Kurt Warner and Matt Schaub have schedules that fantasy footballers would have trouble drawing up for themselves. Matt Ryan and Tony Romo have schedules that only troubled fantasy footballers would draw up for themselves.  If I could get Schaub or even old man Warner for the playoff run I would.  These numbers are against QB’s, but work for WR’s as well.  Let’s just say AJ and Fitz might be ok.

Hopefully this chart will give you a gauge to make some last second trades.  If you have any questions about the numbers toss them in the comments.


After the break you’ll see the same chart, but in order of best playoff schedule for QB’s week 14-16. 

If Chad Henne wasn’t a rookie with not much in the way of wide receivers I’d say take a chance on him for his playoff schedule, but he is and he doesn’t. Of course our old standbys Warner and Schaub are still at the top, but Eli Manning falls a little further and has a tough playoff schedule.  I really wouldn’t want to rely on him to get me to a championship this year.


  1. Vargo says:

    I get Snelling and Hasselbeck

    I give Tony Romo

    go for it?

  2. Nick says:

    Berrian or Breaston for week 11? I have Fitz & Housh starting as well with Collie/Wallace benched

  3. nick m. says:

    if ced benson sits, do you play bernard scott in a ppr league flex spot, or do you roll with the normal play of brandon jacobs?

  4. steamer says:

    I just made a big trade for P. Manning. The risk with Manning is the Colts could be relaxing by week 16. I could see a scenerio where they go out for 1 series & take the rest of the game off. My buddy actually has tickets for the Colts/Bills game in Buffalo in week 17….sucker. I’m on the playoff bubble so I couldn’t pass up Manning, but it’s something to think about for Manning owners who are locked into the playoffs, or any Colts for that matter…except maybe D. Brown.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Vargo: I think Romo’s talent should beat out his schedule. Not a fan of Snelling after Norwood and Turner come back.

    @Nick: Breaston

    @nick m.: I’d stick with Jacobs

  6. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Blech, looks like Simms will be starting for Denver.

  7. Calogero says:

    Who is a better stash – LJ, D. Ware or Hilliard?

    I like Hilliard, I think, given that 1. Ricky Williams is really the only guy ahead of him, 2. Ricky Williams is old and 3. the Dolphins offense supported 2 very good RB all year so far, so regardless of whether Ricky’s meniscus suddenly vaporizes like oh so many blunts in the past, value is almost automatic. What say you?

  8. stumanji says:

    So Smith NYG and LT can net me either Deangelo or Fitz. Which way to go? I think I need the RB more.

    My team:
    QB: Rodgers, Hasselbeck
    WR: Megatron, Smith, Housh, Cotchery, Collie
    RB: Rice, LT, Maroney, Bradshaw, Snelling
    TE: Gates

  9. timSTi says:

    I’m pretty much guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. 6-3-1 in 4th place. 5th – 7th are all 4-5. Based on that do I need to make any drastic moves? Turner going down hurts but I picked up Snelling and Betts recently. Here’s my team. Id love to upgrade at QB but feel like I’d have to give up something big, and without my other big gun(Turner) I”m not as comfortable unleashing Wayne or Colston unless the consensus is I need to.

    1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST … 12 Team PPR

    Cutler, Cassel
    Turner, Barber, Betts, Bradshaw, Snelling
    Wayne, Colston, SimsWalker, Breaston, Chambers

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Calogero: I’m liking Hilliard as well.

    @stumanji: I’d take DWill.

  11. DrunkAndDirty says:

    Playoff matchups have me thinking as I’m pretty much a lock in my 14 team league. You said earlier that Romo’s talent will overcome his schedule but I was proposed the following trade in a PPR (+0.5) league where QB’s get +6 for TD, +1 for completion, and -0.5 for attempt:

    I trade Romo and Moss
    I get Palmer and Ochocinco

    Should I do it? Trade deadline is tomorrow 11/20.
    Thanks in advance and great column!

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DrunkAndDirty: I wouldn’t. Romo for Palmer maybe, but Moss is too much.

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