Some rambling about draft strategy follows:

  1. Brian says:

    1. Drew Brees QB
    2. Rashard Mendenhall RB
    3. Jamaal Charles RB
    4. Mike Sims-Walker WR
    5. Wes Welker WR
    6. Jermichael Finley TE (too early for him when I could wait for Zach Miller in the 10th when I take Cotchery?)
    7. Arian Foster RB
    8. Ahmad Bradshaw RB
    9. Johnny Knox WR
    10. Jerricho Cotchery WR
    11. Laurence Maroney RB
    12. Nate Burleson WR
    13. Louis Murphy WR
    14. Malcolm Floyd WR
    15. Gints D/ST
    16. Dan Carpenter K

  2. Brian says:

    Sorry I erased my intro to that. It’s a PPR league. This is the 1st time I’ve taken a QB early in a mock with the 8th pick. I just wanted to see what you thought about it. I had one earlier where I got Andre Johnson with the 8th pick overall but I don’t see that happening when the draft is real, so I mocked this instead. Likes or dislikes for a PPR?

  3. Brian says:

    @Brian: 12 teams

  4. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Brian: this is a solid team Brian. I have experimented with taking Drew Brees early on in drafts as well. Overall, I haven’t liked the teams I’ve ended up with nearly as much as when I wait on QB a bit longer. There’s so much talent in the first two rounds at Wide Receiver in particular and then an enormous drop off from there. What tends to happen is you end up being somewhat weak at RB or WR. You have still managed to do fairly well at both in this situation but when your “real” draft comes along I doubt you will be able to score the same value in a competitive league.

  5. Dilbert says:

    I’ve done a few mock drafts anywhere from the 5th to the 8th, and I’ve had to make the decision between Michael Turner and Andre Johnson. (We decide draft order day of the draft) My league is a PPR and I can just sense this decision will come my way when my “real” draft comes along. I’ve tried it both ways, and liked my squads both ways, but mock drafts are filled with knuckleheads. Peyton Manning went first in two of them. Anyway, what do you guys think of Turner vs. Johnson in PPR leagues? I’m leaning towards Johnson, because I think I’m gonna freak my league out with taking 2 WR in the first two rounds and get everyone scrambling while I pick up the high upside RB’s in rounds 3 – 6. I think the WR position drops off pretty quickly this season compared to the RB’s.

    PS. I love Gates this year, too with no LT or VJax catching passes and he’s a beast in the Red Zone. What round is right for him? I’m thinking 4th or 5th, after my WR, WR, RB strategy. Too early?

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dilbert: Sound strategy in PPR. In PPR I don’t think it’s even close. You go with AJ over Turner every time. Agreed, I think Gates is the #1 guy, but with Finley, Celek, Miller etc.. out there I’m waiting.

  7. wayne says:

    This Really helps me out.I’m 8th pick in 12 team ppr league and after killing myself over which strategy to go with I like my chances taking an elite qb in the first round
    1: A. Rogers
    2: R. White
    3: J. Charles
    I like the qb idea cause now u have a great qb that will last u till week 9 and that frees up a roster spot for another player. And no matter what strategy I went with I have J. Charles at 3. What do you guys think??

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @wayne: In PPR I feel strongly that you need to grab an elite receiver or an elite pass catching RB in the first. I would probably go White unless someone else falls to you.

  9. Dilbert says:

    @wayne: You could probably grab Moss or AJ (Way better then White) in the first and still get Rodgers, Manning, or at least Rivers in the second… Just a thought. Depending on your league mates and if they are hot for QB’s. At 8, your pick comes quick on the turn. Good Luck!

    PS I did another mock last night and some douch took Romo in the first, Bush, and Phil Dawson in the third. It only takes one…

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