Well, who woulda thought, something in the NFL of consequence has actually happened. It’s been days. DAYS! I mean, there was Antonio Cromartie’s birthday bash in Vegas with his wife and pals. By pals, I’m assuming they are referring to his bakers dozen amount of kids. The party had quite the twist too (because Vegas: where twists are legal and cost five dollars), with Cromartie receiving lap-dances from “little people” dressed up as Rihanna and Kayne. Daw, never change Antonio Cromartie. Never change. Not be outdone, Bill Belichick’s birthday also came and went. It should be noted that his party consisted of a whole lot of this. Please note, Belichick’s birthday suit is like everybody else’s, just with more hoodie. And then there was also RG3 releasing a new logo, which is, well, bold I guess. Seeing as how the Starks in Game of Thrones have a logo, and they totally suck at that game. And, of course, the Nazi’s had a logo too. So good luck with that. Anyhow, since none of these things had anything to do with fantasy football, we were left waiting, then finally, yesterday happened… and that was Chris Johnson signing a two year deal with the New York Jets. Don’t everyone jump for joy all at once…

So the big question here is– where can I find a DeLorean so I can watch this Jets team in 2009? The other big question is– how will this running back committee be used? Because that’s the key to this entire puzzle. Which makes no sense. Unless the puzzle is a car. And the key is a puzzle piece too. Uh. Yeah. Right now, we have Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson, and Bilal Powell. Needs more Shonn Green if you ask me. Regardless, one things for sure, one of these backs is not like the others in terms of relevance, fantasy or otherwise. And that’s Powell. So we basically have what is a tandem of Ivory and Johnson, being fed the ball by either Geno Smith or Michael Vick… which is basically Geno Smith by week 3-5, after an inevitable Vick injury.

Johnson clearly isn’t an elite back any more, and though he provided good value in 2013, going to a Jets team with an already established back leaves the potential distribution in question.. He’s still clearly the most talented running back on the roster, and will hopefully be utilized more in space with increased reps in the passing game. I could even see something along the lines of how Detroit handled Reggie Bush in 2013, but at 1500 or so yards and 7 touchdowns… that’s getting kind of dreamy. The problems are, even if you split Ivory and Johnson into a 50/50 timeshare, the lack of his past workloads in Tennessee could really drag his value down. And that’s not even including the fact that 90,000+ career touches has a way of sneaking up on a guy.

I’m not really convinced that the Jets are a good team, even with all the free agent activity. The quarterback situation is a question mark, the run blocking is suspect, and their running back tandem and usage is unknown at the moment. Do I rank and project him like he’s going to be a primary part of the offense, or a third-down back? I could see him close to the RB25 area, but the potential range right now is just too large for me to buy. He could be a RB15 or a RB35. The picture will hopefully get clearer when my rankings come out, but I’m not holding my breath. In terms of drafting, I’m not really sure how to draft him based on that robust range, so I’m probably just taking a pass. Actually, that sounds about right for the entire Jets team.

  1. Fantasy with Dase or Days

    Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

    Darn you Seattle Seahawks! How dare you rain on the Doug Baldwin sleeper parade for us fantasy footballers. From weeks 9-17 (8 games), he Baldwin was the WR2 (Sidney Rice hurt) and in these eight games his stat line was 3.4 catches, 50.8 yards, .5 touchdowns & 5.4 targets. Those numbers come out to eight fantasy points per game and that is a WR2 in standard (ESPN) scoring.

    I bring this up because the Seahawks have agreed to a one year deal with Sidney Rice. It’s not time to completely abandon the parade as Rice has missed 25 games over the last four years.

    • Fantasy with Dase or Days

      Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

      @Fantasy with Dase or Days: I forgot to add that he produced a WR2 type fantasy numbers and had a total of one catch for eight yards in the final two games.

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