Back like we never left! I’m bringing you three guests each week, short bursts of hopefully meaningful content. This week I’m getting into Rankings with one of the masters, Jake Ciely, now of The Athletic. I also asked Bob Lung, of Big Guy Fantasy Sports, how his Consistency Guide got its start, and how it can help you. And finally, I got to get the perspective of a Dynasty noob, as Kasey Kasem of Fighting Chance Fantasy discussed her experiences thru the first quarter of the season. If you only want audio, there’s a link below. If you’re interested in the Overall #DWG4 Standings, there’s a table below. If you want to get into the 2019 contest, send an email to [email protected] and put — #DWG5 Pre-Registration — as the heading. Lastly, I am putting in the sweat to bring you these, so by all means… give me your feedback! Are you learning anything from the guests? Is it entertaining? Is it boring, or not for you? I really do want to know, and don’t worry, tell me how you really feel.  I can handle it:

Straight audio: