So Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith held hands on the plane on their way to the rookie symposium and cuddled afterward. Or so my sources say. Other than that there really hasn’t been much news on the labor front which is a lot better than it used to be when the sides were complaining, posturing, lawyering and pretty much making complete and utter asses out of themselves. Now it looks like they are actually making a deal; what they should have been doing all along. So I’m going to run with it as good news and predict we have a labor agreement by July 15th to coincide with the finale of Harry Potter! I’m going with both Smith and Goodell as Voldemort and Jeremy Shockey as that white haired kid, Tom Brady as that vampire who was killed in front of Harry Potter, Brandon Pettigrew as himself, Tom Brady as Hermione, and you can fill in the rest.

Terrell Owens: Mr. Owens had ACL surgery and will be out at east 6 months which will cause him to miss much of the season. His agent says he will play again, translation: I want his money. The chances of him truly coming back and playing are slim, but there is no doubt that T.O. is a Hall Of Fame player. He is second in receiving yards with 15,934, fifth in receptions with 1,078, second in receiving touchdowns with 153, and tenth in receiving yards per game with 72.8. You just can’t argue with those numbers. The only argument is just how high would he go on the list of top 5 wide receivers of all time? And yes, he’s an ass of gargantuan proportions and is top five on that list as well.

Michael Crabtree: He’s having problems with the same foot he had surgically repaired in 2009. We’ll have to see if this continues into training camp, but it’s not a great sign for a player who has plenty of question marks. I’m not investing much in him right now.

Delone Carter: The hype for the Colts rookie running back is growing. With Donald Brown and Joseph Addai both showing the ability to get hurt and not really play football that well, Carter could get a chance this season, especially around the goal line. You know Manning doesn’t give a rat’s ass how they get into the end zone and if Carter can punch it in from the one he will get many, many chances.

Reggie Bush: There sure is a lot of talk about Bush even though he isn’t really that good. It looks like teams are most likely not going to trade for him because they know the Saints don’t want to pay him and will most likely have to let him go. In the right situation he could be ok in PPR leagues, but his injury history will make me skip on him no matter where he goes.

DeAngelo Williams: The guy has Jamaal Charles/Chris Johnson ability, but has had trouble with injuries. He’ll be a free agent and all the talk has been of him rejoining Fox in Denver. I’ve been pretty adamant in my belief that Moreno could handle the workload and was more than just a third down back, but the chatter keeps telling me the Bronco brass think otherwise. I’m still not sold that even if they believe that, that they’ll fork over the cash for Williams. Someone like Michael Bush makes more sense to me or even Reggie Bush as the third down guy. I’m taking a wait and see approach right now.

Shonn Greene: L.T. says he’s willing to reduce his role and become more of a third-down specialist. This comes after talk that Greene would become the early down workhorse. I think he will at the very least be given the opportunity. He was a huge disappointment last season, but I’m willing to give him another shot as long as his ADP isn’t crazy, which it isn’t right now. He’s going early in the 4th over at Fantasy Football Calculator.

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  1. I pegged Carter as one of my rookie RB sleepers before the draft and was thrilled to see him land in Indianapolis. It’s a great fit for him and even if fre agent Joseph Addai returns to Indy, I think once the Colts see what Carter can do as a physical between the tackles runner (something they haven’t had since Edgerrin James was in his prime), he’ll take over as the primary RB for Indy. If he can develop his hands and improve his blocking, he turn out to be a much better overall fantasy RB than many think.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Russ Bliss: Yeah, the blitz pickups will be a problem in Indy, but otherwise he is a perfect fit to do good things there.

  3. Cole says:

    Hey Doc, when are your season rankings going to start rolling out? Looking forward to them!

  4. LMack says:

    Hey Doc. Last year you had a good article about who to follow on twitter for football news. Of course I’m following you, but I was wondering if you could give me some linkage to that article? Searching has been tough because many articles have “twitter” mentioned in them.


  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cole: Soon. Looking at July 15th for a big push of content.

    @LMack: It’s also below the Fantasy Football Features. I’ll probably update it as well.

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