Another week, another me, wait… that makes no sense. Let’s try that again. Another week, another me talkin’ about you. Yeah, that’s the ticket… I’d buy that for a dollar. I wish I could buy anything for a dollar these days. Stupid inflation, economics and what not. Speaking of buying, can I buy a win over here? It’s been one of my worst seasons and I don’t see it getting any better. It’s so bad that I haven’t even had to deal with Injurpocalypse 2015 or whatever they are calling it. Our resident man in the trainers room Lance goes over it in great detail here. Wait, I forgot, I had one big boo-boo when Charles went down in one league, but that was an auto-draft, so I feel I deserve the punishment for brain farting on the draft time. It’s cool though, I’m a glutton for masochism. Speaking of a little masochism, I’ve had to re-schedule my latest tattoo appointment twice now and I have no idea why I brought that up. But since I did, what’s been your most painful tattoo? This of course makes me wonder where on Jay’s body is his Chargers tattoo. I’m betting on the left butt cheek. [Jay’s Note: That was the most natural place…] Anythehoo, enjoy the Robo Cop GIF from the title…

RCL Top Ten

Rank Team League  RCL PTS  LG IDX
1  My Stashs Got Stashs  Take on the Jaywrong 5  5259.1  102.3
2  Brahma Bulls  Elder Gods Only  5188.8  101.4
3  Pops’s Team  Hyrule Heroes  5164.1  101.8
4  The Handsome Lads  Jennifer’s Black Widow League  5152.7  101.5
5  Yapping Yorkies  Jennifer’s Ball Breaker League  5135.6  99.2
6  Bolting to LaLaLand  Take on the Jaywrong 1  5100.3  101.4
7  Ditka’s ‘Stache  Mike Razzball  4804.9  96.8
8  Gravity Well  Take on the Jaywrong 1  4669.1  101.4
9  Apache.Kid 7  Sky Sperlling League  4654.0  101.6
10  Athletic Supporter  Straight Outta Razzball  4637.8  100.4


RCL and RazzDP Master Standings

RazzDP Top Ten

Rank Team League  RCL PTS  LG IDX
1  Infernos Curse  RazzDParino  5563.1  99.3
2  Me  Beddict’s Banditos  5009.9  100
3  Exotic Blitz & Chitz  RazzDParino  4977.1  99.3
4  WON HUNNIT  RazzDParino  4881.7  99.3
5  Hadens Grocery Cart  RazzDP 1  4859.9  97.5
6  Mister Bulldops  RazzDP 1  4847.3  97.5
7  You Down With IDP?  RazzDP Your Face  4591.6  102.3
8  Ha-Ha Fireworks  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  4578.3  100.9
9  Defense Wins Titles  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  4526.9  100.9
10  Jay – Razzball  Take on the Jaywrong 4 IDP  4445.3  100.9
  • Could I have been any more wrong last week when I predicted three of the undefeated teams left would lose. Well, they all won, and now I look like a bitter idiot analyst. Crap! I’m Trent Dilfer. *runs and jumps through window* That feels better. Seven teams are 8-0 and that’s pretty kick ass. Yapping Yorkies is still the highest scoring team but because of their league’s low index, they are taking a back seat to the double stash man. Take on the Jay Wrong 5, which is not related to the Jackson 5, is the highest index league. Take a bow JW-5, you guys… and maybe girls are killing it. I can’t go out without making another bold prediction. I will say four of these teams will have one loss next week. It’s gonna happen. Trust me (I wouldn’t).
  • Bravo to Infernos Curse, the only RazzDP team to eclipse 1500 points. I hope I can make the playoffs and get to play you. It would be an honor to knock you off. (Writer’s Note: That’s not happening) Haha, I just Jay’d myself. Speaking of Jay, he is in the top 10 and is also a first time IDP player. Way to go boss. You’re boss. Speaking of IDP, have you read my IDP brotha Kevin Kumpf this week? Read it or die! Oh damn, if I don’t shout out Ralph I know he will get all cranky on me, good job this week Ralph….yes, seriously, good job. Hey Ralph, did you hear the new Logic single yet? Favorite line is “Joe Pesci is my spirit animal”. If you like that one, check out this 90’s throwback he dropped a few years back. Since this is turning into shout outs, I got to say I loved the bear bull work done by Son this week… Can you dig it!



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  1. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    Funny because Vincent Gallo is my spirit animal.

      • Ralph Lifshitz

        Ralph Lifshitz says:

        @J-FOH: Big man in the first song sounds like Pun. I like it but it’s awkward, I keep thinking is he a Pun impersonator?

        Track is dope though. Logic has the gift, and he works with good people. Dope beats, uses live DJ’s on the tracks. I like him a lot.

        The Nas Illmatic sample on the Young Sinatra III track reminds me of a poll question I saw online. If you had to eliminate one album from existence which one would it be; Wu-Tang Clan Enter The 36 Chambers, Nas Illmatic, Biggie Ready To Die, or Dr. Dre The Chronic?

        Answer and I’ll give you mine.

  2. Adam says:

    All 3 hit waivers
    Matt jones,joique bell,alf Morris
    Who should I pick up for ROS
    Standard league

    • J-FOH says:

      @Adam: Bell

  3. Teddy Heater says:

    I’m guessing that only 1 of the undefeated’s will go down this week. On the IDP side Inferno & Me will keep on rolling. However there will be a shake up in IDP top 5, as my squad # 4 Won Hunnit is up against #3 Exotic Blitz. We have 3 of the top 4 IDP teams in that league and I get Inferno next week, ugh (I’ll be without Rivers and Stevie)
    I have to give some mad props to Kevin, because this is my 1st year in IDP and he’s helped a ton on the defensive side. This was my autodraft team as you and I both missed this draft ( I think there was some pre-draft collusion you and I weren’t privy to). Regardless, I had to do a complete teardown and rebuild after losing Romo and Bryant! I currently only have 5 guys left from the autodraft, so I’ve been hawking Kevin’s articles. You were right on target when you said he was one of the best! Good Luck this weekend!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Teddy Heater: hanks TH…you don’t mind me calling you TH, sounds classy like Mister Howell. I lost Charles in that league and from day one have got zero luck with WR’s. I mean zero. I scored a lot of great adds on the defensive side there. But, I can’t buy a WR to save my life

  4. Mike says:

    Would u drop Karlos williams to pick up Joque bell?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Mike: Bell

  5. Yescheese says:

    Damn, 38th! Up that league index Lifshitz!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Yescheese: are you calling Ralph soft?

  6. Beans says:

    What’s up man? In a PPR please pick a WR and a flex. Snead, Cooks, Rishard and Hillman. Thank you

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