Sunday’s finally here! To start things off we have our “Matchup Savers,” players that you can start today if you’re in a pinch due to the bye week, injuries, etc.

Week 6 Matchup Savers


Jason Campbell- It’s his turn to face the hapless Chiefs. Campbell could conceivably have a big day.

Jake Delhomme- You have to love that the Panthers are up against the Bucs. This is a soft defense and you know Jake will be looking to pad the stats so that his miserable season doesn’t look as bad as it’s been.

Mark Bulger- All reports are that he’s going to play. No one is worse than Jacksonville against the pass so don’t be surprised if you Bulger’s line is impressive at the end of the day.

Running Back:

Bernard Scott- He has run the ball well when he’s gotten opportunities. The Bengals are matched up against Houston, the JV version of New Orleans. Look for Marvin Lewis to pound the ground game and exploit the Texans weak defense while burning clock. Scott could see 10+ carries.

Brandon Jackson- Green Bay might steamroll the Lions this week. If they get out to a big lead expect a heavy dose of the run game. Jackson could have an enormous 4th quarter if this likely scenario unfolds.

Mewelde Moore- I don’t love this start against the Browns for him because he is a pass-oriented back but against such a soft defense you could do worse.

Derrick Ward- He is on waivers in a lot of leagues because of his very slow start. Look for him to possibly break out against the Panthers.

Ladell Betts- It’s unclear how healthy Clinton Portis is right now. I can see Betts getting 10+ carries against the Chiefs. You have to like that.

Kevin Faulk- (for PPR) The Patriots are up against the deplorable Titans pass defense this week. Faulk could get some receptions in this game and be viable.


Wide Receiver

Donnie Avery- I doubt he’s available in your league but if he is this should be an obvious choice.

Bryant Johnson- He’s the only Wide Receiver they have.

Chansi Stuckey- As the default #2 in Cleveland there’s an outside chance he’ll get significant targets. It’s a lot more likely that Anderson will have another horrible game.

David Clowney- Cotchery’s almost definitely going to be out of Monday’s game so Clowney slides in the #2 spot. If the defense keys in on Edwards (which they should if they are smart) Clowney might get some really nice looks.

Tight End

Brandon Pettigrew- Megatron’s not playing and I like his upside.

Dante Rosario- You have to love that they’re facing the Buccaneers. But make sure he plays.


Washington- The pickings are slim for spot starting defenses this week. The Redskins have one of the best matchups out there.

New England- Still an underrated defense somehow. I see no reason why the Titans offense will be able to have a big day against them.

Atlanta- They put the wood to the 49’ers last week. Chicago has about an average offense so there’s a chance they’ll shut them down.

Carolina- Are the pickings really this slim? Yes, they are. Look, they’re playing the Bucs.


Alright so now it’s time for our watch list of players to either trade and get or look to unload from our teams depending on what happens this weekend.

Buy High

Rashard Mendenhall- Parker coming back might be enough of a bogeyman to get your opponent to consider trading Mendenhall. The Steelers passing game is very formidable and it will keep teams from packing the box and loading up on the run.

Ronnie Brown- The Dolphins are on a bye this week so Brown’s rankings will decrease slightly. You are going to have to give up serious value to get him but he’s worth it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he finishes in the top 5 in Fantasy this season.



Sell High

Braylon Edwards- Everyone is freaking out and expecting a repeat of his ridiculous ’07 numbers. The strategy a lot of defenses are employing now is to swarm the #1 receiver and make someone else beat you. I obviously like Edwards going forward but feel like some owners might be willing to give up too much for him and I would take advantage of that if I were you.

Matt Ryan- Doc had a really good post this week about the matchups Quarterbacks are facing for the rest of the season/playoffs. Basically Matt Ryan is getting hosed. Trading QB’s is always tricky but if possible I would look to deal him now in case he struggles against the gauntlet of tough defenses he’s about to encounter.

Ben Roethlisburger- Quietly having a huge year. That might make it tougher to get enough to make it worth trading away Big Ben. When you look at his stats he has been so other-worldly so more astute owners might be the ones I’d actually try to trade with.

Chad Ochocinco- He was ranked relatively high this season considering how bad he was last year and he’s played really well so far. If I owned him I would be looking to trade him and another player to get a stud WR like Andre Johnson.


Buy Low

Darren Sproles- His value has plummeted after his terrific first two weeks. The Chargers face the stout Broncos defense this week so I don’t see Sproles doing anything spectacular. A lot of his owners are looking to sell and cash in on what’s left of his value and you might be able to steal him.

Anquan Boldin- He had a ton of targets last week, including ones in the Red Zone. Defenses can’t key in on Boldin because of Fitzgerald and the Cardinals throw the football a ton. I think from here on out he’ll deliver on his preseason value which is 2nd tier (just below elite) level.

DeSean Jackson-He is a lot like Sproles in terms of the fast start and sluggish pace since. It is such a great time to buy on him as a lot of owners are really worried about the Eagles spreading the ball around too much in their offense.

Derrick Ward- He has been a huge disappointment and is waiver wire fodder in a lot of leagues. I don’t like what he’s done so far by any means but he could be serviceable in the second half of the season, especially if Cadillac goes down.

Jerome Harrison- It is only a matter of time before Jamal Lewis gets hurt again or is completely useless. Harrison is the guy in Cleveland; maybe I’ll turn out to be wrong on this one but I’m taking a stand.

Calvin Johnson- Not playing this week due to the injury and his production wasn’t that great this season to begin with. There are a lot of impatient owners out there secretly praying for respectable trade offers. This is a great opportunity.

Jerricho Cotchery- He’s hurt and also not playing this week. The “Braylon Edwards Effect” has helped to plummet his value even further. Here is how I envision this playing out- NFL defenses are going to provide over the top help on Edwards all game long. This is going to free up Cotchery and put him in a lot of 1 on 1 situations. His price is so low right now that you have to try and get him.


Sell Low

Larry Johnson- Too many miles on him. Unfortunately it’s not much of a secret but look at the bright side- he hasn’t gotten hurt yet.

Willis McGahee- At the end of the day he is a poor man’s LenDale White and that is not a good thing. You can still get something for McGahee but that window of opportunity is going to close soon.

Terrell Owens- I may just have him in this category until the trade deadline!


  1. BSA says:

    Derrick Ward today?

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    even though he is only a bench player for me,one could only hope T.O. gets traded anywhere,and im ready for charles to get some carries in K.C

  3. MarkM says:

    For my final WR spot – Northcutt @GB or Clowney @Buf?

    I’m leaning toward Clowney, but I’m not sure.

  4. eldee says:

    Please help prevent me from out-thinking myself.

    Odd man out for WR2 and Flex:
    Bowe (@WAS)
    McCoy (@OAK)
    Avery (@JAX)?

    I know, I know, but I just have a hard time trusting Bowe and the matchup kinda stinks.

  5. cincinnasty says:

    Bernard Berrian or Donny Avery

    Julius Jones Or Willie Parker

  6. Drew

    Drew says:

    @BSA: I like his matchup but who are you sitting in order to start him?

    @AL KOHOLIC: There’s a possibility he gets traded, you never know. I can’t wait for Larry Johnson to get hurt, either.

    @MarkM: I’d go Clowney b/c those Green Bay cornerbacks are tough, Stafford’s not playing, etc.

  7. Drew

    Drew says:

    @eldee: I hope this doesn’t confuse you more but this is how I’d rank these players for today’s game: 1. McCoy 2. Avery 3. Bowe
    -the matchups are just too good to ignore in my opinion.

    @cincinnasty: Avery, Jones

  8. eldee says:

    @Drew: No, I hear you.

    I keep saying to myself “start your stars,” and then I remember that Bowe isn’t a star. Everything out of Philly is pointing towards a timeshare at RB. Plus Bulger being back means Avery borders on must-start.


  9. Ben says:

    Better bye week TE:

    Shockey or Pettigrew?

    Shockey has good numbers, but as has been mentioned, a tough matchup with the NYG. He also has the “old-team” motivation. Pettigrew has big upside like you side, but no Megatron means to me that the Pack will try to take away the underneath stuff and force the Lions to put the ball downfield….

    Thoughts? Thanks guys.

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Ben: i really like pettigrew but brees has so many weapons and shockey is a big one,i like shockey

  11. matthole says:

    @Drew: big ben or hasselbeck for today? Both have nice matchups and normally I’d go with Ben, but i believe that pitt will blowout CLE and therefore potentially run the ball more or the majority of the second half…..and hasselbecks nice at home and is against the worst pass def

    Also, I own rivers, ben, and hasselbeck…..can you pls name a few WRs youd look to target for Ben so i have an idea of what caliber player to expect in return…..IE, boldin, housh, 2nd tier??


  12. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Ben: I agree with AL KOHOLIC. Pettigrew is not a bad option if you’re stuck but in your case you have Shockey. I don’t really love that matchup for him either but I wouldn’t play Pettigrew over him.

    @matthole: I would start Hasselbeck for all the reasons you stated. I like Boldin and Housh as targets, I’ll throw some more out to you in a bit.

  13. Ben says:

    We are all on the same page then. Thanks guys, appreciate the insight.

  14. Dixon says:

    Which RB do I start from the following: Jamal Lewis, Beanie, McGahee, or Mike Bell? I have McGahee going, but just need some confirmation.


  15. Stumanji says:

    LT or Fred Jackson?

  16. Marvin N. says:

    Hey guys,

    I have to pick a combination of three of the following backs:

    C. Johnson
    M. Lynch
    C. Portis
    D. Ward

    My gut tells me to play it straight and sit Ward but a little voice is telling me to run with Ward instead of Lynch due to matchup. Advice?

  17. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Dixon: McGahee’s the right play there i guess although I wouldn’t be crazy about it.

    @Stumanji: LT

    @Marvin N.: Johnson, Portis, Ward

  18. Dixon says:

    Marvin: The matchup tells me Ward, but I’m not sure how many carries Ward will get. Lynch is the better back, but after last week, I can’t imagine the Jets allowing any sort of running game to happen. They gotta be pissed after what Ronnie and Ricky did to them.

    Do you have a WR you can start instead at your flex?

  19. Dixon says:

    Thanks Drew. Neither am I too crazy about it, but its all I got. I figure it would be a physical game where a big dude like McGahee might be more useful than a small shifty little thing like Rice. Here goes nothing.

    Good luck everyone.

  20. Marvin N. says:

    Thanks Dixon…aside from Wayne (bye), Steve Smith (CAR) and DeSean Jackson I have Clayton, Caldwell and Muhammed…Not sure that’s really an option…thoughts?

  21. mystere213 says:

    How much will the terrible weather affect Tom Brady’s day? Should I go with Garrard against St. Louis instead? Will it turn into a running game in Foxboro for the Patriots, thus killing Brady’s value?

  22. Joe B says:

    @Drew: Start Jonathan Stewart, Sammy Morris, or Percy Harvin in my FLEX… No PPR.

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joe B: Stew

  24. Sos says:

    Anybody have any website where you can watch nfl games online? The Giants game was supposed to be on and now it’s not!

  25. hideousmutants says:

    Just an early thanks for convincing me to stick with Colston. In my league, I’ve gone from laughingstock to total dominance and it’s all that’s to the Razzball Way.

  26. cleaver596 says:

    Man am I glad I snagged Hakeem Nicks last week off waivers. Too bad I didn’t start him this week though.

  27. jamiesonmj says:

    is chris johnson injured?

  28. tenken says:

    Great call on leon washington over julius jones. Thanks a lot.

  29. Drew

    Drew says:

    @tenken: Thanks man, it’s nice to get some right now and again!

  30. adamh says:

    Standard league rules, 12 teams. Been offered Larry Fitz for S-Jax and Cotchery. My team (2-4 right now so maybe its time to mix it up):

    QB Romo
    WR (start 3) – Jennings, Cotchery, Coles, Massaquoi, J Morgan, A Gonz
    RB (start 2) – Jackson, Barber, Lynch, R Bush, D Brown
    TE Shiancoe

    I have some decent RB depth and my WR’s arent very good. Does this trade improve me squad?

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