Welcome back to a football episode of the Razzblitz Podcast. My co-host Zach returns for a week one preview before his journey to Atlanta in an effort to escape Hurricane Irma.  Speaking of hurricanes, it’s been a rough hurricane season for our country, so be sure to give something back if you can afford it.  The best part of giving back during trying times is finding the charity that suits your cause.  Whether it be food and shelter, rebuilding efforts, or helping out the poor animals that are helpless in these situations.  When I find a cause that I believe in, I will be sure to post it on twitter, otherwise you can just give to J.J. Watt’s impressive fund!  For Harvey, I gave to Shea Serrano’s venmo effort that he opened up for a few days and he was able to raise $134,000 to give to seven different charities that he believed in and it was money well spent.

Anyways, we also discuss the Bucs-Dolphins cancellation, my fall out with Miko Grimes, and then we talk about players and match ups that we like from the Week 1 action.

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