The dust has settled from a mostly depressing Fantasy Football Week 15, and the Ditka boys are here with shoulders for you to cry on. If you survived the week 15 chaos, congratulations on your championship berth, we knew you could do it! 

On this week’s show, B_Don and Donkey profile two more relative unknowns: Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie and 49ers RB Jeff Wilson. Find out if these two are worth rostering in 2019. The guys also discuss what to do with Melvin Gordon, Spencer Ware, Damien Williams and Jamaal Williams for the week 16 championship match ups. 

And of course it’s no surprise that week 15 provided plenty of A-holes of the week to choose from, B_Don rattles each of them off, giving them the credit they deserve. The show is rounded out by a lengthy segment of Sausage/Cheesehead/Ditka featuring Chris Carson, Derrick Henry, Calvin Ridley, Mike Williams, along with a few others. The holiday sausage is flowing, join the party! 

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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to the tenth week of the 2018 NFL season! I hope you guys all had a great Week 9 thanks to some awesome performances from Mitch Trubisky, Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Chubb, David Johnson, Tyreek Hill, Zach Ertz, Eric Ebron and Matt Breida!

Below are my rankings for Week 11, for all scoring systems, so enjoy!

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In the meantime, I’ll be back on Saturday for the eleventh edition of my 2018 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em series!

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Well dear readers, let’s just get right to the good stuff today.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, $7,600 – “Bucs QB” would be worth playing since you wouldn’t have to deal with the possible benching. Ryan Fitzpatrick, on his own, carries some risk of being benched. But that risk is entirely outweighed by the fact that he’s the starting QB in Air Monken. And Air Monken throws a lot. And volume is king.  

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We finally have a decision on Todd Gurley. He’s been an absolute stone cold mortal lock so far this season given that he’s been under $10K for most of the season and was only $10.2K last week – an insanely cheap price given the team he plays for and the role he has on it (namely, that once the Rams get into the red zone, something they do with insane frequency, they just give it to Gurley and let him run it in, and also, they’re the best team in football so they have a big lead late and let Gurley get all the kill-clock yards in the 4th quarter). FanDuel finally jacked his price up to something like $1,000,000,000 (note – it may just be $11,000, as I may be exaggerating for comedic effect). Now it becomes a decision. He’s still an absolute monster. But is he worth it? Ultimately it’ll come down to how comfortable you are with the value that you’ll need to play to roster him. And if you’re unsure on who to play, check out Rudy’s projections here at Razzball!

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The start of this week had no RB value and it just looked like a stuff Gurley, Zeek and McCaffrey into lineups week, but that’s the fun of the NFL. We saw the Browns make a good trade and get rid of Hyde to let Chubb and Duke run wild (though i’m still skeptical that coaching staff can figure out how to use those two). Theo Riddick is out, opening up Kerryon Johnson as a 3-down back and I became way more OK with Peyton Barber value as the week progressed. All this value opening up combined with a lot of the elite RBs not being on the main slate means that we might, for the first time, all season, have a WR in the flex and win the million dollars. So while normally I’d say if you’re rolling a WR in flex in FanDuel GPPs, it’s 100% wrong, the lack of stone cold locks at RB this week means you can probably get away with a WR and in fact you could conceivably place high and maybe even win. But if one or two of the value RBs go off, you’re going to need them and odds are your WR-as-flex GPP is in a boatload of trouble.

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Loyal readers of mine know that usually I have either some sort of nonsensical or comically long introductory paragraph, sometimes relevant (discussing a DFS concept/tactic/strategy that I think would be helpful for you to digest), often times entirely not relevant. However, in this case, I think the right course of action is to get right to the picks, because frankly, there’s a bunch of good cheap choices at RB this week. That’s because a few injuries to starting RBs after salaries were published caused some insanely good values to open up at the low end, and when combined with the same pair of elite RBs from last week in juicy matchups once again, we’re looking at some tough decision making. So let’s get right to it.

On to the picks…

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I am back from my football blogging sabbatical and ready for the off season. I have no interest in this crumby Super Bowl, so I’m ready to dive right into the offseason. What better way to start than to review the 2017 season? There could have been stuff that you missed, you never know. Maybe something that you read in this will stick in your brain until your draft season in August. Will you remember which article you read it from? Probably not, It’s January.

I’m surprised you even clicked on this, you must be bored. What you will probably remember from my posts when your drafts roll around in August is my grotesque misunderstanding of English grammar. I’ll probably over use some commas, or not use enough commas. Do they teach 6th grade grammar at the local community college? Better yet, maybe you would prefer that I disperse of fantasy football knowledge through the use of emojis. That would be edgy, and no one has done it yet! (Simpsons did it!) Alright stop. I’m going to go through the quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends to let you know what stuck out to me this season. Today, let’s start with the quarterbacks and running backs.

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What’s up everybody, and welcome to another Wednesday, rankings day!!

We have now reached the semifinals in a majority of leagues, and if you have found yourself in this spot, congratulations! However, the work is not done yet, so it’s time to buckle up and crush Week 15 of the National Football League.

Let’s have it!

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