Here are this week’s rush defense matchups.

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Here are the DVOA numbers on running backs as receivers.  I like to look at these when I am gauging a RB that is good in the passing game.  If the team he is facing has a poor DVOA here, I give him a boost in my rankings.

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1st Chart Key:

Each number is the ranking that the teams have in that particular statistic over the last 5 weeks.  For example, Pittsburgh has given up the least amount of rushing yards per game so they have a “1″ under the “Yds/Gm” column.  The ranking on the left coincides with the average on the right.  The higher the number the worse their rush defense stats are.

Rank: Overall ranking of each team.

Team: The team that is being evaluated for their defensive strength.

Opp: The team with your fantasy players

Yds/Gm: Total rushing yards given up per game

RB FPA: Fantasy points allowed to running backs

Yds/c: Yards Per Carry

TDs: Rushing touchdowns allowed

DVOA: Defense-adjusted Value Over Average

Average: The average of each each individual ranking. (this makes up the overall ranking)

  1. barker says:

    8 team league in the finals
    QB vick QB garrard WR wayne WR maclin RB bradshaw RB charles
    TE hernandez W/R marshall W/R arian W/R CK2K W/R tolbert

    also 2 def between NYG CLE ATL — i think sit ATL vs NO right?

    bench garcon daniels floyd derrick ward tebow webb donald brown

    any obvious sit/starts u see here or am i about right — i think marshall and tolbert are a little questionable maybe play garcon webb or floyd if hes healthy

    whaddya think as always thank you doc

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @barker: I think Daniels is safer than AHer. Not a fan of any of the Ds, but NYG are the best of the bunch.

  3. barker says:

    12 team league PPR

    QB rivers WR white WR roddy RB rice RB felix TE boss WRT welker
    WRT lloyd K bryant DEF SD

    bench celek hightower choice r brown goodson mason gronk ward
    james jones

    any obvious sit/starts this is my money league and i still got week 17 to go so a lot riding on this

    thank you doc you’re a lifsaver

  4. cruisinkc says:

    Already starting Colston…..which other WR should I go with this week: Mike Wallace or Vincent Jackson?

  5. FirstBowl says:

    Ive got the Ravens or the Pats D and Owen Daniels or Tony G. 1 point ppr How would you go Doc?????

  6. Junior says:

    Peyton Hillis,Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden
    who do i bench right now i have hillis

  7. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Non PPR

    I am having trouble deciding on my FLEX. So far lineup is:

    QB: Ben/Freeman/Garrard/Cutler
    RB: Charles SJax
    WR: AJ VJax
    TE: OD

    I have Hillis Colston Torain and I am leaning sit Hillis and probably start Colston.

  8. Rob says:

    Lawfirm (@ Bills) or Torain (@ Jags) for my flex spot? Both have pretty good matchups.

  9. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league:

    britt @ kc
    s. moss @ jac


  10. sackmaster says:

    I have Tolbert and Choice who both have great matchups, but Hillis is still slated to start for my team this week …

    Do I bail on Hillis and go with Tolbert/Choice?

  11. Jon says:

    This is a yardage heavy league, little value for receptions or TDs. Which tight end do you choose: Tamme, Cooley or Daniels?

  12. Joel says:

    Doc: Buc Williams or joe webb at wr2, non-ppr? Leaning Webb again, just for the fun of it.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jon: I’d lean Daniels

    @sackmaster: I’d still lean Hillis

    @herschel: I like Moss

    @Rob: Yeah, I like both. I’m leaning Law Firm

    @MJD Took A Knee: I could see that.

    @Junior: Yeah, I’d bench Hillis

    @FirstBowl: Ravens and Gonzo

    @cruisinkc: VJax

    @barker: I’d go with that, but it looks like you have Roddy White in there twice. AHer is hurting. If he doesn;t go I would consider Gronk.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I like Buc, but don’t pass up fun!

  15. Greg says:


    can you give us a blurp on your dislike for Tebow? You may have been right bout Mccoy being better then Felix Jones (yes, I accept the fact I was wrong) BUT I think you hating on the Tebow…

  16. Hennessey says:

    Just in case anyone might be affected by that and haven’t checked ESPN yet.

    From ESPN:

    Due to a late scoring change from the NFL, Rashard Mendenhall’s Week 15 rushing yardage has been decreased from 100 to 99 yards. Your playoff matchups may or may not be affected by this change; please check your league’s scoreboard for updated matchups.”

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: He was 8 for 16 on the day and his one TD was double covered and an amazing catch rather than throw. He is no Vick in the open field. He will throw picks. I wouldn’t trust him to lead my fantasy team in the finals. I wouldn’t trust any rookie in his second start to lead my team.

  18. Greg says:

    @Doc – Ok Doc…lets bet on it. If Tebow is in the top 4 of QB’s this week I get to guest write on your site my praise for Mr Tebow.

  19. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Ahh man dropped Ben didn’t play him nice bad omen for the week. Not feeling good now

  20. barker says:

    yea that was supposed to be wayne instead of white

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Yeah, that last TD plunge put him up there.

    @Greg: Sure, but I have editorial control!

  22. Greg says:

    @Doc – we got a deal…. I am predicting Tim Tebow Fantasy Superbowl MVP!

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