While I would generally lead-off such a transaction filled post with the most important one this past week (Tim Tebow trying out for the Eagles, of course), I’d like to start the lede with a different bit of news. And while it touches on the overall macro of the Philadelphia Eagles transformation into the Philadelphia Oregon Ducks, Ryan Mathews leaving the Chargers has caused an emotional earthquake in house Jay. What? That’s what my house is called. There were some questions concerning whether or not Mathews would sign last week, as after there was an agreement, DeMarco Murray quickly signed as well, putting the whole situation into flux. But we have a clear winner, and those winners appear to be the Eagles, the Philadelphia fanbase, probably the National Football League as a whole, and probably Chargers fans who grew tired of Mathews fumbling at the two-yard line and breaking clavicle bones. Please note: none of the winners were in fantasy football. And why is that? Because along with signing half the free agent class already, the Eagles have decided to sign both Murray and Mathews. Despite what my heart says about Mathews leaving (IT HURTS!), one things for sure, we have the dreaded RBBC (running-back-by-committee) now officially in effect for the Eagles in 2015, which will presumably drag down the value of both. While Murray would probably suffer the most, it appears that even Mathews will be a possibly overrated selection going into the 2015 season. (Many will point to the Kelly’s system and lack of health last year as points.) Sure, that prevents me from calling him underrated for the 20th straight year, but still, while Murray and Mathews going to the Eagles could be quite an interesting duo to watch next year, they’re probably not the duo to own in fantasy. Then again, who knows, Chip Kelly could innovate 600 carries for each of them. Or they could both go down with season-ending injuries. Naaaah, zero-chance of that happening…


Kenny Stills was traded to the Dolphins for linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and a third-round pick. While he only caught three touchdowns, his 931 yards was a nice total. As of now, Marquee Colston (if he’s still alive) and Brandin Cooks are Drew Brees’ top options. Then again, they are his only two options at the moment, so there’s that. CJ Spiller also signed with the Saints, which, if he stays healthy, could thrive in Sean Payton’s system, seeing as how if he stayed healthy, he probably would have thrived in Buffalo’s system…

Trent Richardson was finally released, but from reports I’ve read, he was only released a few feet before falling down. I’m here all night folks. It’s tough to say what exactly happened, and the fact that a once promising running back who was not only a first-round pick, but traded for a first-round pick now finds himself as a free agent shows that something definitely went wrong.

As mentioned in the lede, DeMarco Murray signed a five-year deal with the Eagles. Sam Bradford was so excited when hearing the news, he did a marginally forceful fist pump in the air. The reports are sketchy, but it appears that he broke his elbow, tore his UCL, strained his hamstring, and is being examined for concussion like symptoms. Our prayers are with him and his family.

  1. Scott says:

    At least you picked up Stevie Johnson, amiright?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Scott: not that he’s a bad pick up, but I can’t wait to see Philip’s reaction to the routes he runs.

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