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Fantasy Football at Razzball is a fantasy football blog dedicated to providing usable tips, advice and commentary for winning your fantasy football league. You’re welcome.

Contact: info@razzball.com

Any fantasy football related questions about your team can, and probably, will be posted to the site in the form of a mailbag.

  1. First off, I love what you guys do…Hard hitting,sometimes irreverent thoughtful stat based analysis. I just found out about your website about a month ago. I’m a fantasy sport GEEK. I participate in 2 football(1 traditional, 1 auction keeper) that i have won every year, a nascar league, baseball auction keeper, and golf league…You guys do a great job with all of the things you do, i was just wondering(aka hoping) if you might be interested in having me do a Fantasy Golf column for you. I could talk about things like, why the fuck did Will Willcox have 20-1 odds on Bovada starting this weeks tournament? (he is -1 after day one, and doesn’t have odds anymore) . his favorite food is Spaghetti, and his mother,Kim, is a golf instructor…Just sayin, I research the shit out of stuff, and i love talking shit…can i have a job? Respectfully yours, Pete Silver

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