After years of offense-only Razzball Commenter Leagues, 2014 saw the long overdue introduction of Individual Defensive Players to the RCL world in the form of RazzDPs. We’re back again for Season Two, and it promises to be even better than Season One. Or at least it promises to be better than True Detective Season Two, but let’s set the bar a little bit higher than that! J-FOH is focusing on the baseball side of the Razzhouse for now, but he has graciously agreed to return and host his own RazzDP league, so we’ll have at least two leagues again this year.

Now for the specifics, in the form of an FAQ:

Please, blog, may I have some more?

I’m pleased to announce the debut of RazzDP Leagues, IDP’s answer to Razzball Commentator Leagues. I would be remiss if I did not give a major hat tip to my boy J-FOH both for giving me both the inspiration to put these leagues together, but also the name of the leagues themselves.

Now for the specifics. Much like the standard RCL’s, the RazzDP leagues are completely 100% free. On the offensive side of the ball, both the positions and the scoring system are exactly the same. The difference, as one might imagine, is on defense. We’ve removed the D/ST position entirely (the #NoTeamD movement lives on!) and replaced it with six IDP slots, two each for DL, LB and DB, as well as two additional bench slots. The scoring system is Yahoo standard for now, however if enough owners want to change things up a bit (JFOH is keen on upping the points for Passes Defensed), I have no problem making adjustments.

In terms of prizes, these leagues are separate from the regular RCLs, so they will not be eligible for those prizes. However, there will be a mystery prize that will be announced once we see how many leagues we can fill. The more leagues filled, the cooler the prize.

So how do you join these epic leagues? Just follow me after the jump!

Please, blog, may I have some more?