Week 5 is upon us and we have more NFL tape to review on some of the promising rookies of the 2019 class before we eventually start looking ahead to 2020. Watching young guys on tape doesn’t sound too creepy, right?

Daniel Jones

Pre-Season Evaluation:

  • Accurate passer. 
  • Has the height you want from an NFL QB, but had a number of balls batted down at the line.
  • Good feel for the pocket around him, and pocket mobility is a plus.
  • Looks nervous in the pocket at times with anxious feet and hands. 
  • Advances through receiver progressions well for college QB.
  • Repeatable delivery.
  • Accuracy fades the further he pushes the ball down field.
  • Maybe had to do with being at Duke, but forced the play at times.

Regular Season Evaluation

  • Staring down his primary target too often and decides where the ball is going before he sees the coverage.
  • Did look off the defense for the dump down TD vs the Redskins
  • Moving well in the pocket and keeping his eyes down field.
  • Has the mobility to escape the pocket and get some yards if he needs to.
  • Seems to have a good rapport with Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram.
  • Not throwing guys open, waiting until they have been open.
  • Solid, but not spectacular accuracy.
  • Hasn’t fully adjusted to the speed of NFL DBs and doesn’t lead receivers enough at times.
  • Seems to struggle reading over the top.
  • Not attacking vertically, rather, he’s going with the easy check down option.
  • Accuracy wanes more than 20 yards downfield.
  • Has faced 2 sub-par defenses and will be challenged vs the Vikings and at the Pats.

His movement in the pocket and escapability have brought a new dynamic that this offense desperately needed with their bad O line. I’m skeptical that he will have the time and looks available against better teams than he has so far, but I’m impressed with his transition so far.

Most of what I saw in pre-season continues to hold, but this is a positive for the Giants offense as a whole. Plus, he gets the brass a**, I mean Golden Tate back!


Diontae Johnson

Pre-Season Evaluation

  • Runs the full route tree. 
  • Breaks aren’t overly sharp or polished, but has an understanding of how to get free at the point of reception.
  • Lateral agility is strong and almost a plant and go type of receiver. 
  • Has the ability to make defenders miss in the open field.
  • Smart after the catch runner utilizing blocking and getting the most out of the play.
  • Good instincts for the ball, attacks the ball. 
  • Catch radius isn’t amazing as he’s better when he can stay within his frame.
  • Long speed to beat guys over the top even if acceleration isn’t special.

Regular Season Evaluation

  • Running the full route tree from underneaths to deep double move.
  • Has worked primarily inside, but can work outside as well.
  • Fumbled versus the Browns in the red zone, not a good look. 
  • Despite lackluster combine numbers, game speed is there.
  • Hands have been a little questionable still when he has to reach outside his body.
  • Saved Rudolph on a poor thrown come backer against the Seahawks though.
  • Whether it’s Rudolph keying in on a guy or that they have a rapport, it doesn’t really matter. He puts the ball up for Diontae and lets him fight for it. 
  • Timing on the curl between the two seems to be on point. 
  • Breaks are sharper than I remember.
  • Finding open areas in coverage.

The change from Big Ben to Mason Rudolph was likely bad for everyone except maybe Diontae. He has been third in snaps on the team at wide receiver, but not far  behind James Washington. JuJu is getting double and triple teamed, so, somebody has to benefit.

Both Washington and Johnson are talented receivers, but Diontae is the more well rounded one and should take over the WR2 role sooner rather than later. He may have already done so in everything except snap count.


A.J. Brown

Pre-Season Evaluation

  • Acceleration plays well off the line and during his breaks. 
  • Competes within the game for each ball and every yard after the catch.
  • Can break a tackle using finesse or power.
  • Finds open areas against zone coverage.
  • Able to adjust to poorly thrown balls.
  • Mariota is just the worst, but situations can change. 

Regular Season Evaluation

  • Plays taller than his 6′ frame.
  • Nice timing (and maybe a little shove off) on the second touchdown against the Falcons where he plays the fade into the end zone.
  • Good feel for where to break off a route and sit down. 
  • Mariota is just the worst, but situations can change. 
  • Not afraid to get physical right back at corners, including Jalen Ramsey.
  • Getting hung up on corners at the end of the route at times, but sometimes that’s the throw as well.

A.J. is still only getting about half the snaps of Corey Davis as the Titans continue to play Tajae Sharp for some unknown reason. Even with less snaps, he is only one target behind Corey Davis

If you listened to the pickups podcast, you know I still believe in Corey Davis, but I also had A.J. as my second receiver in the rookie draft class. I’m not sure that they can both consistently have fantasy value, but I’d imagine A.J.’s value is boosted due to the touchdowns. While I won’t pay that price in redraft, I’d be willing to make a move in dynasty.


Parris Campbell

Pre-Season Evaluation

  • Has the speed to just flat outrun defenders
  • Acceleration off the line makes it high risk/high reward to jam him.
  • Initial burst off the line doesn’t play up on breaks down the field. 
  • Routes seem raw and undisciplined.
  • Finding space in zone coverage is not his strong suit. 
  • Open field threat and sees lanes well. 
  • Concentration drops, but hands are okay typically.
  • Doesn’t have the best feel or recognition for defenders around him, takes too many big hits.

Regular Season Evaluation

  • Struggles fighting through contact during the route and when receiving.
  • A couple times he’s had trouble locating the ball down field.
  • Best route is still the curl as defenders have to respect his speed.
  • Defenders early on are pressing him and he’s struggling, but only takes one time each game that they miss him.
  • Showing his open field ability with screens and short yardage catches. 
  • His best work comes when he can receive the ball cleanly and work after the catch.

Still a bit limited in what he can do route wise. Needs to show more physicality to hold up against stronger, faster NFL corners. Has opportunity to show what he can do and the Colts are trying to get the ball in his hands on end arounds and screens. Third on the team in snaps among receivers and eight targets in week four is nice to see after only five in the first three games.


  1. Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

    same .2 PPR same rule for RB’s (max 6), have all 3 SF guys (not j.wilson) and singletary/michel/d.will2 (the 3rd stringer),
    drop mostert (gotta think d.will part 2 has more value in case of mccoy or d-will1 injuries) for which of: mattison, wilkins, armstead, the other d-will (GB)?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Wilkins or Mattison

  2. Mike says:

    Now that Conner got in a practice today, who would you start this week – Conner, Jaylen Samuels or Damien Williams? 1/2 pt PPR. Thanks.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:


  3. The Harrow says:

    PPR everett or knox (not for this week). i have hockenson + kelce with deep benches and i doubt hock is back next week, can be IR’d if that happens and right now i added knox already a few days ago.

  4. Mr. A Knife says:

    12 team half PPR 2 QB dynasty

    QB (2): rodgers, mahomes, haskins, rosen
    RB (2): michel, d.harris, ekeler, ingram, hyde, kamara
    WR (3) thielen, gordon, edelman, watkins, k.allen, boyd
    TE(1) ertz
    2 flexes
    K: DAL kicker
    DEF: DAL
    IDP flexes (4): j.hicks, b.martinez, j.adams, d.jones (ATL)
    IR (2): mosley

    drop d.harris for a backup TE now or hold, he’s still inactive even when burkhead is out (far worse than how michel was used in his rookie year), options: herndon, everett, knox. this is daily FAAB 3 max moves per week so this could be done tonight (and usually people don’t think TO do FAAB’ing tonight, so the costs are usually lower, here if everett wasn’t taken after his thursday game he’s probably free or near it)
    – here i’m better off if i’m making a move in doing it tonight or tomorrow night if i wait longer mosley will get the dreaded “non out” tag and i’d have to drop 2 people to make any moves. also, another benefit here is that most owners do NOT input FAAB bids on sunday night (technically 3 AM monday) as they aren’t in mode of thinking of making moves for next week yet, also if they had any monday playing players in starting slots they’d not even be able to drop those players for a next week add since then they’d leave an open slot for this week. here d.harris is on bench anyway and NE already played if he’s the drop.

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