losing due to Webb’s ineptitude. I need help!!

  8. Abo says:

    Thanks for the help, but does anyone have any further insight regarding when yahoo makes their scoring corrections??

  9. mrfootball says:

    Hey Doc since it looks like Brett Farve will really retire this year – who will be Tony Kornheiser new favorite QB

  10. Scott says:

    Okay, smart people . . . I’m down 5 going into tonight, and I can play either Joe Webb or Percy Harvin. You’d think Webb would be the pick, but this is a return yardage league that gives 1 point for every 20 return yards. So every time Chicago scores, Harvin will (presumably) get a point. Also, quarterbacks get penalized for interceptions (-2), sacks (-1), and fumbles lost (-2).

    The play is Harvin, right? He’s scored more than 5 points in 10 of the 12 games he’s played.

  11. mrfootball says:

    @Abo Says: if I was you I would get a prescription of Xanax just in case Webb give you negative stats

  12. mrfootball says:

    10 Scott Says: Percy Harvin – I heard tha the Bears just traded for the Giants Punter Matt Dodge to keep the ball away from Percy Harvin

  13. mrfootball says:

    10 Scott Says: maybe the Vikings offense will get funky and run a wild cat having Percy Havin taking the snap and then passing it to Joe Webb for a TD

  14. Nick says:

    Need an early defensive pickup for the championship nxt week

    San Diego @ Cinncy, Arizona v. Dal, TB v. Seattle, Jacksonville v. Wash, Miami v. Detroit, Oakland v. Indy, Indy @ Oakland…..or I own Atlanta but there playin Drew Brees

  15. Nick says:

    Also would it be worth picking up D Brown @ OAK or D Ward @ DEN for next weeks flex over my current options of

    Westbrook @ STL
    Choice @ ARI
    Ward v Car
    R Brown v Detroit

  16. Big Nate says:

    ***Favre has been upgraded from ‘out’ to ‘questionable’ for tonight***

  17. trick dad says:

    @abo – I think they usually do it by the morning after the game. So usually by Monday morning for a Sunday game. I don’t believe they’ll make the scores official until later in the week, ESPN says stats are subject to change until the following Saturday. But I think these situations are few and far between. If you’re still up as of now, it SHOULD stay.

  18. nick m. says:

    still bitter that i got beat by a tim tebow-led team yesterday with my arian foster/moreno crapping the bed team.

    in any event, gotta prepare for the championship game in another league. it is ppr – i will need to fill 2 remaining positions from this group: sidney rice, miles austin, ryan torain, legarrette blount, donald brown?

  19. John K says:

    For the championship, should I roll with Owen Daniels or Mercedes Lewis? (Or Moeaki)?! ahhhh

  20. John K says:

    Scratch that…
    Zach Miller, Kellen Winslow, Mercedes Lewis, Owen Daniels

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: I’m leaning Blount/Torain right now

    @Nick: It’s between SD and TB right now. If Whitehurst plays I like TB. I’d pick up both.

    @Scott: I’d go with Harvin

    @mrfootball: Tebow?

    @Abo: Stat corrections can go all the way up to Thursday. Favre could possibly play which would make your decision easier. That weather is looking pretty bad. I could see sitting him.

  22. beantownmp says:

    @Doc: Bennett or Knox tonight? I have a 24 pt lead and he has Forte. I SHOULD be ok, but i want the safest 6-10 points to get into the 30 point threshold where not many RB’s have hit this year. It’s a .5 PPR so i’m leaning Bennett. What say you?

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @beantownmp: I agree. Bennett should be safer.

    @John K: That’s close. All have some upside. I’m leaning Lewis right now.

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    *****ADRIAN PETERSON IS OUT*******

  25. MrR8DER says:

    I’m not liking AJ against Champ Bailey. I am thinking about starting Britt instead. What do u think?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    ******BRETT FAVOR will Start*******

  27. Scott says:

    Wow. Well, I feel a little better about starting Percy Harvin.

  28. ichirosan says:

    Las minute decision… with Adrian Peterson out, I have to choose either Toby Gerhart or Percy Harvin for my flex.

    Who should I start?

  29. mrfootball says:

    @Doc Says: BRETT FAVOR will Start


  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ichirosan: Tough, I’d go Gerhart

  31. Greg says:

    Man I’m glad I played Blount over AP this week. I made the fantasy superbowl. How many fantasy players do you think AP bleeped tonight?

  32. Thanks for the advice to start VJax – I am on to the next round of the playoffs!

  33. Child Please says:

    Which D would you target in waivers?

    Arizona v. Dal, Jacksonville v. Wash, Oakland v. Indy, Indy @ Oakland

  34. emceeperiod says:


    Pick up Hester.

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: Quite a few. I’m glad I didn’t have him. I would be so pissed.

    @FFootballGal: Glad it worked out! Good luck!

    @Child Please: Not a fan of any, but would lean Jags.

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