Sunday 3:00 EST

New York Jets @ Indianapolis

Shonn Greene has unofficially moved passed Thomas Jones on the run first offense of the J-E-T-S.  There is no reason to think he won’t see the majority of the carries once again this week, but don’t be surprised if Jones comes in on big downs because Ryan trusts him a little more with ball security. The Jets must be able to run the ball to win this game.  If they are successful, they wear down the Colts front 7 and keep Peyton Manning off the field.  The Colts defense did face a similar offense last week and slowed down the dynamic Ray Rice.  The Jets offensive line coupled with Tony Richardson is a formidable force, but Mark Sanchez will need to do more than sit there and look pretty if the Jets want to win.

NYJ: Greene +1. Jones -1

The Jets are proving over and over that their defense is too hot to handle and too cold to hold and if you call them the Colts Busters they might just be in control.  Last week the Peyton Mannings took on a good defense and chipped away at them through the short pass.  Joseph Addai, Donald Brown and Mike Hart P.I. all got some work in against Baltimore, but didn’t put up numbers worth squat.  Addai was out for a quarter with a shoulder injury, but should be the starter once again.  If you think the Colts win and are in a league that you need to pick the winner in, it’s hard not to go with Addai, but if your in a weekly matchup I think Greene is your guy.

IND: Addai -1, Brown, -2, Hart -2

Sunday 6:40 EST

Minnesota @ New Orleans

Adrian Peterson is healthy and a man-beast, but can’t seem to break out.  The rumblings are that he’s not following his blocks and thinks his awesomeness should overtake the game, but it’s not happening.  The Saint’s run defense is their biggest weakness and it would behoove the Vikings to resurrect Purple Jesus in the Superdome, but will they?  It isn’t as if they need AP to run for a hundred yards to win, but against the Saints he has a shot at breaking out, and they should give him the opportunities.

MIN: Peterson +2, Taylor 0

Last week we were once again subjected to the unpredictability of the Saints’ backfield. Reggie Bush had a huge game while Lynell Hamilton vultured a goal line touchdown from Pierre Thomas.  I’ve noted my dislike for the committee in New Orleans and it just continues to screw fantasy football players.  This would be about the time we would contemplate putting Bush into our lineups which will mean that he does nothing.  He does seem to play better in big games so there is a chance that he will break one.  The Vikings tough rush defense should keep Pierre Thomas bottled up and who knows who will get the goal line carries.  If I had to gamble it would be on Bush, but it would be a big gamble.

NO: Bush 0, Thomas -1, Hamilton -2, Bell -2